Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kangana Ranaut gets cosy with Mohit Suri

Now a source informs that Mohit Suri is bonding majorly with Kangana Ranaut, the heroine of the Raaz sequel.

After breaking up with long-time steady Udita Goswami, Suri’s single and ready to mingle.

So’s Kangy who’s finally distanced herself from Aditya Pansholi. A source saw the lonesome twosome in a car..together.

They were near Coffee World in Andheri’s Lokhandwala Complex, tinted windows rolled up, getting real cosy inside.JUICY


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i don't think they are seeing each other.they are just using each other.we all know how long a relationship in bollywood goes.breakups..linkups are just like seasons here and they just go as per that.i am sure in the coming future you guys won't see more of kangana with suri.they are together till the completion of their movie. so boys you just don't get upset.

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