Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sameera reddy dating Ishant sharma

Sameera Reddy is the latest actress to be smitten by a young cricketing sensation. Apparently, she is dating right arm fast bowler Ishant Sharma from Shah Rukh Khan's IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders. Our well placed source says, “Sameera and Ishant happened to meet during some of the recently held IPL matches. They have hit off very well. Sameera and Ishant are more than just good friends. They are slowly getting serious about each other.” ---TOI

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kangana Ranaut gets cosy with Mohit Suri

Now a source informs that Mohit Suri is bonding majorly with Kangana Ranaut, the heroine of the Raaz sequel.

After breaking up with long-time steady Udita Goswami, Suri’s single and ready to mingle.

So’s Kangy who’s finally distanced herself from Aditya Pansholi. A source saw the lonesome twosome in a car..together.

They were near Coffee World in Andheri’s Lokhandwala Complex, tinted windows rolled up, getting real cosy inside.JUICY

Mallika Sherawat mobbed by fans!

The Pondicherry schedule of Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam came to a standstill when thousands flocked the set to have a glimpse of Bollywood's most sought after glam girl Mallika Sherawat, who plays the female lead in the film and producer Ratan Jain had to hire 100 security men to keep them at bay.

Confirming the incident, Jain said: "Yes the situation had become slightly desperate and before it could go out of hand, I immediately made arrangement for 100 security men. Mallika is the lead actress of my film. Hence she is my responsibility and it was my duty to see that there is optimum safety as a producer. I hired a local agency for her protection."

Jain's repeated pleas to the people to keep their distance fell on deaf ears. The crowd just did not budge, refusing to keep their hands off Mallika.

"This practically brought the shooting to a standstill. Fans kept gheraoing Mallika and refused to leave her alone. No matter what we did, they refused to leave and tried to come closer for a glimpse of the actress," a unit member revealed.

After Pyaar Ke Side Effects this is Mallika's second film with Rahul Bose and both the actors got along famously as co-stars.

Bebo feels suffocated by Saif

Bollywood's ‘It' couple aren't feeling the love anymore.

According to a source close to Kareena Kapoor, the actress has started shooing away boyfriend Saif Ali Khan because he has become too possessive.

The source reveals that Saif calls Kareena numerous times during the day to check her schedule.

And recently when the duo were at a party and Bebo wanted to be with her girl-gang, Saif wouldn't let her.

It all got too much and Kareena asked Saif to either leave, or let her be, said the source. "Bebo is too much a free spirited girl. She could be in love, but would never like to give minute-tominute accounts of herself. His over attention has started suffocating her in the relationship."

"Between Kareena and Shahid, Kareena was more active and insecure. Shahid was always chilled out. Initially, Kareena was enjoying all this attention, but now, it has started getting unnerving.

I hate wearing bra: Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant’s sexiness kit would be devoid of a bra. Confused? Well, that’s our desi item bomb’s reply to Hollywood actress Carmen Electra’s concept of a sexiness kit.

Electra recently said that the best way to snare a man is to keep a ‘sexiness kit’ with you at all times. “Keep a sexiness kit in the car or in a drawer at work with the essentials in it — perfume, lip gloss, and a pair of heels because they’ll help you showcase your legs better.

Knowing you look hot also boosts your all-around confidence,” said the Baywatch babe.

Sawant completely agrees with Electra and says, “If I am wearing an evening gown, I’ll make sure I am not wearing a bra. I hate wearing it,” says the item girl who admits that she would, however, “wear a panty”.

“My lips are very pouty, my eyes are very sexy and my face is very glamorous.” She would besides keeping a bra at bay like to accentuate her assets with a nude lip gloss, mascara and eyebrow powder to make the eyebrows thicker and darker. The item girl also feels that a woman should always smell good. “Ladki main khusboo na ho, to mazaa nahi aayega.”

And her seduction tool is a D&G perfume.

The X-factor
While Sawant’s kit is loaded or rather unloaded with some ‘essentials’, actress Soha Ali Khan doesn’t need to lug around with one.

“My sexiness kit is always with me because it’s in my personality,” says the actress.

For Khan, sexiness primarily lies in one’s personality and then comes any other tangible item. “At the most, kajal comes handy. It helps sex up your look as they says eyes are the windows to your soul.”

Echoes actress and anchor Pooja Bedi, “Sexiness is inherent. You can beautify yourself with cosmetic surgeries, but that X-factor cannot be achieved with the help of tangible products.” Bedi’s votes go for a well groomed, clean and a happy person.

Model Sonalika Sahay moves beyond the kajal, lip gloss routine and calls for a kit that is rather huge. “A bright, flashy car would do the trick. Men are suckers for cars. They go for details like the wheels and the colour,” says Sahay and adds a red sedan works wonders.

