Monday, July 21, 2008

Stressed & worried Sajid Nadidawala leaves Stallone & LA

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala who's currently in Los Angeles supervising the shooting of his Akshay-Kareena starrer Kambakth Ishq is leaving the large and cash-driven unit all to themselves to fly back to Mumbai.

"This exit was totally unscheduled and unwarranted. But I can't help it," says Sajid. "My wife is expecting a baby. And much as I tried to be professional and matter-of-fact about this event in my life, the family-man in me finally took over from the producer. I'm sorry but I've to be with my wife at this important time in her life."

Sajid is flying back for six days until his wife's delivery which is on the 24th. "Until then the unit here (in LA) will have to take care of it." A brave decision considering Sylvester Stallone joins the shooting from the 18th. "Stallone doesn't have a walk-on part, as some people seemed to believe. He has a substantial 3-day role. And he plays himself," reveals Sajid. So Stallone as Stallone in Kambakth Ishq. Not bad, eh? "Not bad at all. This is the most expensive film I've ever made. And every cent is worth it," says Sajid proudly.

Though Sajid doesn't want to reveal any part of the story, Akshay Kumar plays a stunt man in Hollywood and Stallone is one of the Hollywood icons he plays body-double to in the film.

Before shooting together the two bonded off the sets. Apparently, Stallone got interested in Akshay's work and even showed interest in watching Kumar's work. Hope, Akshay doesn't show Stallone his 'Rambo' acts in the Khiladi films.


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