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Meet Shilpa Shetty's new man

The cat is finally out of the bag.

After denying the relationship for almost six months, Shilpa Shetty [Images] has admitted that she is dating London-based businessman, Raj Kundra.

In a statement from her publicist, Dale Bhagwagar, Shilpa said, "I'm not denying it's him (Raj) but I hope when this comes out, it doesn't frighten him off!"

Raj, a leading businessman in Britain, is also responsible for the launch of Shilpa's perfume S2, and her new DVD on yoga.

He is also responsible for her Broadway show, Miss Bollywood.

Raj is also a film producer, and recently presented the Jimmy Shergill-Kay Kay Menon film, Strangers.

Interestingly, Raj had issued an apology to Shilpa and her parents six months ago, saying that they were not an item, and all media reports were baseless. His statement came after his wife Kavita stated that reason for their breakup was Shilpa Shetty.

Denying Kavita's allegation, Raj had said his wife's accusations that Shilpa was the reason their marriage breakup was untrue. 'I had no association with Shilpa at the time of our separation,' he added.

So is Shilpa planning to settle down in matrimony? "It's too early to speculate marriage," Dale says. "All I can say is that Shilpa is dating Raj. She's just started to know him better. So let's give her some time and not jump to conclusions."

Meanwhile, the actress is on a shopping spree in Las Vegas [Images], and plans to spend New Year's Eve with her family.

Deepika, Ranbir rake in big money

Deepika Padukone has struck gold with the success of her debut film, Om Shanti Om. She is now commanding Rs 1.5 crore (Rs 15 million) for endorsements, thrice as much as before, and Rs 1 crore (Rs 10 million) for a film, twice as much as what she earned for her first, and is on a par with established stars.

She leads the pack of new stars, and already endorses Parachute, Kingfisher, Levi's, Close-up, Limca and Maybelline.

"Even before the film (OSO), Deepika was a high-profile model and therefore while other models earn Rs 40 to 75 lakh (Rs 4-7.5 million), she commands almost Rs 1.5 crore," said an industry player who did not want to be named. That is less than the Rs 2-3 crore (Rs 20-30 million) that Aishwarya Rai commands, but quite impressive for a newcomer.

Padukone has company in friend Ranbir Kapoor [Images], who made his debut with Saawariya, his leading lady Sonam Kapoor [Images], singer Mukesh's grandson Neil (who debuted in Johnny Gaddar), and Shiny Ahuja.

Industry experts say Ranbir, who will be seen in a Yash Raj film next year, is being wooed by a telecom company, an apparel brand and a soft drinks maker, from which he is asking for Rs 1.25 crore (Rs 12.5 million) to Rs 1.5 crore (Rs 15 million) as endorsement fee. A pizza company and a hair care company are said to be courting Sonam Kapoor.

"While Ranbir is already saleable, one will see a different Sonam in Dilli 6, where she plays an extrovert. That will help her attract more brands," said an executive from an agency that handles celebrity accounts.

Neil is already said to have raised his rate from Rs 30 lakh (Rs 3 million) to Rs 50 lakh (Rs 5 million) for a film.

Kareena KapoorNot-so-new Kareena Kapoor has made a resounding comeback with the success of Jab We Met. Her fee is said to have gone up by 50 per cent to Rs 1.5 crore.

Then there is Harman Baweja, who hasn't yet had a release, but is expected to become big when his film Love Story 2050, opposite Priyanka Chopra [Images], hits the theatres. Paid Rs 30 lakh for it, he is already asking for Rs 60 lakh (Rs 6 million) to Rs 1 crore (Rs 10 million) for new films.

Of course the big names -- Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan , Hrithik Roshan , Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra -- have emerged strong this year and will continue to rake in the moolah.

Sensational:Exclusive promo of movie Race

It's stylish speedy, and high on action

Rakhi Sawant: Publicity Hungry Drama Queen

Publicity hungry Rakhi Sawant called up a press conference to announce her plan of lodging a police complaint against the news channel that hosted the dance reality show Nach Baliye where she lost in the final. Check out the drama unfold right before your eyes.A must watch video

Trust me I am not at all Hot: Celina Jaitley

This has got be the funniest thing in the sequel of Gol Maal. The half-Indian half-Afghani Christian-Muslim Celina Jaitley plays a traditional Tamilian housewife in Rohit Shetty's Phir Gol Maal.

Draped in a nine-yard saree with flowers in her hair and the 'Aiyyo Appas' on her lips, Celina seems to have come a long way from her bikini-in-the-water avatar in Feroz Khan's Jaanasheen.

"I guess that's true. For a long time I couldn't find my bearings in Mumbai. I was too busy sorting out my life. And the opportunities just slipped past me. Then I had to take what was coming my way," explains Celina.

But seeing Celina draped in a sari requires a lot of imaginative power.

"Why do you say that?" she laughs. "Trust me, at heart and in my home I'm not at all the hot siren that I'm made out to be. Getting into a sari is no big deal for me."

Though the Tamilian accent as she plays Shreyas Talpade's wife in Phir Gol Maal musn't have been easy to master.

"I can't reveal details. But yes watch what I've done in this film. People will be shocked."

Er….with Kareena Kapoor playing the main lead, does Celina stand a chance occupying decent space?

"It's not a walk-on part, I can tell you that much. And we're both cast opposite two of the leading men in the film." However on location in Goa, it was Tusshar Kapoor and not any of her other co-stars that Celina bonded with.

This has got be the funniest thing in the sequel of Gol Maal. The half-Indian half-Afghani Christian-Muslim Celina Jaitley...

Now you can wear Kareena's clothes

Having virtually given up films for family or ‘choosing her roles’, Kareena Kapoor is now all set to design clothes for the brand she is currently endorsing.

While many Indian actresses have taken up other vocations after quitting movies, with this move Bebo becomes the first Indian actress who will be designing her clothes.

A little birdie from Bollywood whispers, "Kareena has a very good sense of dressing and loads of style that is in vogue and liked by the youngsters.

In fact, our Bebo baby has set a new trend after she wore a Patiala salwar along with a T-shirt. Now most teenagers and youths keen to sporting that look".

Well, though not doing too many films right now, Kareena is always in the news. Currently, she is the talk of the town for her much-publicized affair with Saif Ali Khan.

Such free fame has encouraged the designer company endorsed by Kareena to ask her to design her own clothes hoping that it will hit the market like a thunder.

For the initiator, this particular clothing line for which Kareena will be designing clothes will be launched sometime in July or August next year.

We are told that Kareena, who is well known for going into the details of the roles she performs on screen, will now go through each and every step of designing the clothes and approving them personally.

Bebo has made it clear that she will be the only person to decide the material as well as the work to be done on this line of garments, which will include accessories also.

So, even without too many films in her kitty, Bebo will be all busy this year. She has lots and lots of work to do. She will be designing clothes, promoting ‘Tashan’ and look after the ‘Golmaal’ returns.

Interestingly, ‘Heyy Babyy’ director Sajid Khan has also signed Kareena up for his next venture and she has also bagged a role in ‘Kambhakt Ishq’ opposite Akshay Kumar.

Meanwhile, Bebo’s rival Bipasha Basu’s beau John Abraham too has managed to get a successful clothing line to work for him for his designer jeans and accessories.

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Clicked: Kangana's 'Hottest' Photoshoot

Kangana is an intelligent actress but at the same time she has a raw, seductive appeal of girl cleansed by the hilly winds. In this photoshoot with ace photographer Rakesh Shreshta, Kangana showcase her sensous, seductive and bold appeal

Ajay made me look like big fool: Vidya Balan

Vidya started her career in the Hindi film industry with ‘Parineeta’ and since then the actress has not fallen short of praise from audiences and critics alike. She is now all prepared to allure the audience with her character in Rajkumar Santoshi’s ‘Halla Bol’.

Q.: Please tell us about your character in the film ‘Halla Bol’?
A.: I’m playing the role of Ajay Devgan’s wife Sneha in this movie. She is always a support to Ajay. She helps him to realize his true being whenever he needs to understand whether something is true or false, right or wrong.

Actually I am a mirror to him. She always says the truth to her husband. Her love is the power in her to express the hardcore truth.

Q.: You will be seen as the mother of a four year old boy and your screen time is supposed to be short. Don’t you think that your character will go unnoticed?
A.: There’s nothing like that. I always play roles which inspire me. At the same time, its better not to think that all your characters will always be glamorous. I always look for better characters.

If I have to look at the length, I cannot always be the leading lady of all my movies. Even when I signed the movie, I knew the movie is for Ajay Devgan. I only believe in characters that are indispensable to the story.

Q.: Rajkumar Santoshi’s heroines have always been presented as strong characters. Is that the reason why you agreed to be a part of the project?
A.: May be. I look for characters with some substance. I believe in women with some power in them. That’s the reason why ‘Lajja’ is my favourite film.

