Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am not having affair with Gul Panag: Sikander Kher

Sikander Kher may not be a typically good-looking actor of the generation but definitely has the urban appeal, which many would like to vouch for.

His film Woodstock Villa released and went without a whimper but the actor is ready with another release up his sleeve. TWF Bollywood correspondent had a chat with the current flavour of the month…

How does it feel to have two films released?
It feels good to have films rolling out within a gap of one week.

What is the response of Woodstock Villa? And what to expect from Summer 2007, your forthcoming release?
I got a great response for my first film. I would like to thank my parents and seek their blessings for this.

People have liked my performance and I am very happy for now. As for Summer 2007 is concerned, I have put in a lot of hard work and hope it does well.

Tell us about your relationship with Gul Panag?
I am not seeing Gul Panag. Its great fun and a blast to work with Gul.

What’s your mothers reaction and are you planning to work with her soon?
My mother liked my work which is of prime importance to me. She is very critical and honest about my work. According to her I did a good job in Wodstock Villa. I would love to work with my parents, if I like the script and it’s a good role. There is no film with my parents at the moment.

What next for you? When do you begin shooting of your next? What kind of roles are you looking forward to?
I will begin shooting for my next film soon. For now I am finishing the promotion work for Summer 2007. I am a little superstitious so I will talk about it when I am ready to talk.

For me, it’s the character and the script, which is of utmost importance. I haven’t planned anything yet. I am comfortable with all kinds of roles, I enjoy acting and love getting into skin of different characters.

What does your close buddy Abhishek Bachchan have to say about your debut?
Abhishek advises me about life and work. He is like my older brother and a great buddy. He liked my work in Woodstock Villa, he has known me as a child and very proud of me as an actor. Jaya aunty said that watching me in Woodstock was like watching Abhishek in his first film. Its very flattering to get such reviews.


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