Monday, July 28, 2008

After Saif who is Rosa’s next?

Rosa was heart broken after been dumped by our hunky Saif. She started keeping a very low profile (obviously who won’t), but then again we saw Rosa attending fashion shows, events, premieres, and partying late at nights.

We thought she was quite strong to handle everything by herself. Lesser we knew someone else (who was very close to her) was also there to lighten her problems as well as give her the shoulder.

Yes, Rosa seems to have found solace in someone’s arms. Now who this someone is a mystery. The only thing known about him is the fact that he is not from Bollywood.

Through our sources we came to know that the lucky guy is someone named Chetan Gara. So when we asked about him from Rosa asking if she is in a relationship with him, Rosa’s voice deepened (as if she’s been caught). She said she is in a meeting (please note: she had told us that she is at home in the beginning of her conversation) and added that she can’t talk before hanging up.

Hmmm…We really wonder why is Rosa playing this game of hide and seek with us. She should learn something from Saif who openly told the world about his relationship with Kareena.

For the time been we would like to inform Rosa that playing hide and seek with us won’t matter much because sooner or later that person’s identity will be revealed (as it happens in the end of every game).


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