Q.: Please tell us about your look in the film?
A.: In the film I am actually from a small town and I get married to a superstar. The director of the film, Raj ji, thought of two different looks for me. One was the look of a woman from a small town and the other one is the look of the wife of superstar. But with the progression of shooting, he threw away the idea about the second look.

That happened only when he realized the fact that when a character is going through so many problems, she cannot think of outfits.

Q.: Usually Ajay Devgan is accepted with his serious look. What do you think?
A.: That’s true but he plays few great comic characters too. And that’s very natural and goes with the character of the actual Ajay Devgan we see on the sets. Working with him was a great experience.

Q.: Has he played any prank during the shooting of this movie?
A.: I would like to mention one incident. Once he made me look like a real big fool. One scene was okayed in the first take but Ajay Devgan and Raj ji made me do it several times. They kept on inspiring me to give the take again and again and I went on following their instructions.

But when I saw that they are just laughing at me I realized that there must be something terribly wrong. And I found that they were just playing a prank on me.

Q.: How was the experience of working with Rajkumar Santoshi?
A.: That was a nice experience. He used to explain every minute thing before the shooting and at the same time he used to inspire all the crew members and actors. I enjoy talking to him as he is very intelligent. Whether it’s History, religion or current affairs he has knowledge of every field.

Q.: Is there any message in the film?
A.: Actually the film shows that there are problems in everybody’s life and there are some people who try to solve them and some who just evade them. In this film all the characters are conscious about the odds and they all come together to face that. It teaches us the positive sides of unity.

Q.: Are you aware that Priyanka Chopra was the first choice for the character you are playing?
A.: Yeah, I know. I got a call from the film makers regarding the movie. It was after they were done with two weeks of shooting I had some information about the casting of the film.

I remember that I went to Raj ji’s office and after listening to the whole story I just came back. I reached my car but suddenly went back to him and said that I liked the script and agreed to do it.

Q.: Is there any memorable incident that must have taken place during the shoot?
A.: It was the time when we shot at Haji Ali. Despite being a resident of Mumbai, I never went to that place. And even though there were crowds I felt the solemnity of the place. There’s a song in that place which is a plus point in the film.

Q.: In the last movie your outfits were not accepted well…..
A.: I took all the negative comments regarding my outfits in a positive way. I was really very idle but now I’m concerned about that. I wear only those outfits which make me feel comfortable. I enjoy less make-up. I like to wear T-shirt with slacks and jeans. And I also love cotton salwaar suits.

Q.: You are basically known as serious actor. What’s your opinion on comedies?
A.: (Smiling) I have acted in comedies, too. It’s a different issue that my character was not comic. No director has allowed me to be a comic and I’m waiting for the day when someone will approach me with a comic character. I hope directors are getting my point.

Q.: It was John and now Shahid. How do you like when people attach your name with someone in that way?
A.: I used to get tensed with these things but now I’m used to all that. I used to get very angry initially. And sometimes I cried, too.

Now I think that till I stay alone my name will be linked to one or the other guy. And it’s after all a part of celeb life

Amrita is not even worth Rs 30 lakhs

Ranbir, Sonam, Neil Mukesh or Deepika Padukone aren't the only stars who floored audience in 2007.

Our very own Nasal sensation Himesh Reshammiya rocked literally the box-office too and perhaps much better than most of them.

Bhushan Kumar, the T-Series czar, was so impressed with his outing at the box office that he launched three Karzzzz, Kajraare and A love Iissshtory, starring Himesh, to be directed by Satish Kaushik, Pooja Bhatt and John Mathew Matthan respectively.

Karzzzz is the remake of Ghai's original blockbuster of the same name but the film has already landed into minor tussle with Amrita Rao, who claims that she was asked to play the lead role opposite Himesh which she eventually refused.

She also claims that Satish Kaushik and Himesh Reshammiya offered her 3.5 crore to play Tina Munim’s role in the remake. They felt that she was perfect for the fresh, innocent girl’s part.

They even offered her superb songs but Amrita turned down the offer as she didn’t want to star opposite Himesh. She has films with Harman Baweja, Nikhil Dwivedi and Shahid Kapur in her kitty and wants to act with bigger stars.

Now that claim has made Bhushan Kumar very angry. “Karzzzz was never offered to Amrita Rao.

We were always supposed to introduce a new, fresh girl from the day it was announced,” he fumes and adds, "Why would I offer her three crores to Amrita who is not worth more than 30 lakh.”

Himesh Reshammiya too denies approaching Amrita, “It’s a lie that we approached Amrita! I have never met Amrita Rao.

Karzzzz will introduce a new girl opposite me and not only that each of my new films will introduce a new face because I think the chemistry with a new face opposite me has worked last time. "

And now we hear that Jennifer Kotwal, who made a spectacular debut in the Kannada superhit Jogi, is the most likely choice to play Tina Munim's role.

Jennifer had a tiny appearance in Subhash Ghai's Yaadein and it was on his recommendation Jeniffer was roped in for Karzzzz.

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SRK Shines At Chak De Yaara

Best Comic Moments - 2007

Laugh your guts out with some of the hilarious moments captured on Bollywood's camera. From Govinda's antics in Partner to Akshay Kumar's jokes in Bhool Bhulaiyaa and much much more.. Take a look

Sherlyn Chopra's Outrageous Photoshoot

Hot, Sexy and completely Outrageous - That's how internet pinup doll Sherlyn Chopra seems to be. Not only with a body to die for but also a voice to buy, IndiaFM brings you some exclusive snapshots of this Outrageous beauty, just for your eyes. A Must Watch!

What are the stars planning for the New Year?

Bipasha Basu: "I'm working on New Year's eve. I'll be performing at the Mariott. Then I'm heading to Kenya for a week's holiday.

I hope in 2008 I've loads of fun and I do great work. I'd like more travel for myself and less violence for the world.”

Suniel Shetty: "I'm off to spend the year-end with my family in our Khandala home, and that includes my parents of course.

I'd want my family to be happy and complete in 2008. On the professional front I want my production company Popcorn Entertainment to march ahead."

Sammir Dattani: "New Years is strictly for the family.I'm shooting in Bangalore but will be back in time to spend New Years eve with my parents and my sister Sweta who's leaving for London for further studies.

As for what I'll do after the family dinner, let's just say there're naughty possibilities. I want my five releases to do well in 2008. If I can have a second wish I want to work with Sanjay Bhansali. Could he make Saawariya 2 with me?"

Tusshar Kapoor: "I can't travel out of Mumbai for the new year, I'm shooting. So it'd be just close friends home on the 31st. My only wish for 2008 is to see my films get a smooth release.

Esha Deol: "On the 31st I'm with my old school friends and my mum out of India. In 2008 I want a role that will chellenge me as an actress. Waiting with fingers crossed. I've kept my dates free. I want that one kick-ass role. For the rest of world I pray for peace.

Priyanka Chopra: "I'm shooting till the 30th. Then I've one day to spend with my family. After the New Year's I'm off to Bangkok to shoot a commercial for a beauty soap. My wish? That my father remains well, and my films do well."

Urmila Matondkar: "I'll be working during New Year's eve. As for my wish-list for 2008, do you have the time?

Mona Singh: "This may sound boring. But I'll be visiting Gurudwaras for the new year's eve to thank God for all he has given me. Then I'll spend the day with the family. Then I'll party at night with friends. In 2008 I hope I get that one big role in Bollywood."

Amrita Arora: "I'll be working in Banglore on 31st. In 2008 I want to do more interesting work. And my films should do well."

Neil Mathur: "I plan to holiday in the Far East with the family. But I don't know if it will actually happen. I wish for a line-up of good directors in 2008."

Perizaad Zorabian: This new year is special. Because it's my first as mommie to baby Zaha. Playing Mommie, Daddy & Baby is like living in a fairytale.In 2008 I want to balance out my family life with my career.

Arbaaz Khan: "This year for the new year's I'll be at our family farm-house in Panvel with my parents and brothers. Earlier during year-end we'd head to Goa or Dubai.

In 2008 I want to quit smoking. My son is growing up and I don't want him to feel it's okay to smoke because daddy's doing it.

Sonam Kapoor: "I'm actually working this new year's in Jaipur. But my parents, sister and my best friend are coming to visit me."

Kangana Ranaut: "No plans for the new year. But I do want to take a holiday in the South of France. Is that my new year plan or my wish for 2008? I don't know.

Upen Patel: "I'll be spending a quiet domesticated new year with my mom. In 2008 I hope for happiness success and love and a life freed of manipulations."

Sophie Chowdhary: "I like to bring in the new year while performing on stage.. It's not just about money. I'm passionate about singing and dancing.

