Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Katrina kaif again slapped by Salman khan

Salman Khan who made news for physically assaulting Katrina Kaif at Bandstand Barrista, a coffee shop in Bandra, couple of months back has again hit the gossip column for slapping Katrina second time during the shooting of Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraj.

Reportedly, he was not happy with Katrina’s cozy picture with Akshay Kumar at the IPL match and questioned her for a long time inside his vanity van. According to a reliable source, the couple had been locked inside Salman’s van for three long hours and heard screaming at her from inside the van. While Katrina tried to explain him something, Salman kept on abusing her continuously.

Only, Salman’s voice of screaming and abusing Katrina was audible and nothing arrogant reply from Katrina could be heard. She kept mum, bearing all the inhuman activities of Sallu. When Katrina came out from the van, her eyes were seen moist. Looking at her, one could easily make out that she was crying. On being asked, Katrina as usual remained tightlipped on the incident and cursed media for making false stories out of their peaceful romantic life.


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3 comments to “Katrina kaif again slapped by Salman khan”

I cant believe it man...Sallu slapped kat and she didn't said anything???
Thats inpossible..How can he question and abbuse her like this???


priyanka said...

ddid salman fucked katrina

Mohammad said...

salman cares a lot for katrina n i think that kat has done something wrong n that's wy salman gave a slap to katrina

Vikas said...

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