Saturday, July 05, 2008

Big B, Salman denouce reality shows

The newsmakers have commented on the news again. The Bollywood bloggers Big B and Salman Khan have made headlines this time by their attack on reality TV programmes in context of the Shinjini episode.

The Kolkata teenager suffered a paralytic attack after she was voted out and allegedly mocked and humiliated on live TV by the judges.

Once a TV host on Kaun Banega Carorepati Bachchan on his blog called the incident a direct outcome of race for TRPs. While Bachchan's critique was seen by bloggers such as Bollywood gossip as self-serving.

It was Slaman Khan's blog that carried lines of introspection.

Salman, who is currently hosting reality quiz show Dus Ka Dum, blogged on his site of the same name about Shinji episode with insiders view.

He pointed out that arrogant lines of judges may have been scripted in advance and questioned if the judges had forgotten their own struggle.

Slaman also wonders if people's obssession with success and instant fame is going to require new set of values.


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