Thursday, June 05, 2008

Salman khan loves competition

Mumbai’s not too hot for Salman Khan to cycle from Film City in Goregaon to his home in Bandra. “I love cycling. And what do I have to fear? Sun stroke?” he laughs when asked about this.

The whole six-pack fever doesn’t impress Salman, too. “Six-pack is the term guys who’ve just got into fitness use. The real men... we say ribbed.” The actor was responsible for bringing bulging biceps and toned physiques into vogue. “There’s a gym at every corner, they should pay me a royalty for this,” adds the popular muscle man who is now set to enter the small screen with a game show.

What prompted him to be a TV host? “When you are watching a film, you know that a person is acting. Here you can’t put on an act. There are no scripts, no dialogues. The real person reaches across to the audience. The small screen is as big as the big screen.” He enjoys interaction with contestants. “I have met some fantastic people. I ask them whatever I want and they ask me whatever they want. I loved answering their questions,” he says. Why, despite his image as an action hero, did he opt to host a game show? “It’s just the image that remains now. Legs, back, everything hurts. So I’d rather take it easy,” he laughs.

But Salman isn’t the only actor on the small screen. Shah Rukh Khan’s playing a host, while Akshay Kumar’s action-oriented show is all set to be launched. So, is the competition heating up? “Competition hai kahan? I want competition, but no one’s giving me any,” Salman says, adding, “It’s good if we all do well. There are people who wish ill for others, but that’s not cool.” Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan, have turned directors. Salman, however, prefers to do one thing at a time. “Ek kaam acche se karo, bas. But there’s a shortage of good directors. If Aamir and Ajay have scripts for me, and if I like the scripts, I can act in them,” he says tongue-firmly-in-cheek.

How does it feel to be Salman Khan? “It’s a great feeling. But I don’t let it go to my head. There will be a time when that won’t be there. I shouldn’t get used to it otherwise I’ll go mad. I enjoy it and thank God for it,” he says. Does he fear losing his fame and success? “First, I don’t fear anything. And second, my name is Salman Khan. All this talk of who’s the Shahenshah, Badshah and King of Bollywood is of no consequence. All this is bonus. I never wanted all these things,” he says firmly.


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This Show rocks we love Salman Bhai!!

do check out his blog on the show and his personal life

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