Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh, Wake up Sonam Kapoor!!!

She was the most talked about actress just 3 months ago!

She was hyped to create a storm in the industry with her charming looks, sensuous acting and girl-next-door looks in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's much-talked about film 'Saawariya'.

Yes, we are talking about the sleep-eyed Sonam Kapoor, whose hopes fell flat when the film bombed at the box-office.

While critics wrote her off and the film, Bhansali was quick to get to his film's rescue as he openly blasted Farah Khan and her non-realistic story!

It was like putting salt to Sonam's wound when her co-star, Ranbir Kapoor walked off with all the popularity and the 'Discovery of the Year' awards, while she kept gazing at her competitor and newcomer, Deepika Padukone getting her share of limelight!

Well, Deepika left no stone unturned when she commented that 'She had made it big without any star connection'!

Now, Bitch has another story to say! According to Bitch, Deepika can get really catty at times, while Sonam is the exact opposite, mild-natured and mellowed down.

The recent news on Sonam Kapoor is that she has bagged a good plum role in Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra's 'Dilli 6'. But, her bad luck continues, as the film is getting delayed and this is surely affecting her stakes in the industry.

All started with a casting problem, with actors from Hrithik Roshan to Akshay Kumar being considered, before Abhishek Bachchan was taken in for the role. Soon after the shoot started, the first Assistant Director of the film decided to take off to the USA, leaving all in the lurch.

The Bitch's source informs, "It was very difficult to continue with the shoot, owing to this sudden departure of the first AD.

Once, while a very important scene of the film was being canned, there was no one to give Sonam her dialogues. And the shot was finalized without Sonam even saying her lines, can you imagine?

Rakesh only realized this later and when Sonam was queried about the same, she simply said that nobody gave them to her."

The Bitch truly feels sorry for the film maker, but Sonam surely needs to pull up her socks and get more professional in her attitude.

Well, is it that Om Prakash Mehra will now face the flak and be at the receiving end, after Sanjay Leela Bhansali paid his huge price?

Only time will tell!!


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