“Besides the car, a watch is very feminine. Perhaps a Dior watch should be a must have in your kit,” she says.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Riya sen new wallpaper

Hot New comer Sonal Sehgal

I can't imagine saying shut-up to Shah Rukh: Karan Johar

You are now 36!
Do you have to remind me? Last year I remember telling you Loreal was helping me look younger. This year I cannot reveal the name of the product I'm using to look younger. I can't endorse a product

. It's about the money, you see… But there're lots of products going into keeping the illusion of eternal youth alive. What do I say to you about turning 36? I'm shattered. I can't believe I'm inching towards 40.

But life begins at 40, remember?
It's the biggest lie about age. Let me tell you, life does not begin at 40. It's an illusion created by those who can't accept they're going old. I accept I'm no longer a teeny-bopper. I'm older and hopefully wiser.

Well, you seem to be making all the right moves.
I'm making all the right noises. My endeavour right now is to expand my production house. The past one year has been a really busy time for me. I've been doing everything except directing a film. That's what I'm going to do now.

At heart I remain an excited child who's been given a toy called cinema.I'm awestruck with the place I've been given in the film industry. Even today when I meet a star I admire I still feel awestuck.

I'm still a starstruck child, though I try hard to hide it. Every time I sit across Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan I've to pinch myself.

You used to be a pompous child?
I wasn't pompous. I was snobbish. I was complexed about various things including my weight. It was a bad cover-up job. If today I'm so gregarious it's because I've overcome my complexes.

Today I'm very happy to interact with as many people as possible. I can't say my life is an open book. There're chapters that I don't want anyone to read.

Oh yes, let me tell you I've many secrets. I can't call them just skeletons. They're full bodies in my closet.

You continue to go all out for Shah Rukh. Recently you came back all the way from Miami to attend Shah Rukh's first IPL match. You even postponed your own film to accommodate Aditya Chopra's film with SRK.
Yes….But isn't that a given in any true friendship? These are things I do without thinking for people I love. And Shah Rukh is much more than a friend. He's my family, a father-figure.

When he walks into a room I stand up. I respect him.In fact I'm petrified of him. And he knows it. He's not my back-slapping buddy. His wife Gauri is my friend.

She's the one I say, 'Oh shut up' to. Even in my wildest dream I can't imagine saying shut-up to Shah Rukh.

So does he look after you like a parent?
Of course he does. Always. SRK & Yash (Chopra) Uncle are father-figures to me after my own father.

Would he do as much for you as you do for him?
I want to reach a place where I don't expect anything in return for what I do. I know my relationships are strong enough to never be disappoint me. But I don't like to have expectations. I haven't been so far.

Do you miss that one special person to share your bed with?
Last year when I spoke about this Farah Khan made fun of me. I'm lonely and single. But I'm looking for love. I've lots of romance in my heart. And I'm waiting for some of it to happen to me this year.

I've a whole encyclopaedia of romance imbibed from Yash Uncle's cinema waiting to erupt from my heart. Not that I want to run into green valleys and get wet in the rain.But I do look forward to the right person in my life. I know I'll find love very soon.

You sound so sure of yourself.
I am. I'll also make my best film ever this year. And …. buy a new sea-facing home and move into it with my mom. I'll have the most rocking decade anyone can dream of.

I'm going to make sure Dharma Productions is the best production house in the country. I've these cravings in my heart. And I'll make them happen.

Is your new film called My Name Is Khan or just Khan?
It's a toss-up between the two. The letter 'k' has been kind to me. I'm torn between superstition and pragmatism.

Okay, Kajol or Kareena for Khan?
You will have to watch this space. You'll be making the announcement anyway.

Is Khan about the Muslim identity and the isolation of the mainstream Muslim?
I'm just making the film I want to. I'm not doing it to be radically different. It's a film with love emotions and heart. I know it's unusual to my personality. But isn't it time I started getting out of the safe zone at 36?

So speaks the matured Karan Johar?
I don't know if it's maturity or just plain common sense. I just know when I was shooting an item song for my last film Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna I was so f…ing bored!

Both my choreographer Farah and I felt I had become mechanical. I needed a change. I just can't do it any longer. I'll continue to produce films that have such songs and dances in them. But I can't bring anything new to these elements any more.

So no more formula?
My Name Is Khan excites me. I'm excited by the fact that for the first time I'm directing a film that has characters and situations I don't know about. I'm excited by the research that I've do for this film. I'm nervous and anxious.

It challenges me. So much so that I think I'm the wrong man for the job. I told my writer Shibani Bhatija that I'm the wrong choice to direct this film. I'm not even in the 1-10 choices for the job.

