Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kareena reacts - Enough is Enough!

The gossip mills are working overtime when it comes to the IT couple of Bollywood - Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Every second day too much newsprint is being devoted to incorrect stories on them. Obviously, it is uncalled for and it has reached a stage where both of them are upset about this. Recently, there were reports on Saif and Kareena having a spat at a recent awards function. According to one report, the fight was over Kareena’s ‘revealing’ costumes. According to another, the fight was over Saif leaving the function early. A source close to both the actors reveals, “This is getting extremely out of hand and upsetting. No one bothers to clarify anything with him or her and choose to write whatever they want to. It is about time Bebo and Saif spoke up and put a stop to it.”

Apparently, the truth is the exact opposite. For all those predicting trouble in paradise, here’s the news. The couple’s very much together and happy as ever. In fact, Saif flew all the way from London where he was shooting for his production, Illuminati Films’ first venture directed by Imtiaz Ali. A source close to the actor spills the beans, “Saif actually took a twelve hour flight just to spend three hours with Kareena at this recent award function. Apparently, he had planned this as a surprise for her. Bebo was caught unawares when he landed up and she couldn’t stop smiling. In fact, he came all the way just to cheer for her performance and to clap for her because she received the Best Actress for Jab We Met. He’s extremely proud of her and is very supportive of her work. In fact, all this nonsense about him being upset about a revealing outfit at the awards is rubbish. Manish Malhotra who has been designing for her for a long time has done the outfit and he was very much aware of what she was wearing. And c’mon, she has worn a bikini in Tashan, so what’s the big deal over an outfit?”

Kareena when contacted, true to fiery image, takes matters into hand and clarifies. Says Kareena, “Enough is enough. Why don’t people check facts before writing? These stories are absolutely ridiculous and baseless. In fact, Saif came all the way to surprise me and I’ve never been happier.”

So all you rumor-mongers out there, you have heard it from the girl. Get over this.


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