Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Priyanka in ugly fight with Kangana

Madhur Bandakar's Fashion seems to be running into all sort of trouble. We hear that there has been a huge showdown between the leading ladies Priyanka and Kangana Ranaut on the sets just a few days back.

There were also rumours that Priyanka has even had the climax of the film changed.

However, Priyanka said that they have not changed the climax but they just discussed about it. While, the director said that a climax of a movie is open for change.

Actually Priyanka has been working really hard for the film. She has lost a lot of weight to resemble an anorexic model however she was not very comfortable with the original end of the film.

In the originalinal script, Priyanka sleeps around with several men but remains unperturbed even after she gets pregnant. Priyanka was not willing to play this part as it may hurt her image so she coerced director to give into her demands and finally change the climax of the film.

Madhur who is known to make no compromises on any aspect has however has decided to relent to his actress's demands this time round.

According to insiders Priyanka threw such a fit that Madhur was left with little choice but to give in to her demands.

"Madhur was put under extreme pressure by Priyanka. Initially, Madhur had slated Kareena or Bipasha to play the lead role but eventually settled for Priyanka because he felt she would do justice to the character and look what she has done," said a source.

Recently filmmaker Tarun Mansukhani too was at the receiving end from Priyanka. The sultry star put a spanner in the works when she refused to wear a bikini for his forthcoming movie Dostana.

Tarun claims that he had already informed the actress that she had to work out and be in shape for a bikini scene in the movie.


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