Friday, September 19, 2008

Delivery boys hate Mallika Sherawat

All the local delivery boys and grocery shop owners hate Mallika Sherawat for her high handed starry attitude.

Mallika stays in Mumbai's up market suburb Versova area along with her brother. In the same Raheja complex that she stays other film personalities like Amrita Rao and Rohit, Manasi Roy too say apart from many other TV celebs. We have found out from those staying around her that she is one of the most hated celebs around!

A source told us, "She unashamedly throws her diva like attitude even while working out in her society's gym. She doesn't like people around when she is working out. She yells at all those who even look at her for a brief second when she is doing her work outs. She doesn't even the spare the poor delivery boys who want to use the same lift which she is entering. She makes them wait and uses the lift alone

"If she orders anything from the near by grocery shops and the delivery chap is late by even 5 minutes she gives him a lashing of his life. She also orders him to not stand outside her flat for the lift and either use the stairs to go down or take a lift from a floor below. That's the reason why grocery shop owners hate her big time.

"She should understand that she is no top actress and her recent back to back two flops should teach her some humility especially when dealing with less fortunate people!"

One wonders whether it is the same Mallika who once cried hoarse about her middle class up bringing in small town Rohtak and how she empathized with middle class working people. Success or failure really does strange things to people in Bollywood but it seems extremely extreme in case of the salacious actress!


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