So who do think should be directing My Name Is Khan?
Mani Ratnam. Or otherwise Rakeysh Mehra or Raju Hirani. Not me. But I'm hundred percent sure I can pull it off..

Are you also posing a new challenge for Shah Rukh in My Name Is Khan?
Who am I to pose new challenges to Shah Rukh? He challenges himself every day of the year.

All I can do is give him a role that my writer and I have worked on for almost two years. I'm grateful Shah Rukh is doing it. In My Name Is Khan I've a new zone of excitement to share with him.

Can you ever make a film without Shah Rukh Khan?
I wouldn't like to think about it. Of course it can happen. One can never predict about where life takes us. But right now I'm just happy to have him in every film I direct.

Why my clothes become more important than me: Aishwarya Rai

While the amazingly focused and sensible Aishawrya Rai understands the constant need for people to check out her clothes and accessories at important events, what she can't understand is why the clothes she wears at Cannes become more important than what she does at the annual event.

Exhausted and jet-lagged Mrs Rai-Bachchan laughs, "I don't even want to think about what people thought of my clothes earlier and what they think of it now.

To me how I conduct myself at Cannes and how people react to me is far more important than what I wear. Cannes has always been a marvellous and memorable experience. This time was no different. It's never about the wardrobe for me. I don't focus on that at all. "

She reminisces about each year she has attended the Cannes film festival since 2002. "That was the year of Devdas. That experience remains embedded in my mind.

It wasn't just about how much they liked me in a sari or walking the red carpet. It was more memorable for the standing ovation that we got after the screening of Devdas. What an ovation! It was a very special experience.

Next I was in Cannes as a jury member and that's where sections of the media formed their own jury and began to assess my dress. After that I was there to inaugurate the festival and thereafter each year as the brand ambassador for Loreal."

What made Aishwarya's visit to Cannes special this year was the fact that the entire Bachchan family was there.

"Also," she adds happily. "It was always flash- visits to Cannes. This time I was actually there for four days. Otherwise I've always been there in the middle of things. I spent two full days with the family.

We're all so happy when we're together In an interview there I was asked if our visit to Cannes was a delayed anniversary celebration. I was like….noooooo!"

And then the entertainment. " I caught three and a half movies including the opening movie Blindness and the new Indiana Jones film.

And I could only catch the latter half of Kung Fu Panda because I had to do some press interviews during the second half. I've to catch the rest of the film it was so entertaining.

And I also saw the new Woody Allen film Vicky Christina Barcelona. And yes I met Woody Allen. He's wonderful."

Speaking on her stunning sartorial grace on the red carpet Aishwarya says, "I guess I had more time to prepare." She smiles at the memory of bonding with Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives. "We bonded so well at Cannes, no one would believe we had just met.

Actually Eva, Rachida Brakni (who did the original French version of Chaos which I was supposed to do and who's now been taken on as Loreal's brand ambassador) …all of us have got married recently. So all three of us had something in common."

Another memorable moment at Cannes. "That wonderful French actor Jean Reno came up to me and said he had heard good things about my film Pink Panther.

These legendary actors are so hassle-free. They don't think twice about approaching you with a smile and kind words. That stays with you. So much less taxing than making an effort to avoid people."

Saif and Kareena relationship is worsening day by day?

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s relationship is worsening day by day. Their romance may have run its race with Kareena finding Saif's unceasing attention oppressive rather that thrilling.

According to our source, insecure Saif keeps calling Kareena on her mobile to keep tab on her and recently while the two were in a party Saif even didn’t let Kareena chat with her female friends.

This disturbed Kareena so much that she asked Saif to leave the party saying that his attention suffocated her.

Well, it’s really hard to understand this pretty lady since she had gone through a similar kind of problem in her past relationship with Shahid Kapoor. Over there, Kareena was the insecure one while Shahid was a chilled out guy.

We would have to wait and see how this relationship shapes up in the coming future. Meanwhile looking at their past we all know that both Saif and Kareena carry a baggage of failed relationships.

Monday, May 26, 2008

First look-Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na-Stills

First Look-Mukhbiir

First Look: Preity hots up Vogue

Bipasha bonds with Ranbir and Neil

Bipasha Basu has bonded very well with her young co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh .

After a successful pairing with Saif Ali Khan in Race , Bipasha has paired with two newcomers of last year in her upcoming films. She has already shot with Ranbir Kapoor in Italy for Yashraj Films Bachna Ae Haseeno .

Bipasha says she bonded with the young Kapoor scion very well.

“Ranbir is a super-cute and we got along like house on fire,” the sultry actress is quoted as saying in a media report. Bips added that she had a ball working with Ranbir and Siddharth Anand (director) in Italy.