And I can start my new year by doing what I love then I'm blessed.

In 2008 I want to be appreciated as an actor and not just a veejay and singer. I want to break the mould. Just because one is sexy and glamorous it doesn't mean one cannot be a versatile and deep actress.

Moving away from myself, I'd like everyone to get seriously concerned about global warming. Otherwise we may not see 2009!

Koena Mitra: "I'll be dancing at the Sahara Star Hotel. Afterwards I'll party. I'm glad I'll be working and I'll bring in the new year with work. In 2008 I want better work and more love from everyone. At the of the day all we want is happiness.

Himesh Reshammiya: "I don't have any partying plans. I'm totally tied up with my recordings of Karzzzzz.

In 2008 I want to live up to the audiences' expectations in my my 3 films Karzzz, Kajraare and A Love Issssstory.

Malaika Arora: "I'll be in Delhi performing for Country Club. In 2008 I want my new tv show and my feature film EMI to do well.

Dino Morea: "I'm spending the new year with my family and closed friends. My parents are down from Bangalore. In 2008 all I want is to work every day.

Sameera Reddy: "I'll be shooting on the 1st. So I'll bring in the new year with family and friends in Mumbai. In 2008 I'd like to build on the sense of positivity that I created within me in 2007.

Amrita Rao: "Since January 2007 I've been living out of suitcases. I've just returned from a month's schedule in Jaisalmer.

So now I'm looking forward to spending in Mumbai. My cousins have come down from America and we'll be partying together."

Ruslaan Mumtaz: "I'm spending New Years with Veerappan. Ha ha. We're going to Mangalore to spend new year's eve in the middle of the forest right where Veerappan lived.

There will be no contact with the outside world. So if Steven Spielberg wants to get in touch he'll just have to wait."

Celina Jaitley: "My brother got engaged on 27 December. So we had a family dinner on New Year's welcoming his fiancée to the family.

That apart I want my career to finally take off in 2008. I've worked hard. I want my dues.

Manoj Bajpai: "Though the new year is just another day for me I must admit this one is special because I'll be spending time in my new house."

Rahul Bose: "It's a somber New Years for me and my sister. We lost our father recently.

We're in our ancestral home in Kasauli going through his things, putting finishing touches to his life. But I don't grieve for my father."

Arshad Warsi: "I'm off to the mountains in Uttaranchal with my family. I wish the world would takes global warming seriously in 2008.

Is Deepika Padukone no Star?

Call it an irony of fate but it's true, post OSO, Deepika Padukone is getting more endorsements offers than film offers. And the few she managed to get are already slipping from her hand.

We hear that the dusky beauty has been dropped by Rakesh Roshan, who thinks she she doesn't fit the bill for his dance-based next starring Hrithik Roshan.

Says Roshan senior, "I am in the process of working on a film which will be directed by Anurag Basu. And Deepika didn't fit the role. We'll definitely work with her in future for some other project. It's quite a complex character and we are looking out for a female lead."

Accordding to Filmkraft sources Roshans are now looking at casting a non-Indian for the role who can do Salsa.

Deepika too doesn't shy away from admitting this bitter truth. “I don’t think I am a star. I am just one film old and have a long way to go,” she says.

Talking to a tabloid she reveals," As of now I have signed two movies. I’ll be shooting with Ranbir in January for Yash Raj’s next. It will be directed by Sidharth Anand. It’s not titled yet. After that I will be working on Nikhil Advani’s Made In China opposite Akshay Kumar.”

Is Sania Mirza Shahid's new Love

Shahid Kapur and Sania Mirza are a hot and happening pair. A few days ago, the duo were seen together at Bangalore's Windsor Sheraton spending some quality time together.

Another guest who was also dining there told press that they appeared very happy in each other’s company, though there was another person with them.

Shahid also confirmed this news and said,"Yes, we did meet over dinner on Tuesday night, but we were in a group. My friend Shriram and a couple more friends were with us. After dinner, Sania went back and Shriram and I spent the night catching up on our lives in my room.”

He added that he was in Bangalore only to meet Shriram. But the story didn't end there. Now we hear that on Sunday evening, Shahid and Sania were spotted again having dinner in Mumbai's suburban five-star hotel. They spent nearly two hours with each other.

On Sunday evening, Shahid performed at a film award function and after the function got over, he drove straight to another suburban five-star hotel where Sania joined him.

According to onlookers Shahid and Sania very much looked like a couple. They were completely engrossed in each other, and were oblivious of what was happening around them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Darsheel Safary Speaks About Taare Zameen Par

Meet the endearing Ishaan Awasthi of Taare Zameen Par who has stolen everyone's heart with his heartwarming performance. It's an exclusive watch!

Will Aamir act in his wife's film?

Aamir Khan is enjoying the current phase. People from all walks of life have been responding to TAARE ZAMEEN PAR in a big way. The actor-director has had private viewings of his film for friends/colleagues in the industry like Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Rajkumar Hirani, John Matthew Mathan and Aditya Chopra. In fact, so overwhelmed was Adi that he even sent an SMS to the actor, complimenting him on the outstanding effort.

Ask Aamir if he’d continue making films and the actor shoots back instantly, “If something excites me, why not? It could happen anytime. It could be next year or even after ten years. The script should excite me.” Meanwhile, wife Kiran is planning to make her directorial debut next. Will his production house produce the film? “I’d love to produce it, but she wants to make it on her own steam,” he says. And will he act in it? “I’d love to. It’s a fantastic script, but she has to take a call on whether she wants to cast me,” he retorts.

Meanwhile, Aamir has denied that Shankar has approached him to star in ROBOT, the film he was planning with SRK. “It’s a rumour,” he clarifies. What about DHOOM 3? Is he a part of it? “That’s another rumour,” he laughs.

SRK to play Negative role in Krrish 2

Shahrukh khan has been offered to play the nemesis of Hrithik in the sequel of Krrish which will now be directed by Rang de basanti fame Rakesh om parkash mehra, although it is not confirmed whether SRK has said yes or no but it will be really interesting to see both Hrithik and SRK together on the screen

Katrina absent on Salman's birthday?

Well, well well. The Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif movie -- the alleged frost in the relationship, for those who came in late -- is going through quite a few plot twists.

The latest we hear is that Katrina may skip Salman's 42nd birthday on December 27.

Apparently, the actress is having a blast with her family in Mumbai, and does not want to take the trip to Salman's farmhouse in Panvel, 50 km from the city, where Sallu always spends his birthdays with his family.

The couple have not been spotted together recently either.

Apparently, one of the reasons for the cool-off is that Katrina does not want Salman to interfere in her career.

This year has seen a lot of breakups -- Shahid Kapur-Kareena Kapoor, Lara Dutta [Images] and Kelly Dorjee, and Shekhar Kapur [Images] and Suchitra Krishnamurthy. We do hope Salman and Katrina do not join the list.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Multiple heroines in Sajid's next

What’s the cast of Sajid Khan’s new film? Well, everyone knows it will star Akshay Kumar in the lead, but the balance cast is being kept under wraps. While Sajid’s directorial debut was a multi-hero film, his next venture is expected to be multi-heroine film. It’s said that Sajid and his producer Sajid Nadiadwala are in talks with Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Deepika Padukone to essay the three pivotal roles.

“I wouldn’t be able to confirm the leading ladies right now, but we’re talking to a couple of names,” Sajid Khan informs me. What’s the film all about? “It’s a family fare with laughter aplenty. It’s a laugh-riot and I want it to be Akshay’s biggest hit ever,” Sajid smiles.

Sajid plans to start filming in mid-2008. “I am still writing the script and it will take me another three/four months to complete it. The dates of the actors will be chalked out accordingly,” he adds.

