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Greatest rivalries of bollywood

1. Shah Rukh Khan v/s Aamir Khan

This rivalry began way back in 1996 when SRK won the Filmfare award for his act in DDLJ. As King Khan was being crowned by the nation, our chocolate boy vowed to never again attend award ceremonies. Why? Because Aamir felt he deserved to win the award for his taporigiri in Rangeela. Not just that, but the fact that the Best Film award was also bagged by the NRI love story was what really ticked off our perfectionist actor. If it hadn’t been for the spark that SRK offered to DDLJ, Aamir’s dream of a hatrick for his films at the Filmfare Awards was almost confirmed. Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander and Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke had won the Best Film awards in 1993 and 1994 respectively.

2 Abhishek Bachchan v/s Hrithik Roshan

Once upon a time, the boys who hail from the Hindi film industry's most renowned families were chaddi-buddies. Today, their friendship has been reduced to socializing at formal-dos. Abhishek and Hrithik almost started their careers at the same time. While one got instant fame and craze, the other was criticized to the core for no-show of 'spark'. The difference only got wider as time went by. While Hrithik came to be known for his smart, sensitive and urbane boy roles, Abhishek had to settle down with lesser glamorous and roughed characters. The war got public only with Dhoom 2, the movie that saw the two sharing on-screen space along with Abhishek's to-be wife Ash. Not only was the Junior Bachchan overshadowed by the green-eyed hero (who stole the show in spite of playing a negative character) but also found himself helpless as Ash shared her career's first on-screen kiss with Hrithik. A post-Yuva and Guru Abhishek is all geared to beat the young Roshan at his own sci-fi game by featuring in Drona, a super-hero tale.

3 Deepika Padukone v/s Sonam Kapoor

The most recent newcomers in Bollywood, the two are just one film down. But that doesn't stop them from entering into rivalries, does it? Sonam was extremely confident that a sound filmy background, one of the most aesthetic directors in Indian cinema and a co-star from the Kapoor khandaan would mean a successful debut. But this wasn't meant to be.

Saawariya received just too many brickbats. To top it all, her cute co-star was wooed by the OSO stunner Deepika Padukone. Needless to say, a terribly upset Sonam pestered papa Anil Kapoor to stay away from the 56th Filmfare Award night that would see Deepika and Ranbir celebrating their success.

4 Shah Rukh Khan v/s Ajav Devgan

Yes, SRK actually had a fight with one of his best pal - Kajol's - husband. The story goes back to the duo's earlier years of struggle. Apparently, Rakesh Roshan had approached the two heroes for being part of his film Karan-Arjun. However, Ajay Devgan who was more of an action hero back then, did not really get fascinated by the script narration.

Not too comfortable with the idea of telling this to Roshan, Mr Devgan tried to take SRK into confidence about not signing the film. But just like our filmy tales, there was a twist. Shah Rukh decided to take up the project without telling Ajay about it and the rest, as we all know, is history.

5 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan v/s Sushmita Sen

Almost a decade and a half ago, two of the most beautiful women on this planet found themselves in the midst of nerve-breaking competition. Participants of a beauty pageant, Aishwarya and Sushmita knew it from the beginning that they were born to be rivals. And this only got confirmed when one was crowned Miss India and the other one, a runner-up. What followed were careers in Bollywood. While one chose the conventional dancing around the trees in films like Jeans and Aur Pyar Ho Gaya, the other one opted for roles that allowed her to be the protagonist. Even though Dastak was a box-office failure, it introduced Sush as an actress who was out there to carve a niche for herself. Even off-screen, Ash is recognised as classy to the point of being perfect while Sush is known for her woman of substance appeal.

6 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan v/s Rani Mukerji

While Sush has been an old-time rival, Aishwarya's relationship with good pal Rani Mukerji, probably one of the few actresses she really got along with, also left her bitter. This time it wasn't about - Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? It was about the hunk who had gone extremely possessive about his queen of hearts. While we loved every bit of the SRK-Rani Mukerji chemistry in Chalte Chalte, it was Ash who was first signed for the role. However, Salman's temper fits on the film's set saw his girlfriend being replaced by one of her best friends. From then on, Rani lost the liberty to address Ms. Rai as 'Ashuma', a nick that was once regular at the husky throat. What helped heal Ash's burns was a film from the Yash Raj banner (Rani's adda) Dhoom 2 . The ultimate feather in Ash's Victorian hat happened with the item number Kajra Re in the Rani-starrer Bunty Aur Babli.

7 Kareena Kapoor v/s Bipasha Basu

Used to expecting a diva-like treatment, Kareena who just had a non-glam role in Refugee to her credit (Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and Yaadein notwithstanding) saw her first female co-star in the form of debutant Bipasha Basu. Ajnabee saw Bipasha getting to play the sultry seductress while Bebo had to be happy in the shoes of a good girl. If this wasn't enough, Kareena soon found that everyone on the sets were smitten by Bipasha's sex appeal and simplicity. Not one of those who put up with secondary treatment, Kareena screamed 'Kalli Billi' at the first opportunity on the sets of Ajnabee. To this, Bipasha did not take kindly either. When on Koffee with Karan, Bips and boyfriend John made it clear what they thought about Kareena's acting skills. We are expecting a slight drop in the weather with John and Kareena agreeing to co-star in a film.

8 Rani Mukerji v/s Preity Zinta

Supposedly, the two most accommodating actresses in Bollywood. Rani and Preity shared a great deal of on-screen understanding in the two films - Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega and Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.

While we don't know what exactly ticked them off each other, what we can assure you is that the two shared extremely cold vibes during the shooting of Karan Johar's KANK. Though Preity has chose to remain silent on the issue, Rani admitted on Koffee with Karan that the two don't hang out together anymore.

9 Kareena Kapoor v/s Priyanka Chopra

Now you know why it is rare that we get to see Kareena in multi-starrers. The sensual actress scored her hatrick during the days of Aitraaz. Happy thinking that she would get to hog all the limelight since she played the lead of a devoted wife, there was no consoling Bebo for what followed. Surprisingly, the Indian audience had grown 'mature and all that' to be impressed by the gray shades of Priyanka's character. After a lot of fee-fo-fum, Bebo decided that when it comes to Don, she will have the upper hand as the ultimate sex kitten. But as luck would have it, Priyanka's Aaj Ki Raat overshadowed Bebo's cameo in the song - Yeh Mera Dil. So when apna dahling K Jo asked Kareena what she thought of actresses like Priyanka Chopra, the very catty woman refused to acknowledge the presence of a certain Ms. Chopra in the industry.

10 Shah Rukh Khan v/s Amitabh Bachchan

The baap of all cold wars, SRK and Big B's enmity needs no introduction. Happy being the Baadshah of Bollywood, Khan suddenly woke up to know that the angry young man was back in action. Not only was the industry creating unconventional roles with Amitabh in mind, but he was also minting money with endorsements by the dozen. Further, this was making him popular among the masses and had the potential to damage SRK's market value. As a befitting reply, Shah Rukh decided to walk straight down Mr. Bachchan's path. Kaun Banega Crorepati - 3, campaigning for Nav Ratna Tel, remaking Don and a statue at Madame Tussauds - is his way of equaling scores with the Shahenshah. By bagging the contract to host Kya Aap Paanchi Paas Se Tez Hai, Shah Rukh is expecting to find himself a notch higher in the commercial market. Meanwhile, shrewd businessmen who have always been politically correct, the two manage to give a slip to controversial situations every single time.


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