After the Italy schedule, Bipasha flew to Miami to be with her beau John Abraham for a few days before heading to Bangkok to shoot Freeze with Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Bipasha says bonding with Neil is special because he is also a Capricorn like her.

“As for Neil, we’re both Capricorns, and like me, Neil is extremely organized,” Bipasha is quoted as saying.

In ‘Freeze’, Bipasha plays a DJ while Neil plays a photographer.

Bipasha said she has known two Capricornians – Uday Chopra and Hrithik Roshan – and she bonded with both of them.

Bipasha is expected back in Mumbai by mid June when John’s film Aashayein is set to premiere.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ayesha's new look is result of a surgery?

Ayesha knows how to hit headlines again and again to keep her name alive for audience and if it’s not with her portrayal of a character, with juicy gossips like her reducing body weight or stepping towards hotel industry or her endeavour to jump into a wedding with her boyfriend Farhaan.

Sometimes she comes prominent in news by denying some previous statement, too.

Now, all are well aware of complete foodie shade of Ayesha’s character. And in that scenario it’s very usual to put some extra kilos. But what should we do about people going crazy even with that news!

Having no other way, poor Ayesha joins gym and starts taking instruction from her fitness expert mother. Though the aftermath of the process does not leave any amazing impact, people are not ready to let it go easily.

Yeah, it’s absolutely true! Working hard and sweating a lot Ayesha shapes herself back but crazy people are always the same doubting. This time, our crazy people tags Ayesha’s fresh look as a miracle of science and a result of surgery. Poor Ayesha baby!

So, Ayesha has nothing to do than to face everyone and tell them about how she went through the ‘true’ process of weight loss. But, does she actually need it?

Especially if she has really done so, then what’s the need to tell others! Does it not add little fuel to the doubt itself? Well, leave it. It’s all about people and Ayesha baby only. Why to go for a time-pass with such a mundane story?

Once the weight is lost, is lost forever. But we can suggest Ayesha one thing. Go ahead and put some weight again. Find a way to shed it in front of our crazy people. Only then people may believe it your hard sweating. We guess!

Boyfriend arrested for slapping Sonal

Sonal Chauhan, who debuted in recently released 'Jannat', was allegedly slapped by her boyfriend Sahil Zaroo at the city airport.

According to onlookers, Sahil and Sonal met at the Santa Cruz domestic airport. While Sonal was collecting her boarding pass for a Hyderabad flight, Sahil got into an argument with her and slapped her. Sonal's father was present there when the incident occurred.

The CISF personnel handed Sahil over to Santa Cruz airport police.

"Sahil snatched her mobile and tried to embrace her while she resisted. So we slapped theft and molestation charges against him," said senior police inspector S M Ghuge.

Surprisingly, Chauhan registered a complaint in the name of Sonal Raghuraj Singh, 21. In her complaint, she said that she was a student.

The Andheri magistrate court on Wednesday remanded Sahil Zaroo, who was arrested by Delhi Police two years ago for allegedly supplying cocaine to Rahul Mahajan, to two days police custody for slapping Sonal on Tuesday at the domestic airport.

The police have also accused him of molesting her and stealing her mobile besides trespassing into the airport premises.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bollywood female actors are in Danger in big bad world

I will definitely marry Farhan - Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia has been in the news of late for more reasons than one — her alleged liposuction procedure to get into shape, for setting up a boutique hotel in Goa with boyfriend Farhan Azmi, and also her impending marriage to him later in the year.

The pretty actress, who has finally shed all those extra kilos she had piled on, is now looking svelte and sexy.

Refuting all the rumours about her liposuction rumours Ayesha says, “There has been a lot of talk about my liposuction of late. I just decided to hit the gym and lose all the excess weight I had put on and I even set up a gym in my house. I am taking great care of what I eat and I really don’t know where all these liposuction rumours came from!” she says.

So when does she plan to get married to Farhan? “We have been in love for two years now and I have never denied that. But there’s time for our marriage and I will most definitely be getting married to him! Though it’s not anytime soon. We are just planning to set up our hotel and hopefully it will be ready by next season. I will let everybody know when I am getting married. I am busy with my business plans,” she adds.

Ayesha’s last few films have not done so well at the box office. “Yes, they have not but I am looking ahead to great films this year. I am being selective about the films I am doing now. There is E. Niwas’ De Taali, Ahmed Khan’s Paathshala, Nagesh Kukunoor’s Tasveer and Boney Kapoor’s Wanted. De Taali is all set to release. I loved the tagline of the film which says “Fall in love with friends”. It’s a lovely film on friendship. The chemistry between all of us actors is great too. Also I am working with my favorite actor Ritesh, who is a pretty crazy character in the film. We were a young bunch of people on the sets and we had great fun together,” smiles Ayesha.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Video: John Abrahim’s Aashayein Trailer

Amitabh Bachchan Being Paid 115 Crores for Blogging?

