Thursday, April 10, 2008

Psychiatrists up in arms against Krazzy 4

Earlier this week eminent psychologists expressed misgivings on television about the psychological accuracy of the mentally unsound characters in Krazzy 4. But Rakesh Roshan is unperturbed. "We had a psychological expert on the sets constantly. We went to rehabilitation centres. We saw how mental patients lived. None of them lived up to the stereotypes of Hindi cinema where mentally unsound people are shown screaming tearing their hair and sitting awkwardly. In reality, such people are hard to tell apart from normal people. We've shown mentally unsound people in Krazzy 4 as behaving normally."

The producer feels the protests are premature. "Let them first watch the film. We're in fact going to set a new trend in the way psychological disorder is shown in our films. People should see the film before deciding whether we're in the wrong." He adds an afterthought, "Whenever my films are around the corner some stupid controversy or the other comes up. It seems people take advantage of our name. Otherwise how do we explain these controversies coming up just days before release? Why go to court if you've a problem, why not come to me and explain your problem….unless your intention is to create trouble."

There's a virtual war of words out there, albeit a friendly one between Rakesh Roshan and his namesake Rakeysh Mehra to come up with a viable script for the next film in Hrithik Roshan's Krissh series.

Says Rakesh Roshan, "Rakeysh Mehra wants to make an installment of Krissh for me. I told him he's most welcome to do a Krissh movie for my company and to work on the script. Krissh doesn't belong to me any more. It's become a brand name like Superman. Anyone is welcome to make a film in the series for me."

Rakeysh who has been busy with Dilli 6 has now started working on the script of Krissh. Explains Roshan, "While Rakeysh is doing his Krissh script, I'm also working on my own script. If his script turns out better, Rakeysh will direct the next Krissh film. If mine turns out better then I will. We may even make both the films one after the other. Or I may direct his script…. He may direct mine."

About composer Ram Sampat claiming Rajesh Roshan's music in Krazzy 4 as his own, Rakesh Roshan says, "I can't comment on this since it's a subjudice matter. All I can say for now is, the release of Krazzy 4 cannot be stalled now under any circumstance. All my prints have already gone to various centres . We're treating Krazzy 4 like any of my directorial ventures. Krazzy 4 isn't as big as Krrish. But it's just as important for us. It isn't a slapstick comedy. There're no double-meaning dialogues. In fact, the characters don't think they're being funny."

Rakesh Roshan's parting shot. "People seem to know more about our lives than we do. They've written that Sussanne is going to have twins. That's news to us."


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