Nominations for Max Stardust Awards 2008

Himesh Reshammiya (Aap Ka Suroor)
Neil Nitin Mukesh (Johnny Gaddaar)
Kunal Khemu (Traffic Signal)
Ruslan Mumtaz (Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar)
Ranbir Kapoor (Saawariya)

Muzzamil Ibrahim (Dhokha)
Sagarika Ghatge (Chak De India)
Hansikaa Motwani (Aap Ka Suroor)
Jiah Khan (Nishabd)
Deepika Padukone (Om Shanti Om)
Sonam Kapoor (Saawariya)
Shreyas Talpade (Om Shanti Om)
Imaaduddin Shah (Dil Dosti Etc)
Kal Penn (The Namesake)
Vikram Chatwal (Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd)

Chitrashi Rawat (Chak De India)
Anjana Sukhani (Salaam–E-Ishq)
Kangana Ranaut (Life… In a Metro)
Shreya Saran (Awaarapan)
Swini Khera (Cheeni Kum)
Ashwini Kalsekar (Johnny Gaddaar)
Sunita Rajwar (Ek Chalis Ki Last Local)

Shilpa Shukla (Chak De India)
Zakir Hussain (Johnny Gaddaar)
Shabbir Ahluwalia (Shootout At Lokhandwala)
Ashok Samarth (Ek Chalis Ki Last Local)
Sudhir Mishra (Traffic Signal)

Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd (Ritesh Sidhwani / Farhan Akhtar)
Ek Chalis Ki Last Local (Quartet Films)
Gandhi My Father (Anil Kapoor)
Bheja Fry (Sunil Doshi)
Loins of Punjab (Horn Ok Please Entertainment)
Manorama Six Feet Under (Shemaroo)

Shimit Amin (Chak De India)
Sriram Raghavan (Johnny Gaddaar)
Navdeep Singh (Manorama Six Feet Under)
Sagar Bellary (Bheja Fry)
Sajid Khan (Heyy Babyy)
Feroze Abbas Khan (Gandhi My Father)
Imtiaz Ali (Jab We Met)
R. Balki (Cheeni Kum)

Amar Maqsood – Shootout At Lokhandwala (‘Unke Nashe Mein’)
Sandeep Srivastava – Life… In A Metro (‘Baatein Kucch Ankahi Si’)
Sandeep Nath – Saawariya (‘Yoon Shabnami Pehle Nahi Thi Chandni’)
Shabbir Ahmed – Partner (‘Soni Ke Nakhre’)
Sanjay Chhel– Partner (‘Do You Want A Partner’)
Mika – Shootout At Lokhandwala (‘Aye Ganpat’)

Hard Kaur – Johnny Gaddaar (Move Your Body)
Maryem Toller – Guru (Mayya Mayya)
Anoushka Manchanda – Cash (Aye Chori)
Akriti Kakkar – Johnny Gaddaar (Johnny Gaddaar)
Suzanne – Aawarapan (Mahiya)
Aanchal – Dus Kahaniyaan (Dus)

Krishna & Salim Merchant – Chak De India (Maula Mere)
Neeraj Sridhar – Jhoom Barabar Jhoom / Bhool Bhulaiyaa (Ticket To Hollywood / Bhool Bhulaiyaa)
Soham – Life… In A Metro (Inn Dino)
Suhail Kaul – Life… In A Metro (Baatein Kucch Ankahi Si)
Mika – Shootout At Lokhandwala
Jab We Met (Aye Ganpat / Mauja Hi Mauja)
Shail Hada – Saawariya (‘Saawariya’)

Monty Sharma (Saawariya)
Sanjay Leela Bhansali — Thode Se Badmaash (Saawariya)
Mika — Aye Ganpat (Shootout At Lokhandwala)
Mithoon (Anwar / The Train)
Gaurav Dasgupta — Dus (Dus Kahaniyaan)

Malaika comes clean on Item no

Malaika Arora has done it again She has an item song in Anees Bazmi's Welcome. "Again done for friends. Producer Feroz Nadiadwala and choreographer Ahmed Khan had asked me to do songs for them long back.

In my typical way I was positive but evasive. This time I couldn't say no. An added incentive was that the unusual combo of Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor were dancing with me.

The duo are doing their thing while I try to be all glam-and-lovely. Honestly I had a ball shooting the song in Welcome."

Tell her one is tired of seeing her do only item songs, albeit in sizzling shape, and Malaika squeals, "For me, working in a set-up where I'm not comfortable is a no-no. I wouldn't work with any and every body.

Because very honestly item numbers are not a huge career high. I do them for the passion of dancing. I always had other more important things, like my husband and son, to look into.

These are things that mean more to me. That's why I've never gone too far down the road of a film career."

Now she's finally doing a full-length leading lady's part in Suniel Shetty's production EMI (Easy Monthly Instalments). And she has no item song in the film!

"Actually I'm quite nervous. It's a new challenge. I do have songs, in fact my track is the only one with music. But all the songs are completely story-centric.

EMI was perfect for me because it needed just 10-15 days. There're lots of actors and 4-5 parallel stories in the plot.

And besides they're shooting a stone's throw away from my house. I made it clear that I'd shoot only those hours that suited my son. Really, I don't need to break my head over the schedule. The producer Suniel Shetty has made it so easy for me.

More than Suneil I'm very fond of his wife Mana. She's a real sweetheart. Also I'm cast opposite Arjun Rampal. People say we make a really good screen pair. I'd like to believe that."

And she'd also like to do a full-fledged role opposite her husband. "My husband's brothers are getting together to remake Amar Akbar Anthony. They better offer me the role opposite Arbaaz," Malaika chuckles hopefully.

Jodhaa Akbar' to release on 15th Feb

UTV Motion Pictures and Ashutosh Gowariker’s much awaited epic romance JODHAA AKBAR, starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is slated for a worldwide release on 15th February, 2008. The soundtrack, composed by music maestro A.R. Rahman and lyrics written by Javed Akhtar, will release on 9th January through UTV’s new record label UTV Music.

The change of release date is due to the fact that Ashutosh Gowariker has been advised bed rest for 21 days with a severe back problem. The director was scheduled to be in Chennai for this entire week to finish the background score of the film, but could not move out because of strict instructions from his doctors not to travel.

Referring to his back problem, Ashutosh stated, “I am sad that this had to happen in the thick of post production; it is unfortunate, but it has to be dealt with.”

'Welcome' beats Akshay's record in Overseas

With a historic opening, the Indian Films-Studio 18 mega release WELCOME has emerged a winner at the box-office. The numbers in Overseas have also surpassed those of all erstwhile solo Akshay Kumar titles, creating a new record for the actor.

In U.K., the preview and opening weekend gross was a smashing £ 370,000 (approx) from 40 locations.

In UAE, just the 5-day business of WELCOME was nearly as much as the lifetime gross of Akshay’s earlier hits. The business to date is AED 1.8 million from 29 locations.

In the US, the first two days grossed $ 100,000 only from the mainstream theatres (independents excluded), extremely impressive considering the biggest grosses will start from December 26. In almost every mainstream location, WELCOME out-grossed even the major Hollywood openers like CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR, P.S. I LOVE YOU and WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Brett Lee's new Bollywood connection

While India might be wondering how well Team India will take on the Aussies Down Under, the series will hold a special significance for that other Indian obsession, Bollywood.

Yes, Victory, a movie about the rags to fame story of an Indian cricketer, will have portions shot at the Adelaide Oval, the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Starring newcomer Harman Baweja and directed by Ajit Pal, the film will also feature some Australian stars, like paceman Brett Lee !

Now, if we could only recollect just who this Harman Baweja is!

People will forget Ash and Hrithik: Ashutosh Gowariker

Ashutosh Gowariker opens up on Jodhaa-Akbar...

Is Jodhaa-Akbar the most difficult you've made?
It is. But the process has been so enjoyable I didn't mind the toil. My crew made the process of creation very interesting. Just working hard isn't a virtue. Otherwise I should not make a film. And I definitely shouldn't make a historical.

Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan have very contemporary personalities?
That won't be a problem. The audience will come in and forget everything about Hrithik and Aishwarya. I've no fear of that. The two are brilliant Ultimately the audience will be watching not the stars but the two characters that they play.

Perhaps audiences would want to see Abhishek playing Akbar?
Hrithik-Aishwarya's pairing is incredible. They're extremely charismatic and good-looking. They were a huge success in the contemporary Dhoom 2. That can only help my film, not harm it.

What audiences will see in my film are Jodha and Akbar. At least that's what I've tried to ensure through their looks, body language and behaviour. I wanted to make my historical as believable as I'd like to see it being.

You've paid extreme attention to period details?
Every element big or small, from the texture of the clothes to the sets, décor, dialogues and the protocol, even the incidental sounds of birds and animals, they all had to be just right for me.

I'm tired of filmmakers wondering where those good old days have gone. I wanted to reclaim those days. It took me two years of pre- production before I got into my first shot..

Are you happy with the end-product?
Oh it has been tremendously enriching. So far the Mughal period was part of textbooks. I always wondered about the battles and the durbar intrigue.

The mughal period was known for its lavishness, so much so that studio bosses in Hollywood from the golden period were not called movie czars or movie nawabs. They were called movie moghuls.

Glamour is not shedding clothes: Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan is one of the busiest actors in Bollywood. She takes a breather for a heart-to-heart with Subhash K Jha...

Life looks good to you?
Yeah. I've just completed Raj Kumar Santoshi's Halla Bol. He's a wonderful director, so much to learn. Ummmmm….And what an experience Guru was.

IIt's every actor's dream to work with Mani. I'm blessed to have worked with him so early in my career. No matter how busy I'm, I take time off every day to say thanks to God for making so many dreams come true.

