Sunday, July 06, 2008

Harman Baweja features on the cover of Andpersand

Tuxedo by Gucci, White Shirt by Gas, Tie by Dior, Shoes by Hugo Boss, jacket by Versace and belt is 'his' own!

The above mentioned names surely invoke and evoke an embellishing sense of Royalty! And that these will do justice only to the man who is fit to be the King! King he is…in his own right! He is the name that Bollywood is eagerly watching out for in the days to come! He is Harman Baweja, the man who is all over the place, courtesy, his debut film Love Story 2050.

He is also on the cover of the fashion and lifestyle magazine 'andpersand'. In this issue, Harman talks about practically everything under not just the sun, but also the moon and the stars! He speaks in length about his formative years, his Destiny, his journey into Bollywood, his directors, relationships, family, God and also about his 'good friend' Priyanka Chopra! Girls can really eat your hearts out as Harman has gone semi bare in this issue!

Overall, Harman is on his way to become 'Har Mann ka Raaja'. All the very best dude!


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