We all know blogging can be lucrative however who knew that Amitabh Bachchan might actually be one of the highest paid bloggers out there! Confused?

According to Mid Day, Big B has been paid a whopping Rs 115 cr for writing posts on Ambani-owned So is that the reason, the usually non-confrontal Bachchan is taking pot shots at some of his colleagues?

The mind truly boggles!

Preity zinta and Ness Wadia break up?

Bombay dying head Ness Wadia and bubbly actress Preity’s is a beautiful, ravishing and eye-catching couple. They caught the attention of all at the IPL bidding and were spotted hand in hand whenever their Mohali team owned by Ness plays. During the performance of their team, they sat together; fed each other and hugged one another. But the latest gossip doing the rounds is that they both dumped each other.

The story goes that Preity was traveling with Ness and in mid-way; she stopped him, stepped out of the car and walked alone in the scorching heat of the Chandigarh street. Finding her loitering on the street, a person associated with the cricket league gave her a lift. This incident made one to draw the conclusion that all’s not well in their life.

Moreover, Preity is also not Ness’s mother Maureen Wadia’s choice. She does not want Preity to become the bride of her son. Preity is emotionally attached to a particular member of the Mohali team and this is also considered to be another reason of their brewing differences.

Courtesy :

Katrina kaif again slapped by Salman khan

Salman Khan who made news for physically assaulting Katrina Kaif at Bandstand Barrista, a coffee shop in Bandra, couple of months back has again hit the gossip column for slapping Katrina second time during the shooting of Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraj.

Reportedly, he was not happy with Katrina’s cozy picture with Akshay Kumar at the IPL match and questioned her for a long time inside his vanity van. According to a reliable source, the couple had been locked inside Salman’s van for three long hours and heard screaming at her from inside the van. While Katrina tried to explain him something, Salman kept on abusing her continuously.

Only, Salman’s voice of screaming and abusing Katrina was audible and nothing arrogant reply from Katrina could be heard. She kept mum, bearing all the inhuman activities of Sallu. When Katrina came out from the van, her eyes were seen moist. Looking at her, one could easily make out that she was crying. On being asked, Katrina as usual remained tightlipped on the incident and cursed media for making false stories out of their peaceful romantic life.

Download Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Songs Hindi 2008 | 320 Kbps CD Rips

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Director: Abbas Tyrewala
Music: A. R. Rahman.
:: Track Listings ::. 1. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi (3:41)
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Shammi Kapoor to launch music of Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na

Aamir Khan is leaving no stone unturned to give nephew Imran Khan the perfect launch in his debut film Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na. The film's promos have already created some excitement and people are now eagerly looking forward to the music release.

But instead of going the conventional way and having a grand music launch, Aamir is planning to make it a more intimate affair. The actor would be officially releasing the film's music by going to legendary actor Shammi Kapoor's house on May 20 and seeking his blessings.

Apart from being an old family friend (Shammi Kapoor having worked in Nasir Hussain classics like Teesri Manzil and Tumsa Nahin Dekha), Aamir considers Shammiji as his lucky mascot and has been seeking his blessings right from his debut film.

Even recently for his maiden directorial venture, Taare Zameen Par, Aamir had gone to seek Shammiji's blessings with the first copy of the music CD.

Talking about his love and respect for Shammi Kapoor saab, Aamir says, "Shammiji's blessings are important. He has been a guiding force since a long time and has been very close to our family. It's kind of a ritual for us to go and present him the first copy of the music. This time it's Imran's launch and it's all the more important"

Well, hope Shammi-ji's magic works wonders for Imran too.

The secret behind Vidya Balan-Madhavan's incredible chemistry

Now it can be told. The reason Maddy and Vidya look so much in love is Maddy's 2-year old son Vedant. The child bonded so beautifully with Vidya on the sets of Guru that she became a part of Madhavan and his wife Sarita's inner circle.

All said and done, it's just an ad. But the chemistry that Vidya Balan and Madhavan share in the ad for a mobile company has spurred movie makers to plan at least a couple of movies with them together.

In fact, the cell phone company has now decided to put out a series of ads featuring Madhavan and Vidya as a couple connecting emotionally on the phone. Madhavan has been running in and out of Mumbai to complete these ads.

Says the busy Southern star, "Initially, I was only the brand ambassador for Airtel's southern market. But now they've signed me on for the whole country. And we've shot a series of ads with Vidya and me. For the last one week I've been running in and out Mumbai and Chennai. During the day-time I'm in Chennai shooting for a Tamil film. Then I take a night flight to Mumbai to dub for the ads."

