Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mike tyson in fool and final video

So the champ is finally here, when it made the news that Mike tyson would be doing an cameo in upcoming movie Fool and final I thought it was merely a publicity stunt by the producers of the movie but the latest trailer of the movie has cleared all my doubts.Check out this exclusive trailer thanks to Indiafm, where Mike tyson is shown doing her signature boxing moves and telling that he will soon be in bombay, but Mr. tyson- its called mumbai now :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Salman khan kissing Aishwarya rai-rare picture

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bipasha basu sizzles at the 9th annual movie awards

I have lost the count of movie awards after five.I guess there not many awards as there are the no. of awards function and every award function has performances by top stars, there is a saying the mostly the people of perform on stage grabs the golden trophy, and here you see bipasha basu heating up the stage.Although she wasn't nominated for any award

Partner Exclusive first look-Salman is love guru of govinda

Partner movie stars Salman khan who plays the role of love guru for govinda, and teaches him how to woe girl, in this case it happens to be Katreena kaif.Although the story of the movie sound somewhat similar to what Salman had done previously in movie starring Akshay kumar, but I'm sure this one is going to be different and one hell of a laugh riot as it is directed by none other than David dhawan.This movie was supposedly the comeback movie of Govinda, but it got delayed.Lets hope that this movie again establish govinda as a comic king

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ekta kapoor-what was she thinking

Ekta kapoor showed up at the premier of Shoot out at lokhandwala in a weird outfit that revealed more than it should have.I thought flaunting cleavage around was the job of Celina jaitley but here Ekta beat her to it by flashing her massive cleavage or should we say kkleavage

Friday, May 25, 2007

Naqaab movie-First look

The men in white as they are called-director duo of abbad mustab brothers are back with their latest offering called Naqaab, starring bobby deol, akshay khanna and an unknown face Urvashi.Abbas mustan had previously worked with Bobby and Akshay in humraaz which was a thriller based on English movie 'The perfect murder' and that movie did fairly well at the box office.The trailer of the movie is very interesting and you can guess that it is another murder mystery.The film has been promoted as the shocking thriller ever, whether it proves the credentials is remains to be seen
Thanks to Indiafm here is a theatrical trailer of the movie enjoy

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Breaking-Himesh reshamiya's life in danger

Being very successful and rich brings added side effects and if you happen to live in Mumbai, then you are sure of getting that dreaded call from the bhai sooner rather than latter

I was just surfing through channels, and suddenly, I came across this news channel which was running an interesting telephonic interview with one of Mumbai's dangerous Don 'Ejaj lakarwala'.He was telling them about real story behind 'shoot out at lokhandwala'.If we go by his statements then we have believe that Dawood Ibrahim wanted to get rid of his own henchmen and he leaked the information to the COPS about the whereabouts of Maya dolas and his men. Then the news reader asked Ejaj, "if there was anyone on his hit list" and he didn't waste anytime in immediately naming Himesh reshamiya, Feroze nadiadwala, and Raj kumar santoshi.The so called don stated that these people were not responding to his messages and they must go, he stated that his plan to kill himesh didn’t materialized because one of his shooter, who went as a participant in Saregamapa, didn’t make it to the studio round of Saregamapa show in which himesh is a judge, otherwise he would’ve killed him in the studio itself. Then our newsreader asked a rather lame or should I say childish question,” Why do you want to kill Himesh as he is very good singer” but I didn’t wait to listen to the answer as I switched the channel as I have had enough of this shit

That news channel may get a high TRP after showing this interview as exclusive, but I don’t think they should encourage this as they are giving free platform of mass communication to these goons to spread their fear and run their ‘gandha dhanda’, and police should provide security to these people

Priety zinta snaps from cannes

These are latest snaps exclusively for you

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Aishwarya rai photoshoot Photoshoot at the Hotel Martinez

Here you can see Aishwarya posing for L'oreal, but she didn't have anytime for Mani ratnam, as he was left alone for the premier of guru.As both Aishwarya and Abhishek left while the movie was screening, IMO, they should have waited till the end of the movie and should have attended the press conference, sources say that abhishek wanted to stay on the otherhand Aish and Abhi came to cannes in the middle of their honeymoon, and Aishwarya never wanted to come if it wasn't for her contract with L'oreal and as soon as formality was over Aish was in hurry to leave and I wouldn't blame her after all they are newly married, let them enjoy their honeymoon

Celina peta-ly-welcome to the club

If you are wondering why I put peta-ly instead of jaitley than here is an answer for you, after shilpa shetty, isha kopikar and item girl raki sawant it is now turn of our celina jaitley to support peta to launch a special campaign to save elephants suffering in captivity. A Photo-shoot was organized titled "Be an "Ele-Friend' at a studio in Andheri where Celina posed for pics and interacted with the media.

also enjoy the video

Lagey raho munnabhai wins heart at cannes

Lagey raho munnabhai gets 3 minute standing ovation
When director of the movie lagey raho munnabhai left for cannes to show his movie, he was bit tentative and reluctant, as he feared that people might not like the film, whether they will be able to understand a hindi movie with song and dance, I think he should have had confidence as he had made a masterpiece and his apprehensions vanished away when the movie got standing ovation for 3 minutes, it must have been a proud moment for him, even I feel proud to be an Indian and having such rare talent like raj kumar hirani.I just hope he carries his good work and bring us more great movies, till then lets wait for his next movie Munnabhai chale America


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mallika sherawat-ya ali-aap ka suroor

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Puja gupta's ticket to Bollywood

Puja gupta is right now fighting it out for the miss universe crown, where she will make claims about world peace and bla bla, but the bottom line is whether she wins the thing or not, we will soon be seeing her on silver screen dancing around trees, making wooden expression like her predecessors whose journey ends at bollywood or rather start from there, its now a short cut method to enter the big bad world of bollywood without doing any struggle or hell you don't even have to be a good actor, hai have you ever seen celina jaitley or neha dhupia act, although, it would be harsh to comment on the acting skills of puja gupta, cuz you never know.Let's wish her best of luck



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