The more he gives the more I wish to thank him. You and John Abraham seemed like a strange combination in Salaam-e-Ishq?
That's what makes it so exciting. Nikhil's entire team was within the same age group as me. I had a blast on the shoot. It was like being at a party. Touchwood, so far I've been comfortable with every unit I've worked with.

I'd rather remain non-controversial and focus on my work. From Pradeep Sarkar to Mani Rathnam… I've learnt so much ! It may be a cliché to say so, but I'm growing every day.

And such a wide spectrum of actors, from Mr Bachchan to Madhavan.
Ha, I can't call Mr Bachchan my co-star. That's a little too much. As for Madhavan, I was supposed to have worked with him in a couple of Tamil films some time ago. Those didn't work out.

Now we finally did Guru. My equation with Maddy is completely coloured by my affection for his son Vedaant. He's an adorable child with big blue eyes.

One keeps hearing of you being in this and that project?
I think I've been very honest with every producer who has approached me. What I need to do is learn more tact while saying I don't have dates. I've had a very big producer telling me I had no business to turn down his assignment because I'm a newcomer. But as an individual it's my right to say no rather than be evasive.

One keeps seeing you doing glamorous photo shoots. Trying to move away from the Parineeta image?
Yes, I've been doing different photo-shoots. They want the other side of me. I'm only doing what I 'm comfortable with. There was one picture where the outfit was much too revealing for me.

I went around hiding the magazine from my father. I don't think glamour is about taking off clothes. If it was Madhubala, Rekha or Sridevi wouldn't have been glamorous. Rekha in all her finery and jewellery is so glamorous!

And Aishwarya Rai… she's the epitome of grace. We hardly had scenes together in Guru. But on many occasions I felt she was my sister. I truly admire the way she conducts herself. Even her sneeze is written about. That can't beeasy.

And Sanjay Dutt?
(bursts into laughter) I heard about my affair with him. Wonder where that came from! I think we were linked because he's the only hero with whom I've done three films. I don't think anyone took it seriously.

Whether it's John, Saif or Sanju, I'm not in touch with them outside the sets. People take my link-ups with Dada (Parineeta director Pradeep Sarkar) more seriously. I've come to terms with the rumours about us. I guess I'll just have to live with that.

Who're your friends in the industry?
None except Raima Sen. We click because we're like chalk and cheese. I pamper her to no end. We don't meet that often these days. She's one madcap. I restrain her quite often.

Celina harrassed & racially abused!

The story of three Marathi actors who were denied entry into a restaurant in a suburban Mumbai's 7-star hotel isn't isolated.

Celina Jaitley recently had a nightmarish experience in the same hotel. "I went into the sports' lounge of this hotel with a gay foreigner friend of mine for just ten minutes.

I saw a tall imposing middleaged German guy making obscene gestures at me. At first I ignored him out of embarrassment. Then he got bolder and came up to me to tell me in German in picturesque detail what he'd like to do to me.

He didn't know I speak German fluently. That was it. I asked the hotel's authorities to deal with the situation, since they hadn't allowed my bodyguard in. Forget about challenging the German lecher they said they didn't know who he was!

Luckily I had seen him sign his room number on his bill."

When the posh hotel's cowardly personnel did nothing to help Celina, she left but returned the next day with three vans of cops, got the man out of his room and confronted him.

"He fell to his knees and cried and begged saying he has a wife and children back home. He should've thought of them when he treated me to such vulgar intentions.

I made him write an apology and then for his family's sake decided not to press charges. The worst thing was, nobody in the hotel wanted to co-opearate with me in dealing with this situation.

Even some of my well-wishers advised me to forget about it. What I want to know is, whom do these hotels cater to?

Are they for us Indians? Or are all the amenities and facilities only for foreigners? Why are foreigners given such blatantly preferential treatment in these posh hotels?"

The actress decided to speak up on the matter after she heard about the humiliation of the Marathi actors who weren't allowed in because of their kolhapure chappals.

"This isn't the first time that such an incident has happened. Some time ago, a dress designer friend of mine requested the same hotel's security to inspect his car in the portico as he didn't want the clothes in the car to get wet in the rain.

There was an argument. They slammed the car bonnet on his hand and fractured it…Don't they care about people who are not foreigners? Are these high-flying places so busy making big bucks that they've forgotten a basic sense of decency?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Aamir ali and Sanjeeda won Nach baliye 3

The third season of Nach Baliye came to an end on December 22 in a grand finale held in Film City in the western Mumbai suburb of Goregaon.

Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh beat Rakhi Sawant [Images] and Abhishek Awasthi to win the title.

Salman Khan [Images], who was down with laryngitis, provided a lot of laughs and announced the winners.

The other Nach Baliye couples were also present and gave fine performances.

There is no denying the fact that Rakhi and Abhishek were much better dancers and more deserving but as they say life is not fair so get used to it, but instead of walking out, they should have showed some sporting spirit, take the example of Sandhya mridul who was way much better than prachee desai, but was more gracious

Rakhi sawant the Item bahu

Yes, Ranbir and Sonam are in love

Yes, Ranbir and Sonam are in love
Sorry for breaking this to you girls but Ranbir Kapoor is already taken. We hear that the youngest Kapoor lad is dating none other than his Saawariya co-star Sonam.

Post debut, Sonam has been seen frequently visiting Ranbir's house. She gets along very well with Ranbir's mother, Neetu Singh as well. Ranbir and Sonam often go out together for long drives and dinners.

The two hit it off long back, when they started out as assistants on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black. Then came Saawariya and their friendship turned into romance on the sets. Before Saawariya hit the theatres, Ranbir was linked up with Om Shanti Om heroine Deepika Padukone.

Talking to a tabloid Neetu Singh acknowledged the Ranbir and Sonam are actully spending a lot of time together.

"Yes, Sonam comes to our place often and they go out together too."

Actually, both Ranbir and Sonam's parents have given their tacit approval to the friendship that shows signs of maturing into a romance. They have, however, cautioned their kids to be discrete and focus as much on their careers.

Ranbir has attracted lot of female attention. Apart from being linked with Deepika Padukone, there have been reports that he was smitten by Nandita Mahtani.

"I don't know which school it is, but a bus from that school comes outside our house every day and a group of four to five girls stand outside our gate saying that they want to meet Ranbir. After much persuasion, they leave for their respective homes," Neetu signs off.

Ranbir currently filming for Yash Raj Films' next, a romantic comedy in which he co-stars opposite four female leads - Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Minissha Lamba while Sonam is filming for Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Dilli 6, in which she is paired opposite Abhishek Bachchan.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Taare, Welcome run into trouble

When Vinod Shah went to buy tickets at the nearest multiplex for Friday's release Welcome, he was in for a rude shock. He was turned away from the Mumbai multiplex, as he was told that the Akshay Kumar-starrer was not going to be released there. And that particular multiplex wasn't the only one.

Multiplexes across the country have refused to release both Welcome and Taare Zameen [Images] Par because the owners refused to bow down to the demands made by distributors this time. The tussle between the two have continued through the years whenever a big release was on its way.

This Friday too, distributors demanded the same revenue sharing as they did for Shah Rukh Khan's [Images] Om Shanti Om. But the multiplex owners have decided to put their foot down.

Welcome seems to have got a worse fate than Taare Zameen Par. Aamir Khan's [Images] Taare did not have a problem with PVR, as they are the presenters of the film.

"There was a problem about showing Welcome initially, but we will start the Welcome shows now," Sanjeev K Bijli, owner of PVR, says. Though the problem has been sorted, Bijli did not want to reveal the details.

In fact, PVR will be the only multiplex to screen Welcome today, according to Sandeep Bhargava, chief of Indian Film Company, the official worldwide distributor of Welcome. "Welcome will be shown only in PVR cinemas, as the decision for the other multiplexes has not come in yet," he says.

But the situation has only partially improved.

Vishal Anand, vice president (marketing), Fun Republic, says, "Taare will be released from the 2 pm shows today. But negotiations for Welcome are still on."

Movietime Multiplex's booking assistant Dhananajay claims they have still not started screening both Welcome and Taare Zameen Par. "The decision to show both the films will only come after 2 pm," he said.

Crime branch questions Sunil Shetty for underworld links

Bollywood star Sunil Shetty was on Friday questioned by the crime branch in Mumbai in connection with a case relating to underworld don Chhota Shakeel's aide Iqbal Attarwala.

The crime branch had already questioned film stars Hrithik Roshan , Salman Khan , Sohail Khan , Urmila Matonkar, Shilpa Shetty , Esha Deol , Priyanka Chopra and Malaika Arora [Images] Khan in the case.

The police are probing Bollywood personalities' links to Attarwala, who used to organise shows for underworld dons Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel.

