Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hot Rosa taking rest under Saif shadow

Almost one and half a year have passed since Rosa and Saif Ali Khan experienced a split in their dwindling relationship and it’s only now that Rosa has thought of it as perfect time to opine about the issue.

Almost half the world is now very well aware of the matter. But the matter to ponder upon is why Rosa has decided this to be the perfect moment to melt the ice!

Albeit we do not believe in whispering words, a believable source has informed us that Rosa is completely shattered about slowly losing her piece of earth in Bollywood.

It’s true that fulfilling her daydream of getting crowned as the best heroine of the tinsel town is a far cry for the desperate babe, but she has nothing to do as dreams are always like sticky bees that keep coming back.

After the sonorous separation from Saif, Rosa, till date, has nothing, other than few episodes of tele-reality Jhalak Dikhla Ja and an item number in as-appeared-as-gone film Shaurya, in her sleeky showreel.

But those two stuffs are mere than anything required to leave an impact. Still the shunned lady is roaming with the tag of Saif’s ex.

While the scenario is like that Rosa may cry a little either reminding her past with Saif or for the extra burden of Saif’s tag.

Bollywood runs on news and whether it’s the flash of hero slapping his girlfriend or glitz of slipping pallu of any heroine, everything gets served to people with perfect masala. How can such a media savvy town miss such an incident where sad Rosa seemed so desolated and helpless and desperate for free publicity!

Still… under the name of Saif!


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