Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vidya Balan’s a language pro

If you speak Tamil, Telegu, Malyalam, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali and Hindi, Vidya Balan will surely greet you in the language you prefer. I chose Bengali, and to my amusement, the Parineeta actress began a conversation with me in faultless Bengali with the appropriate pronunciation.

Explaining her Kismet Konnection with this language, “When I began my modeling career, I only had Bengali directors. My first feature film was a Bengali film called Bhalo Theko, directed by Gautam Haldar opposite Joy Sengupta. Then I started shooting ads and music videos with Pradeep Sarkar. His entire team is full of Bengalis and then I did Parineeta. And so I picked up the language”.

The icing on the cake is when she pronounced Parineeta, just like the Bengalis do, “Porineeta”.. Well that sure made me want to brush up on my Bengali !!!


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