Curiously Maddy and Vidya have hardly shot together for these ads about love and togetherness. "We've just done one shot together. The rest has been shot with the two of us separately. It's strange; people have noticed so much chemistry between us when we aren't even together in the ad. My wife Sarita loves the ad. She thinks Vidya is better than me in the ad. But then she's my harshest critic. All three of us Sarita, Vedant and I adore Vidya."

Vidya has done ads prior to her acting career. This is her first ad post-stardom. She thoroughly enjoyed doing this new yet old experience. "Years ago, I was supposed to do Tamil film with Maddy. Then we were also supposed to do a Deepa Mehta film together. I think Maddy and I were destined to special things in limited space. Both of us had cameos in Mani Ratnam's Guru. People still talk about our romantic scene in the rain (including a kiss). Now the Airtel ads. It's unbelievable how much chemistry people have seen between us in those few seconds. I always say it's the moments that make a romance. "

Lara Dutta turns into a Bhojpuri actress?

We were woken up from our Monday afternoon siesta when we saw this picture of Lara Dutta performing at an event over the weekend.

In fact it took us two minutes and more than some vigorous rubbing of our eyes to know that this is indeed the same beauty who sizzled on screen in item numbers like 'Aisa Jadoo Daala Re' and 'Zinda Hoon Main'. A closer look at her and you will realize that her make-up artist has surely not yet received his much-promised raise. And let's not get started on the wig… what was her hair stylist thinking?!!!

That's not all. What's with the outrageous costume darling? The complete mis-match makes her look like a B-grade Bhojpuri actress. May be Lara wanted to be at her comical best while performing at this Comedy Honors night. If that's the real reason, we are certainly having a good laugh.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

‘Veer’: love story with war background

Vijay Galani Moviez's VEER is all set to roll in the first week of August. It is a period film, a love story with war background, set in 1900. Salman Khan plays the lead role, while a new girl will star opposite him. The hunt is still on for a new face.

The film also features Mithun Chakraborty in a key role. A number of British actors have already been signed to play important characters. Producer: Vijay Galani. Director: Anil Sharma. Writer: Salman Khan.

Priyanka's red-haired look is an inspiration by Rowena Baweja

The Talent runs in Baweja household, literally. Not many know, Priyanka Chopra's new red-haired look in Harry Baweja's Love Story 2050 was inspired by the portrait of a woman painted by none other than Baweja daughter Rowena. Ironically, she did the sketch two years ago after sitting in on the numerous brainstorming sessions for the storyboards.

Says Rowena, "The film being my brother's debut, played on my mind and I sketched a portrait of a woman based on what I heard from the script. And after we shot Love Story 2050, the film's characterization turned out to be quite similar in terms of the woman of 2008 and tomorrow's woman."

The painting occupies a place in Harman's bedroom.

First look: Haal-e-dil

On the sets of Rab ne bana di jodi

Thirteen years after Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge took the country by storm, and eight years after Mohabbatein, Aditya Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan have come together for their new film, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

And it was evident that SRK was approaching this new role with his old comrade with as much passion as ever on the first day of shooting on May 16.

"Starting the first day of shooting still gives me goose bumps," Shah Rukh said. "And to make films with Yash Raj, that too when Adi is directing, is an experience that is more than 100 percent exciting. Yash Raj Films is, and will always be, home for me and who doesn't love coming home? Yashji and Adi have always given me roles that have gotten me love and appreciation from fans all over the world. And this time Adi has again written a character for me to play that I think will become as beloved as Raj of DDLJ was."

The film stars newcomer Anushka Sharma, who was eagerly looking forward to this day -- the first day of shooting. Yash Chopra was also present on the sets.

The Great Khali at the audio release of Venus Films' Khusti

I was never offered Adi's film : Sonam Kapoor

It was rumoured that Sonam Kapoor was going to play the female lead opposite Shah Rukh Khan in director Aditya Chopra's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, but the young actress says she was never offered the role.

In fact, she feels much relieved that Aditya Chopra has finalised Anushka Sharma for the female lead for his third directorial venture.

"Since the film was announced, speculation started about me being in the project. But I was never offered the film! I don't know where this whole thing started, honestly," Sonam, who debuted with Saawariya, told IANS.

"I did visit Adi a couple of times like any other actor, but not for any particular role. Maybe people saw me entering Yash Raj. Nowadays, even if an actress passes by Yash Raj she's rumoured to have signed a film with them."

But Anushka resembles Sonam.

"Does she? Is that a compliment to me or to her? I know it required someone very Punjabi and young. I've just played a full-on Punjabi girl in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Dilli 6. Even in Saawariya, I was in full elaborate Indian clothes. Now I need a change of pace and grace."

Maybe a hot sizzling chic-and-trendy babe?

