Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Superstar Rajnikanth mistaken as a beggar

He might have earned millions for essaying various roles in reel life, but Tamil superstar Rajinikanth cherishes most a Rs 10 note that a disguise in real life fetched him recently.

The superstar, who visited a temple in Bangalore in the guise of a humble old man, was mistaken for a beggar by a woman, who gave him Rs 10.

This amusing anecdote has been mentioned in the actor’s recently-released biography ‘The name is Rajinikanth,’ authored by city-based Ophthalmologist Gayathri Sreekanth.

After his latest blockbuster movie ‘Sivaji — The Boss,’ which kept cash registers ringing not only in India but also abroad, Rajnikanth suddenly wanted to visit a temple much to the bewilderment of his friend.

When cautioned that there would be a stampede in the temple, given his immense popularity, Rajnikanth stood his ground, saying he would go in disguise, the book said.

Pulling out a dental prosthesis from his kit, he got into action. Within a few minutes, Rajnikanth, reportedly the highest paid actor in the sub-continent next to Jackie Chan in the whole of Asia, was dressed in a crumpled shirt and a simple lungi, with a thick brown shawl covering his head.

When the incensed friend wanted to know how a man worth millions could come out like a beggar, Rajinikanth said, ” I like my freedom. No one can confine me in a golden cage.”

Assuming the gait of an old man and walking with a limp, Rajnikanth went inside the temple where no one took notice of him. However, a middle-aged Gujarati lady approached the actor and handed him a Rs 10 note, taking pity on his appearance.

Rajni, who was stunned but adept at concealing surprises, politely took the money and stepped into the shrine, the book said.

The lady got confused when she saw the ‘alms-seeker’ dropping a 100-rupee note into the temple Hundi and was deeply embarrassed when he got into a posh car after offering worship.

Apologising profusely for her folly, the woman offered to take back her money but the actor smiled at her and said “Everytime, he finds a way to remind me that I am nothing but a mere beggar at his altar. You have just been instrumental in his play act. It’s his way of saying we are nobody in front of him.”

Keeping the Rs 10 note in his pocket, the superstar left the place, the book said.

The biography also mentions another anecdote in which the actor surprised the late Kannada superstar Raj Kumar by posing as a Godman from Kasi.

Raj Kumar have just had a happy reunion with his family after undergoing an ordeal of being held captive by forest brigand Veerappan in 2000, when he was informed about the arrival of the Godman. He was stunned when the Godman reeled out intimate details, known only to a select few, about some of the events during his confinement, the book said.

Bursting into laughter, the Godman removed his disguise. It was Rajnikanth who had managed to sneak into Raj Kumar’s house, desp=ite heavy security.

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