Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fan smooches Emraan on reality show, Pritam walks off in disgust

"If the whole thing was planned then all I can say is, the show is digging its own grave," says the appalled music director Pritam Chakraborty about the bizarre events that transpired during the recording of the reality show Voice Of India on Monday, 25 February.

In the middle of the shooting a female member of the audience ran to stage to kiss the serial-kisser, Emraan Hashmi smack on his lips. After a horrific silence, judge composer Pritam Chakraborty walked out of the show in disgust.

Recalling the embarrassing episode Pritam says, "It was all so sudden…and disgusting. Voice Of India is a show about children, and encouraging children's talent. We can't have such cheesy behaviour on this show. Also, the Bhatts and Emraan Hashmi were my special guests. I had to make my displeasure very clear. So I did walk out."

Pritam reveals this isn't the first time when he put his foot down on the show. "Earlier they were planning a full show spoofing Himesh Reshammiya. When I came to know of it, I was horrified. I asked the other judges Shreya Ghosal and Kunal Ganjawala if they were okay by it. They said they were not. I called up Himesh to ask if he was aware of the spoofy plans. He wasn't. So, I urged our producer Gajendra Singh to turn the whole spoof into a homage to Himesh."

Says Pritam, "Voice Of India has the potential to give us deserving winners. I don't want it to end up being just another TRP-hungry music show."


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