"Yeah, maybe. I'm not signing anything in a hurry. I've all the time in the world and the best advisor any actress in Bollywood could have. My dad (Anil Kapoor)."

Wouldn't Anurag Basu's Kites with Hrithik Roshan with its sizzling international-looking heroine's character have been the right vehicle to change Sonam's demure desi image from her first two films?

Apparently, Sonam was offered the role that Latin actress Barbara Moriis is now doing. But she baulked at the amount of skin show it required.

Sonam is tight-lipped about Kites. "All I'll say is I'd never do anything to compromise myself or my family, or any film where I've to cringe at the premiere

Kareena and Shahid back with " Milenge Milenge"

I’m not Salman’s girl

Brazilian beauty Bruna Abdullah has, for the first time, spoken up about hotly circulating stories that she is the new woman in Salman Khan’s life.

“Back in Mumbai there are strong rumours about me and Salman Khan. But this is the most ridiculous piece of news,” said the model and VJ in a telephone interview from Brazil.

“He’s a chocolate boy. He might be a Greek god, but I am not Salman Khan’s girlfriend,” she giggles. Bruna said she was grateful for the interest that Salman had taken in her career but that was as far as their relationship went. She said he was visibly devoted to Katrina Kaif and that Katrina had in fact been with him on one of the only two occasions that she had met the actor.

The first meeting was for work and the second, she says, was just a social meeting. “I had gone to meet Salman, and later we were joined by Katrina.”

“They are an extremely lovely couple... Katrina is the one who calls the shots.” Industry insiders say Salman has been aggressively promoting Bruna and praising her continuously. “I love Bollywood, and what could be better than to have a mentor in none other than Salman Khan,” she said.

Bruna says her phone hasn’t stopped ringing about the alleged affair. “It seems the entire India wants to talk to me,” she says in her first interview on the matter.

“But I have a very loving boyfriend and we have been in a relationship for the past two years.” Her boyfriend, restaurateur Sunny, owns two restro-lounges in

Mumbai. About the rumours affecting her relationship, she said, “We are too much in love to be bothered by it.” Bruna is now set to move into Bollywood.

“Main Hindi seekh rahi hoon [I am learning Hindi],” she says. And she has an unusual “Hindi guru” to help her — Katrina Kaif. “She is so sweet. Both Katrina and Salman have been helping me with the Hindi language,” she says.

But she’s clear she won’t sign any movies without some expert advice. “Before I sign on the dotted line for any movie, I will consult with Salman.”

Salman’s girls
Mehek: The Nayee Padosan actress caught Salman’s eye on tour recently. She’s now in the Salman starrer, Wanted Dead or Alive and his home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

Somy Ali Khan: Salman’s first imported interest. Born in Dubai and brought up in Pakistan, she shared a cosy relationship with him in the early 90s.

Mamta Kulkarni: The bold actress, starred opposite Salman in Karan ArjunArjun, after which they shared a steamy, if short-lived relationship.

"Jannat will be Emraan's Naam" - Mahesh Bhatt

A strange thing is happening to Mahesh Bhatt. After spending years extracting creative juices from real- life all his life, now when the cricket fever has touched an all-time high, thanks to the IPL, producer Mahesh Bhatt plays down the cricketing karma of his new film Jannat.

"The cricketing world is only the wallpaper in Jannat. The cricketing field is the space in which the tale of this risk addict, played by Emraan Hashmi, unfolds. He is a typical product of the 21st century who goes into shopping malls to look for new things to buy everyday. Emraan plays the kind of person for whom the end is more important than the means. He then meets this girl who changes his life. When personal gratification becomes more important than the larger concern, then society is doomed. Emraan plays a character who needs to restrain himself from the acquisitive tendency," opines the man whose cinema has constantly walked the tightrope depicting the worlds of idealism and corruption.

Mahesh admits Jannat goes into match-fixing. "But like I said, it's reflective of the times we live in. It holds a mirror to the conscience of today's youth who believe gratification is the bottomline of existence."

He hesitates in connecting Jannat with present-day happenings in the cricketing world. "Incidents like Bob Woolmer's suspicious death were at the back of my writers' heads. But to say that Jannat replays incidents from the cricketing world like the Woolmer one would be absurd. It's just a grotesque coincidence that the actor who plays Woolmer was a close buddy of the dead man."

Mahesh would rather focus on the larger moral question that his cinema raises. "Cricketers are as human as anyone else liable to be seduced by the goodies of the world. The film points out that there's huge money in cricket. It's a money-making industry. Everybody exploits this deity called cricket. So does my hero Emraan."

He saves a special word of praise for his leading man. "I think Jannat is Emraan's coming-of-age movie. It'd do for Emraan what my Naam did for Sanjay Dutt. He is a vulnerable abominable risk-taker who falls in love with a woman who has a value-system totally contrary to his."

