Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kutta, Kameena and Haramzaada in LA

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, has planned to take down his two close friends, Arbaaz Khan and Sajid Khan to Los Angeles next month.

The gang will stay at Hilton Los Angeles/ Universal City hotel; a 26-story glistening hotel high on the hilltop located at the main entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Sajid Khan reveals, "It will be a trip down memory lane for the three of us. SN (he calls Nadiadwala that), Arbaaz and I had taken a bachelor holiday to USA just before Arbaaz's marriage in 1998.

It was a 21-day trip where we travelled like roadies to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and stayed at the cheapest of motels eating inexpensive food like tacos, hot dogs and hamburgers. We had the greatest time at Universal Studios in LA.

We were the first to reach at 8 am, stood in queue for over two hours, paid up 35 dollars and lined up for the rides and the shows. It was then SN had sworn that we would take another trip again whenever we became rich and famous. That time all of us were just beginning our careers."

Sajid recounts that the motel they stayed at in Orlando while visiting Universal Studios was so seedy that the TV in their room was "Chained to the wall so that the guests wouldn't steal it!" Sajid laughs and adds, "The greatest show in Universal Studios was Back To The Future where we had to go into a time machine which moves 360 degrees.

The Jurassic Park floats and ET rides were awesome too. After the end of the ET ride if you had given your name they would announce it in a ghostly voice. We gave our name and at the end of the trip the animated voice said, 'Kutta kameena haramzaada because that's what we had given as our name!"

Living his dream

Living It Up: The Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City hotel where Sajid Nadiadwala, Arbaaz Khan and Sajid Khan will be staying now
Sajid says the trio would hang out at places where they shot Baywatch and recognise big actors.

"We would meet up at this sports bar called Q table which had these billiards tables with 20 questions on Hollywood. I would score 19 out of 20."

This trip will be a far cry from the last seedy motel trip. The trio will live it up in style at the Hilton in Universal Studios.

Sajid agrees, "That's the beauty of being a producer like Sajid Nadiadwala.

Like Karan Johar he knows how treat his actors and crew with the utmost class, style and respect.

Today when SN is living his dream. He had wondered then what it would be like to shoot a film in Universal Studios and today he is fulfilling that dream by shooting Kambakht Ishq there.


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