Friday, March 14, 2008

'I never take my birthday that seriously'

Aamir Khan will don a new look for this 43rd birthday today. The actor will go bald, in preparation for his role in Ghajini.

He talks to Girish Rao about his special day today, his films as well as his latest endorsement.

It's your birthday today. What are your plans?

That's a secret (laughs)! Actually, I never take my birthday that seriously.

You are endorsing a mobile phone. Why?

I have got myself associated with a mobile brand only because every individual is associated with mobile phones in some way or the other.

As a professional, I don't have much use of a mobile phone because I am more of a creative person. I prefer to be in my creative space so that my productivity is better and am able to concentrate more on my work. For me, mobile usage is restricted to personal use, for being in touch with my family.

Why Samsung?

A team from Samsung met me and showed me their range of phones. It was then that I realised that these phones are ahead of other phones in terms of quality, design and technology. I was convinced that they are the best phones available in the market.

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