Sunil Shetty's company, Popkorn Entertainment, produced a dance show and celebrity exhibition cricket matches in the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi for Show Blitz, Attarwala's event management company.

The crime branch's joint commissioner of police said the film star was called in for questioning to know if he had gone to the UAE under a proper contract, due to a personal relationship with the producer, or under pressure from criminal elements.

"In his statement, Sunil Shetty reveled that his company was concerned only with the cricketers, and that they were paid for the trip," sources said.

Besides Shetty's Popcorn Entertainment, Sohail Khan's production company is also under the police scanner in the Attarwala case.

Attarwala is the prime accused in a land-grabbing case in Malad, Mumbai.

Amitabh's mother Teji Bachchan is dead

Amitabh Bachchan's ailing mother, Teji Bachchan, has died after spending a year at Mumbai's Lilawati Hospital, in suburban Bandra. She was 93.

Amitabh , who was very close to his mother after the death of his father in 2003, would visit her often. Teji was an important part of the Big B's [Images] professional life as well. For instance, in the original script of Coolie, Amitabh's character would die. But Teji requested director Manmohan Desai to change the ending for personal reasons.

Even though Teji was in poor health for a long time, she remained a strong support system for the Bachchan family. In fact, the first thing that Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai did after they got married was visit Teji at the hospital.

It is said that Amitabh always sought her advice in all family decisions.

Teji was a close friend of the late Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi , even before Sonia Gandhi became a part of it. Teji was a link between the Gandhi and Bachchan families.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sushmita in a legal hassle over 'virginity'

Sushmita Sen finds herself in a soup as the Madurai branch of the Madras High Court issued a notice to her, earlier this week, over some comments made by her on ‘pre-marital sex’

The actress in a T.V. interview had commented that “No Indian has chastity or virginity anymore” which didn’t go down well with the legal authorities and the moral police who felt that such comments could affect the moral fabric of India.

A notice has been issued to a Tamil daily as well, which published the transcript of the television interview.

In the past, actresses like Khushboo, Reema Sen and Shilpa Shetty have also faced similar petitions in the past for their ‘controversial’ comments.

2007's Most Glamorous And Fashionable Moments

Right from Om Shanti Om's fashion statement of the 70s to the star studded Lakme Fashion week with beauties like Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen, Katrina Kaif and Rani Mukherjee scorching the ramp and last but not the least Celina sizzles in a photo shoot. A treat for the eyes! A Must Watch!

Dilli 6 shoot starts in Jaipur today

Rakeysh Mehra's long-awaited Dilli 6 finally begins shooting today, December 20, in freezing Jaipur. Freezing cold notwithstanding, Rajasthan is currently the hot spot for two big film units from Mumbai.

While Rakeysh Mehra is busy recreating vignettes from New Delhi in Jaipur for his new film Dilli 6 with his lead pair Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan, debutant director Ajit Pal is busy shooting dramatic sequences in Jaisalmer for his cricket film Victory.

But Harman Baweja and the 'cricket' team aren’t shooting cricket scenes in Jaisalmer. The game part of the narration has been canned in Mumbai. “We’re shooting heavy-duty dramatic scenes in the freezing cold, and that too at nights when the temperature in below-Zero," informs Anupam Kher, who plays Harman's father.

Earlier he was shooting in equally harsh weather in Kashmir for Santosh Sivan. Anupam is all praise for Harman. "He reminds me of Hrithik Roshan, not just in looks but also in attitude and approach to his work. Like Hrithik, Harman has assisted his father on several productions. When he faces the camera he knows exactly what he's doing." Harman would be the first of the major debutants in 2008, and that too from a film family followed by Mimoh whose dancing skills are being compared with his father Mithun Chakbraborty and Subhash Ghai's new discovery Anurag Sinha who’s being described as a mixture of Amitabh Bachchan and Naseeruddin Shah by people from the unit of his debut film Black and White

Yash Chopra eyes the small screen

The filmmaker Plans to launch a TV channel in collaboration with a media firm.

Filmmaker Yash Chopra, who has ruled the box office for decades with his romantic movies, is now heading towards the small screen.

Chopra is believed to be in talks with leading television broadcasters to air TV content produced under his banner. And that's not all - sources inform that the movie mogul is considering launching an entertainment channel.

It is learnt that Yash Raj Films has roped in Ravina Raj Kohli (of Sony and Star fame) to set up a television division. According to an industry source, the production house has been in talks with leading Hindi general entertainment broadcasters for its debut on television.

The company has been trying to negotiate for two-hour back-to-back airtime on weekdays. “Yash Raj Films has been talking to various television broadcasters. However, blocking two hours for one production house is a risk for any channel. Consequently, the production company is reworking its strategy,” said an executive from a broadcasting company.

Chopra is contemplating launching his own TV channel wherein the filmmaker will telecast programmes - both soaps and format shows - produced by his company. Besides, he will also feature movies that Yash Raj Films churned out over the years. According to the source, Chopra is most likely to partner with a television broadcaster for his channel.

With an aim to create an integrated entertainment company, Chopra is also getting into multiplexes. This seems to be the most logical extension given that multiplex owners have in the past earned almost 60-70 per cent of their box office revenues from the movies produced by Yash Raj Films, according to industry estimates.

The production house makes four-five films annually that run for an average of three weeks. The movie exhibition business will also be through a tie-up with a company.

Entry into television and theatre chain will complete Yash Raj Films' circle in the entertainment space. Formed in 1970, the production house has come a long way from running a studio to the recent foray into animation flicks. The company is producing Roadside Romeo, an animation film, in collaboration with Walt Disney. It will hit the theatres next year.

A few years ago, the production house launched Yash Raj Music and releases the DVDs of its films under the Yash Raj Films Home Entertainment label. The company last year ventured into film distribution with Bollywood blockbuster Krrish starring Hrithik Roshan, followed by Karan Johar's Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.

Both the television and film exhibition projects will take form by 2008-09, according to the source.

On the film production front, Yash Raj Films has six-eight movies (including co-productions) slated for release in 2008. Other releases include Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer Tashan and a co-production with filmmaker Kunal Kohli. Besides this, the company will also distribute Rakesh Roshan's Krazy 4

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Katrina kaif's Mr. Rights

Her cherubic yet pixieish aura allows Katrina Kaif to slip into romantic comedy roles with ease. And mind you, our lady has done quite a few of these rom-com.

Ms Kaif's new film, Welcome, co-starring Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Mallika Sherawat and Feroz Khan, too, belongs to the same genre.

Obviously then, this Bollywood Princess has seen her share of one too many Prince Charmings on screen. Bearing that in mind, profiles the actress' reel-life Mr Rights:

Akshay Kumar

Filmmaker Raj Kanwar, known for churning overbearing desi remakes of Hollywood's sugary fare like While You Were Sleeping (Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega), A Walk in the Clouds (Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke), was the first to spot a potential hit jodi in Akki and Katrina.

Though the Notting Hill-meets-Mehboob Studios sensibilities of his trite romance, Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaya didn't particularly excite, the good-looking couple got noticed. Their chemistry sparkled further as they played tailor-made roles in London Spice Girl versus Punjab da puttar concoction, Namaste London.

Will the winning combination work its magic in Welcome too? In all likelihood!

Salman Khan

Real or reel, Katrina and Salman Khan definitely make a cute pair.

Interestingly, he did serenade her for most part of David Dhawan's fairly amusing, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya before giving it up for Sushmita Sen. Katrina, on her part, made a last-minute switch for bumbling buddy, Sohail Khan.

Khan and Kaif kept it strictly platonic for the Hitch-inspired, Partner, directed by Dhawan again.

There's no reason to lose heart, though. The twosome, finally, get into a lovey-dovey skin for Subhash Ghai's Main Yuvraj.

Abhishek Bachchan

There's something inherently poised and glamorous about Abhishek Bachchan and Katrina. Together, they spell class.

Even though Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar predominantly centered around Bachchan Sr, tender moments ensuing between the two reveals makings of a knockout combo.

Abhishek Bachchan in Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par is a story of a kid suffering from dyslexia. To create awareness about this disorder an example of Abhishek Bachchan is used in the film, who also suffered from this disorder. Aamir Khan took prior permission from the Bachchans to make this reference and use Abhishek’s name and picture as an example of success in spite of suffering from dyslexia at a young age.

Abhishek is among the crème de la crème of Bollywood today. The disorder did not stop him from creating a place for himself in the film industry and become a successful star. That’s the message Aamir gives to the kids in the film. Like Abhishek, many known personalities fall in this category, which include the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Winston Churchill, Keanu Reeves, Albert Einstein and Tom Cruise.

Taare Zameen Par is all set to release on December 21 and marks the directorial debut of Aamir Khan.

