Monday, March 03, 2008

RGV is back with Sarkar Raj

Coming fresh off the disaster that was Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, the director is ready with his next release Sarkar Raj which he insists, isn’t exactly a sequel to the well-received Sarkar. Ramu goes on about topics dear to his heart: the film and the Bachchans…

Do you feel Sarkar Raj has gone beyond Sarkar?
In terms of scale, scope and span, it goes far beyond Sarkar. Also, it is my first film with a socio-political subtext and it’s character-driven. If you take the Godfather trilogy, they’re all character dramas. Sarkar Raj isn’t exactly a sequel to Sarkar in the sense that it doesn’t take off right away from where the first movie trails off.

So how would you describe it?
Sarkar Raj takes us into another episode in the adventures of the Nagare family’s life. The plot and issues involved make this a far bigger film.

Do the Big B and Abhishek have more scenes together?
I wouldn’t say more scenes, I’d say there’re more shades to their character. In the first part, the son Shankar got very close to his father because of a crisis. By the end of Sarkar, Abhishek’s character took over his father’s empire. In Sarkar Raj, they share a pre-given equation.

Is Sarkar Raj inspired by the Narmada dam project?
Not at all. Sarkar Raj does have political undertones. But it isn’t a political drama. At the end of the day, it’s about the triumph of the human spirit and a father-son relationship.

What about Aishwarya?
She plays a ruthless businesswoman, whose only aim is to make money for her organisation. Aishwarya believes in making money from the people. Abhishek believes in making money for the people. They are dramatically pitched against each other. The romantic angle is secondary. Their ideological conflict is more important.

Would the presence of the Bachchans together eclipse the film’s intrinsic merits?
I firmly believe that once the audience gets into the theatre, the characters will take over. They won’t look for the Bachchans or be disappointed by Aishwarya not being part of the family.

Finally, when is Sarkar Raj releasing?
In the last week of May or first week of June depending on the matches, exams, vacations, etc. There has been a lot of unwanted buzz about the film but the fact is that all of us Amitji, Abhishek, Aishwarya and I are happy with the product. Fact is, post-production is on. We’re ready with Sarkar Raj.

i like her look !!



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