Friday, April 11, 2008

TV actor Rajeev gets knife put to his throat

Rajeev gets knife put to his throat

Television actor turned movie star Rajeev Khandewal had the fright of his life when an angry man held a knife to his throat.

The incident happened while the star was on-set of his debut movie Aamir at Chor Bazar. A group of people were not happy that the shooting was being held there and that is was holding up business for them. Rajeev decided to calm the situation down by talking with them but a man whipped out a knife and threatened to cut his throat. The crew then quickly got the situation into control and got Rajeev to safety.

Rajeev Khandewal says, “When I heard the commotion I came out of my van and tried to pacify the men. Normally these people do listen to actors and that’s the only reason I intervened. I sincerely thought that I could talk to the guys and put some sense in them. Unfortunately it took an ugly turn. We had to cancel the shoot that day. Frankly, there was no time to react. At one moment the knife was on me and the next moment I was lifted up and shoved into the make-up van by my unit members. Their concern was to get me to a safe place. I was not scared as I never thought that the man would get violent. In fact one of my unit members told me that it was good that they took me away, they could have killed me. I really did not realise the gravity of the situation and, more than anything else, I was shocked by the entire incident.”


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