Anil Kapoor will promote Welcome only with Nana

If you haven't been seeing much of Anil Kapoor in the promotional blitzkrieg of Anees Bazmee's Christ-massy comedy Welcome it's with good reason. The meticulous actor has decided to speak about his role in the film only in collaboration with Nana Patekar.

Says a source close to Anil, “Since Nana and Anil play brothers in the film and share equal space he only thinks it to be reasonable that they speak on behalf of their film together."

The inimitable Nana has been stationed in Pune for two weeks because of his foot injury. Anil plans to drive down to Pune to do a joint press conference with Nana. The two come together in Welcome 18 years after they starred in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Parinda.

When asked about the year that was, Anil Kapoor says, "I'm very happy with the way my production Gandhi My Father was received all over the world. This isn’t one of those small films that come and go. I believe it has a fabulous shelf life. And the film’s impact will continue to be felt everywhere. "

Anil Kapoor promises several surprises as a producer in 2008.

Video:The making of movie Welcome

Akshay Kumar, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat, Katrina Kaif and the legendary style icon Feroz Khan - Entertainment guaranteed. Welcome promises to be a heavily loaded comic caper. See Welcome's making which showcases the camaraderie and fun that the cast and crew share while shooting. Take a look! It's a Must Watch Video!

Salman's statue unveils at Madame Tussauds on Jan 15

Salman Khan will start his New Year with a bang. The star will join Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London on January 15, 2008.

His popularity makes it quite evident, that he is the right candidate for the Wax Museum as he topped the poll conducted by Madame Tussauds, which also had in the running, stars like Madhuri Dixit and Abhishek Bachchan. The poll was conducted in the month of August.

Tussauds’ sculptors have measured and photographed Salman Khan in Mumbai. In addition to that, Salman has also given his outfits for the wax figure.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Exclusive Scoop: Are Akshay-Katrina marrying?

Welcome is set to storm the silver screen with an ensemble of some of the biggest stars of the industry. Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat and Katrina Kaif. Take a look as IndiaFM gets you some snapshot and candid moments from the shoot of the film just to give you a taste of what's in store with this dynamite of a movie. A Must Watch!

Bhoomika chawla in romantic pose with hubby

This is the pic from the personal album of Bhoomika. It's taken after her marriage and reception with yoga guru Bharat Thakur.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Salman isn't my secretary:Katrina kaif

Cornered with allegations that she doesn’t sign a film without Salman Khan’s consent, gorgeous Katrina Kaif shoots back, “Salman is not my secretary” on the latest episode of B Biz on Zee Muzic.

Bring up Akshay Kumar’s name and she raves about how comfortable she feels working with him. Catch the lovely lass talk about her tryst with the ladies’ man, Feroz Khan and how her family and friends react to inane controversies that surround her life.

Tune in to catch Katrina on B BIZ, on Zee Muzic, Wednesday and Thursday,19th and 20th Dec.

Priyanka Chopra and that F-word!

Priyanka is caught up in the F-word these days. No, don't get us wrong. It's Madhur Bhandarkar's latest film Fashion which is keeping her busy all the time.

As she says herself, "I have been so busy these days that I have found no time to introspect. Fashion is the only movie right now that I am going to be taking a lot of stress over."

2007 has been a cold year for this former Miss World but Priyanka is eagerly looking forward to 2008 in which she will feature in as many as half dozen films.

“This year I had a sort of sabbatical year and this year just two releases. But 2008 will be my busiest calendar as I would be acting in six films. I have acted in about 20 films in my four-year-old cinema career so far and 2008 will be the busiest,” says Priyanka.

Her new releases coming out in the next one year include: God Tussi Great Ho with Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan , Love Story 2050 with Harman Baweja , Drona with Abhishek Bachchan , Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion , another film called Chamki Chameli and a yet-to-be-named film with John Abraham as co-star.

Priyanka also tells that there were some calls from the Hollywood to act in English films, but she first preferred to 'master' acting in Indian films.

But coming back to on-screen fashion travails, it is her off-screen fashion issues that are in the news.

At a recent polo event in the city, Priyanka apparently refused to wear a Rohit Bal gown that was provided by the organisers. Priyanka, however, dismisses it as a mix of mere speculation and a lot of gossip. “Not at all! I have absolutely no issue there. In fact, I love Rohit’s work.

That day when I came for the event, I had a choice of outfits from various designers. A lot of them did not fit me because I had not done trials in Mumbai before coming for the event. And so, whatever fit me, I wore it for the event. I couldn’t have managed the fitting here in Delhi because we were running late. We were really tight on time,” she says.

Movie wallpapers:Sunday

The team of Golmaal is back with another funride called Sunday
Enjoy the stills of the movie

Top 5 Photoshoots Of 2007

Well, as the yearend is approaching fast and furious, we bring you a collection of Top 5 Photoshoots based on the number of views that they've received. So, its your time to get a taste of Mallika Sherawat, Sherlyn Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Celina Jaitley and Koena Mitra. There's more too...It's one video you'd feel like watching again and again.

Top 3 Controversies Of 2007

Breakups, Kiss ka kissa, rumours, industry buzz - Bollywood breeds all this and more. It gives you fame; it gives you love but all this comes at an expense. The year 2007 was quite a year for gossip mongers with so much to feed on. Shahid-Kareena, Saif-Rosa, Aamir-Kiran Rao, Salman- John, SRK and Big B and so much more. IndiaFM gives you the top 3 controversies that set the industry on fire. Right from the Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty's kiss controversy, Om Shanti Om and the Manoj Kumar spoof to Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan custody issues. It's all about things that are blown out of proportion and made headlines everywhere. A Must Watch video........

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jodha Akbar 2008 - High Quality Trailer

Jodhaa Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a marriage of alliance that gave birth to true love between a great Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa.

Political success knew no bounds for Emperor Akbar (Hrithik Roshan). After having secured the Hindu Kush, he furthered his realm by conquest until his empire extended from Afghanistan to the Bay of Bengal, and from the Himalayas to the Godavari River. Through a shrewd blend of tolerance, generosity, and force, Akbar won the allegiance of the Rajputs, the most belligerent Hindus. But little did Akbar know that when he married Jodhaa (Aishwarya), a fiery Rajput princess, in order to further strengthen his relations with the Rajputs, he would in turn be embarking upon a new journey -- the journey of true love.

The daughter of King Bharmal of Amer, Jodhaa resented being reduced to a mere political pawn in this marriage of alliance, and Akbar's biggest challenge now did not merely lie in winning battles, but in winning the love of Jodhaa -- a love hidden deep below resentment and extreme prejudice. Jodhaa-Akbar is their untold love story

“Why I slapped Akshay,” Katrina Kaif

Katrina kaif gets candid with TOS

You ended 2007 on a high note with 3 big hits this year.
“Oh, yes, I had Namaste London, Apne, Partner . And all the 3 films did well. It’s been an extremely fulfilling year professionally for me. My career is moving towards the right direction. I have taken the leap in the right direction and hopefully next year will be even better. But trust me my best is yet to come,”

And what about your personal front?
“What about it?”

Your love life?
(Raising her eyebrows) “C’mon don’t start it all over again. I’m not answering this.”

But you are known outside as Salman Khan’s girlfriend?
“Oh really? That’s weird; no one has ever told me that.”

Ok got the message loud and clear. How has your family reacted to your new found stardom in Bollywood?
“My family is a little disconnected with the film industry. They have no proper knowledge about Bollywood. Whatever little they know about Bollywood is through me. But I’m glad that I have been able to give them financial security. It gives me immense pleasure to see my family financially secure because of me. It’s a different high and satisfaction; I can’t even explain it in words.”

You started off with movies like Boom and now you have films with big stars like Salman, Akshay and Saif. How does it feel?
“It’s a wonderful feeling. Everyone wanted to be on the top, but hailing from a non filmi background the success is sweet. I just wanted to prove it to myself.”

Were you upset when critics called you just another pretty young thing who can’t act?
“It was harsh. They should have understood where I came from. I had no formal training. I was very raw when I came in, I’m learning and improving with each day and still I have miles to go.”

You seem to be an expert in comedies these days?
“You are right; actually I did quite a lot this year and also learnt a lot. Comedy is difficult, but once you get a grasp of it, you have a blast. Thanks to all the comedies that I did this year, I’m here today talking to you.
You have another comedy Welcome coming up?
“I would call it a commercial entertainer. It’s not mindless and slapstick comedy, it’s witty. . What makes it special is the unusual element of cast, Feroz Khan, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Akshay Kumar coming together. It makes it irreplaceable and special. The audiences will simply love to see them together. I had a blast shooting with them. I enjoyed it and the film is witty and the audience will love to see us together. Nana is great, so is Anil and Feroz Khan saab is coming back after a long time and all the combination makes it so interesting.”

