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Dasavatharam movie review: Master of Tamil Cinema

Banner: Aascar Films

Production: V.Ravichandran

Direction: K.S. Ravi Kumar

Story, Screenplay and dialogues: Kamal Haasan

Music: Himesh Reshammiya

Background Score: Devi Shri Prasad

A flick of extravaganza driving audiences with the intellectual screenplay and scintillating screenplay, Dasavatharam has the best attributes spinning together. Kamal Haasan in 10 different roles has been talk of the town ever since the movie was launched and today the long awaited thirst has been fulfilled. Watching 10 different Kamal Haasan together on the screen is really a grand fiesta for diehard fans of Kamal Haasan.

10 different characters played by Kamal Haasan interlinked together by a statue on specified unforgettable day in the history of mankind on December 26 is all Dasavatharam about. The storyline is so exciting and appealing that it will throw you out of your imagination and clues. Known for making versatile and unique scripts, Kamal Haasan has done a speculating piece of work, having K.S.Ravikumar to direct this film. An exceptional story blended with commercial elements has the success named for it. Here goes the story of Dasavatharam…

When things start going wrong in a synthetic bio-weapons laboratory in Washington DC, various international organizations become players in a global cloak and dagger game.

The Whitehouse and CIA in the USA, P.M.'s office in India, environment lists, terrorist organizations and various others converge and become part of global hunt – some inadvertently and some intentionally.

Starting in the 12th Century AD at the Chidambaram temple complex in South India, the film will take the viewers on a heady roller-coaster ride across time and continents. The master story teller in an intriguing screenplay weaves the chaos theory and multiple chains of events into one cohesive, thrilling narrative. Spinning the story of Dasavatharam is as difficult and arduous a task as explaining the 10 different characters played by Dr.Kamal Hassan; yet another one of a kind attempt on world cinema by thespian.

Told with panache and humor, Dasavatharam does not take the IQ and the aesthetics of the Indian film going public lightly. It is one of the very few movies which will deliver what it promises, and a little more!

A thriller ride filled with lots and lots of unexpected sequences and junctures where different characters of Kamal Haasan encounter with each other are really a great piece of tremendous job. They have been well executed by Director KS Ravikumar and Kamal Haasan is the right person who can think far behind the audiences' level of perception.

For sure, audiences must have well yearned to watch different characters of Kamal Haasan and here we've the list for you…

1. Raja Nambi - 12th Century

2. Govindraj - NASA scientist

3. 110 year old granny

4. American President George Bush

5. Japanese – Master of martial arts.

6. CBI Naidu

7. Nellai Poovagan

8. American Hit Man

9. Avtar Singh – Pop Singer

10. Tall man

These characters dominate the entire flick and you have nothing to do with the performance of other actors. Asin playing dual role has excelled with decent job doing best part of justice to the roles she has donned. With the slang of Brahmin Tamil, she is sure to pick the attention of masses and so is her way of enunciating dialogues in Brahmin kind of style. Malikka Sherawat does her best part and looks more apt with the role of CIA agent she is playing.

Director K.S.Ravikumar adding two elements: Tsunami and statue has them travelling right throughout the flick. There are no room for romances, unwanted songs and parallel comedy tracks in the movie. A strong and steady storyline moving on the same lines keeps audiences adhered to the screen.

Cinematographer Ravi Varman has the best shots canned, but has some traces of unbalancing frame work. Devi Sri Prasad's background score is an additional attribute and so does the song scored by Himesh Reshamiya. Kamal Haasan has well executed each and every scene that he has focused even in carrying through the songs. You don't have any dream sequences or illogical aspects: each and every song keeps moving on with the gripping screenplay and this adds more to the positive attribute.

On the whole, valuating this film, Dasavatharam is a movie that is sure to be liked by intellect group of audiences and for others the entire movie is something over above the head. A typical flick for elite group may be too hard for an audience of B and C centres too understand.

Verdict: Must watch it…


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