Sunday, December 31, 2006

bollywood stars hq wallpapers

Mtv vj sophia wallpapers

Tanushree dutta


Katrina kaif stage performance at GIFA

Saturday, December 30, 2006


The real question now is that can shahrukh khan match the magic of Amitabh bachchan

swades deleted scenes

This scene was edited from the movie swades
here is what happens
Sweet^^ translation: (this comes after that schoolroom scene when gits accidentally smacks mohan on his forehead) Mohan: Kaveriamma, what's the necessity for this? Nothing has happened to me. KA: Be quiet! You're lucky it's only a graze. Mohan: The water is too hot! KA: You were so good when you were little. Why do you trouble me now? Gita! Bring some turmeric. Gita: Bringing! KA: Gita told me what happened at school. Mohan: What? KA: That because of you students have joined the school. Gita! Apply it softly on the wound. Gita: Hmmm... KA: Mohan, you didn't tell me how you got hurt. (Gita comes forward to apply the paste on his forhead. Mohan swings away michieviously) Mohan: Oh, a... (whispers) shall I tell? Gita: (whispers) No, please! Mohan: Oh, a...wildcat attacked me. I thought it was tame and tried to make friends with it, but instead it turned on me. KA: Then? Mohan: Then what! When she leapt on me I moved back. Gita: (whispers) leapt? Mohan: That's it, I slipped and fell down. The result is in front of you. KA: Oh God! Now don't try to get friendly with any other wildcats. Mohan: Yes Kaveriamma, definitely! I learnt my lesson. (whispers), this mistake won't happen again. (loudly), this mistake won't happen again. Gita: I'm sorry! Mohan: No need, I'm sorry!

Ek Paal Ke Jeena - music video

The song that made hrithik roshan the star he is today

Guru-presenting mallika - Mayya Mayya

Umrao Jaan(2006) - Jhute Ilzaam

Umrao Jaan(2006) - Pooch Rahe Hain

Umrao Jaan(2006) - Behka Diya Hamein

Friday, December 29, 2006

Umrao jaan -Salaam video

Aishwarya rai no doubt looks stunning in this song

Bollywood Starsas kiddies

Here is how our bollywood stars used to look when they were young you can take a shot in guessing the names of the stars before its get flashed on the screen it wont be hard job if you are a regular movie buff

Biddu Maaro Sutta - Riya Sen music video

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Arti chhabria cool song

Madhuri dixit from Raja

Here madhuri dixit showcases her amazing dancing skills and overshadwos her costar whatever his name is although the name of the movie was raja but many critics suggested that it should have been rani
as it was all about madhuri dixit and her performance

Mona Chopra Song from Movie Timepass

She is probably the worst actress ever and my wooden chair might have better expressions then her but she has learn the art of short cut to success that is short dresses


Kajol is probably the most gifted and talented actress amongst her generation and after doing recent movie fanna she has made her intentions clear that she is back

Celina Jetley workout

Raveena Yeh raat

Remember Rang de basanti
the best movie of this year
And this was the first movie directed by the man from delhi rakesh om parkash mehra although the movie bombed at the box office but he did able to win some applause for his work

Doorie ~ Atif Aslam

another beautiful song, sung by the one and only atif aslam. enjoy

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nargis dutt classic beauty

poonam dhillon

Dimple kapadia from bobby

Amrita arora

dimple kapadia

juhi chawla


divya bharti

Rakshanda khan



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