And your chemistry with Akshay Kumar?
“I think we look good on screen. I love working with Akshay. He is a non -judgmental kind of person. You don’t feel shy while working with him. He makes me very comfortable.”

You remember any incident with Akshay?
“Oh yes. I don’t know whether I should speak about it or not. I’m sure he will get mad at me for telling it to you.”

Please go ahead
“You know what? I slapped Akshay while shooting for Welcome . I was required to slap Akshay for a scene. I did that, but somehow it was not looking real and the director called for a re-take, I did the shoot again, still I was not getting it. Akshay got fed up and scream at me c’mon slap me hard. I got carried away and landed one tight slap, everyone just froze on the sets, and there was a pin drop silence. I realized what I did, and I’m like; I’m so sorry Akshay I know you are so upset. But Akshay took it sportingly. Now I’m practicing how to slap people without actually slapping them.”

What was your first impression when you met Salman Khan?
“When I did my first film with Salman, it was like “oh my god”, I’m going to do a film with Salman Khan. I had virtually butterflies in my stomach.”

What’s for 2008?
“Plenty, my diary is full. There’s Abbas Mastan’s Race , Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraj , Yash Raj’s film, Vipul Shah’s Singh is Kinng . Phew! I’m already tried,” (smiles)

Any New Year resolutions?
“Just to go ahead, don’t want to get stagnant. Keep walking.

Prachi desai winns Jhalak dikhlaja

Popular television actor Prachi Desai was declared winner of Jhalak Dikhalaja 2, the celebrity dance show, on Sony Television last night.

The 18-year-old beat Sandhya Mridul and Jay Bhanushali to win the title. The winner's name was declared by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar [Images], who was present on the show along with Welcome co-star Katrina Kaif.

Out of the three, Jay was the first to be eliminated. His name was announced by Katrina.

Prachi was a wild card entry into the show after being eliminated a month ago. She beat noted actor-dancer Sudha Chandran when the channel sought an audience SMS poll to choose the wild card entrant.

Prachi's selection ran into controversy as it was alleged that Balaji head honcho Ekta Kapoor had played a role in her selection.

The allegation was staunchly denied by the channel.

Prachi plays the protagonist Bani in Ekta's serial Kasamh se on Zee TV.

The grand finale was held in the RK Studios at Chembur in North East Mumbai.

The second season of the reality show ran for 13 weeks and had 26 episodes. Jeetendra , Shiamak Davar and Urmila Matondkar were the celebrity judges on the show.

The two-and-a-half hour show saw performances by participants who were eliminated earlier, besides Akshay and Katrina.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Konkona Sen Sharma bags Mira Nair's Shantaram

Konkona Sen-Sharma is really going places. After taking the elusive Tabu's place in Zoya Akhtar's directorial debut Luck By Chance, Konkona is treading into Tabu's territory once again. Konkona will play a small but vital part in Mira Nair's Shantaram.It would be recalled that Konkona was Mira Nair's initial choice for the much-lauded Namesake. The actress begged off for date's sake. Tabu stepped in.

Contrary to the flights of fancy in certain media circles about Mira Nair’s ambitious adaptation of Gregory David Roberts' bestseller Shantaram being aborted due to Johnny Depp’s fancy fee, the project is very much on.

Reacting with her usual chortle of incredulity talk back home, Mira says, "Alas, We have been stalled temporarily due to the crippling nature of the writers' strike in Hollywood. Johnny Depp assures me that this is just a pause, and that we'll rev up to go again once the strike is resolved. I’ve spent a year of creative endeavour in realising Shantaram, so I look forward to the time when it will all come together."

The cast which initially boasted of Bachchan with Depp now has, among others, the rapidly-rising Konkona Sen in a very special role. Divulges Mira, "In addition to Johnny Depp and Amitabh Bachchan, I'd confirmed Irrfan Khan in a major role and Konkona Sen for a one big dramatic scene. I've also been in talks with Prabhudeva, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade and Ranvir Sheorey. I'd also love to work with Pankaj Kapoor. We have such an extraordinary bunch of great actors in India!"

Mira should know. She worked with a slew of them in her career-defining musical Monsoon Wedding. And now as Shantaram gets shifted to end of 2008, Mira prepares to do a Broadway-styled stage adaptation of Monsoon Wedding.
Via:India fm

Deepika & Yuvraj more than friends

deepika padukone
She is just 21 and doesn't want to get married and yet two of the biggest stars of Indian cricket team and her friends, Yuvraj singh and M S Dhoni are putting all their efforts to woo this doe-eyed beauty.

Intially it was MSD who invited her to a T20 cricket match against Australia but on this Wednesday when Yuvi hosted a birthday bash at the JW Marriott hotel Deepika Padukone was invited the special guest of the evening.

Cricket buddies Zaheer Khan and Ashish Mehra showed up while others kept away. M S Dhoni probably didn’t show up to save Deepika and Yuvraj the embarrassment of being in the same room as him.

As Yuvi cut a cake, the duo danced to Bollywood numbers and had a blast.

The on-lookers claim that Padukone, who is also being touted to be Krrish's next leading lady, played the perfect host at the event. She mingled with the guests as if she belongs to Yuvi's family. The duo looked more than just friends if their body language was any indication.

Though Yuvi's ex-flame Kim was also invited but she delibratly gave the event a skip.

“I didn’t remember it was Yuvraj’s birthday. If it was, I hope it was a great party. I’ve heard Deepika was part of the celebrations and if she was, good for her,” exults Kim.

Let's hope there is no tension in the Indian team owing to the Yuvraj-Deepika-Dhoni triangle

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kareena kapoor and Saif ali khan spotted at Airport:Rare pictures

Kangana renaut to go bald

Kangana Ranaut is all set to go bald for her latest film, Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion.

After much discussion and debate, Bhandarkar decided her final look as he wanted the actress to fit into former model Geetanjali Nagpal's look.

Fashion is based on Nagpal (inset), who was recently in the eye of much controversy. Once a successful model, Geetanjali lost herself to drugs and alcohol, and was found begging on the streets of Delhi in September.

After the news broke, Bhandarkar felt hers was a good story that needed to be told and he zeroed in on Kangana for the role. Apparently, Madhur was impressed by Kangana after her brilliant work in Woh Lamhe

Saif has to wait for marriage:Kareena

Kareena Kapoor says she keeps her work and love life separate.

Kapoor said in an interview published that work was her focus right now and marriage to her boyfriend and well-known actor Saif Ali Khan was a long way off.

"They are two different compartments,'' she said.

She has dreamed of marriage and children like most women, but said: "At this point I am too young to think about it. We will take each year as it comes, not each day as it comes.''

Kareena recently ended a three-year romance with Shahid Kapur , with whom she starred in the hit love story Jab We Met.

Kapoor also won praise from critics last year for "Omkara,'' a Bollywood adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello.''

Kapoor said Khan was very supportive since he too worked hard to succeed in India's movie industry.

"I am highly ambitious. My strength, my confidence and everything else stems from my ability to work hard in my career which is the pivotal point of my life,'' she said. "It's beyond everything.''

I'm not engaged to Yuvraj Singh: Deepika Padukone

First, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and now his teammate Yuvraj Singh. Budding actress Deepika Padukone is quite fed up and says reports about her engagement with Yuvraj Singh are not true at all.

"Please...this is the strangest thing I have heard, so far," said a visibly disturbed Deepika.

The actress was Thursday evening declared the new brand ambassador of Swiss watch brand Tissot.

Asked how endorsements work for actors, she said: "It works both ways. I mean celebrities connect the brand to the audience and the label connects them to the viewers, making them more popular."

Deepika, who is the daughter of former world badminton champion Prakash Padukone, said sports works to de-stress her: "I am very closely associated with sports. I have played games like badminton, basketball, tennis, throwball and baseball."

"My favourite sport is swimming however, any type of sport de-stresses me. It takes my mind off work and makes me feel relaxed," Padukone told.

The newcomer struck fame with her debut film "Om Shanti Om" opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

However, she denies being bogged down by any kind of pressure of meeting expectations while picking up projects or in her upcoming movies.

"No there is no such pressure on me! Dad taught me to enjoy my work and till the time I do so I will face the camera merrily.

"I always wanted to do an action flick and I am luckily doing 'Made In China'. Nikhil Advani is directing the film and I will share screen space with Akshay Kumar."

Apart from Deepika, viewers will soon see Priyanka Chopra doing heavy-duty action in "Love Story 2050" and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan swinging the sword in "Jodhaa-Akbar".

Commenting on the trend of more heroines taking up action roles she said: "This itself shows that with the evolution of the Hindi film industry women are getting to do more in films."

Deepika also has Siddharth Anand's next in her kitty where she is paired opposite Ranbir Kapoor.



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