Emraan Hashmi's T-shirt pulls eyeballs

Emraan Hashmi starrer Jannat opens across cinemas today and while its common practice to celebrate the success of a film post release, trust the Bhatts to do something completely different. Apparently, the makers had a pre-release bash for the cast and crew of the film yesterday night (May 15). What's more, the celebrations continued late into the night as the Jannat team brought in debutante actress Sonal Chauhan's birthday.

Amidst this entire fun and frolic one person who was completely in his element was Emraan Hashmi. Dressed in a cool white T-shirt, Emmy looked chilled out but what caught our attention was the rather funky slogan on it which read 'I.F.L. - Indian Fixed League- starts May 16th'…. Hmm….quite funky we say. Since the film revolves around match- fixing, the makers seem to have decided to cash in on the IPL popularity to promote the film.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aamir's appalling display of blogging meanness has SRK smiling

The battle of the Blogs has just intensified; what with the Taare Zameen Par self-crowned genius and the universally acknowledged clutter-breaker, Aamir Khan proclaiming that he has a dog named Shah Rukh Khan.

The shocking display of insolent humor has sent shock waves in the otherwise-insulated and unconcerned film industry. Says a very popular character-actor who has worked with both the actors, "I guess the freedom provided by a blog tends to loosen tongues. Amitji has never been known to be as undiplomatic as he's on his blog. Aamir must have thought it's time to increase the odds, what if Amitji's blog gets more eyeballs! Also, his nephew's film is around the corner. During the release of Taare Zameen Par, Aamir created a controversy by taking on Amitji and Black. Now for the nephew it's Shah Rukh being called a dog. All I can say is life's a bitch."

Shah Rukh remains characteristically unfazed and humorous in the face of his colleague's uncharitable and tasteless remarks. When this writer expressed shock and indignation at Aamir's remarks, SRK responded, "Earlier on, people used to name their children after famous people. Somebody naming a dog after a known person is a new beginning in that direction. I don't have a copyright over this name if used non-commercially." But a close friend of SRK on promise of anonymity reacted far more aggressively. "Aamir's megalomania has been brewing for a while. Earlier he declared himself No.1 as compared with SRK who took it smilingly. Now Aamir is down to street-level provocation. You know those neighbors who try to get your attention by breaking your windows, letting their dogs crap on your lawn or just dirtying your car. It's best for Shah Rukh to ignore these efforts to get his attention."

"IPL has been a learning experience" - Preity Zinta

Preity left for the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday morning at a time when she's neck-deep in IPL affairs. “Can't help it, yaar," she phoned and groaned groggily from Frankfurt airport. "It's been two years now that I've been the brand ambassador for Chopard and it requires me to be at Cannes every year, come what May… pun intended."

Understandably, she's exhausted. "But I'm also exhilarated," she's quick to add. "IPL has been a learning experience," remarked Preity.

IPL has evoked mixed response from the audience. In fact some people believe IPL to be confusing cricket. "Not at all," denies Preity vehemently. "Considering the fact that players of different age groups and varied nationalities are interacting on one platform, it's quite an eye-opener. Also, it's only here that the younger players get the golden opportunity to learn the ropes from senior and international players."

Ask about team player Bret Lee singing for Preity and she makes a disgusted noise. "This isn't even worth talking about. The man is married and has a kid. Besides, Bret sings for everyone on the team. He's always fooling around, singing and always up to some masti. All cricketers make an effort to keep the team spirit going. So there's nothing great about it."

Talking about team spirit, it is not a hidden fact that Preity has taken to her IPL town, Mohali in a big way. "People there are so warm and friendly that Ness and I have begun to care for the town," Preity justifies. "While other IPL team owners have got developed cities, we're the only ones who were given an upcoming town. We're proud to be part of that growth. Mohali is an air-force base so only army planes land there. However, thanks to IPL, there's already a talk of an international airport and several luxury hotels in the offing."

Preity has several events lined up in Cannes, but no movies. "I would have liked to bring my film Har Pal here, but it isn't ready as yet. If Rituparno Ghosh’s The Last Lear is screened, I'll go for it. But Chopard events are sure to keep me on my toes for the next three days. I've a red carpet event, a dinner, followed by a picnic. I will return to Mumbai on May 17 and immediately head for my IPL commitments."

Preity is also excited about accompanying the Bachchans in The Unforgettable Tour. "The Bachchans are my buddies. I'm joining them on their world tour in July and am really looking forward to it. I've been on a world tour with them earlier and had a ball. So I'm looking forward to this one as well," she concludes

Kareena replaces Kajol in "My Name is Khan"

Kareena Kapoor is the new Czarina of Bollywood. With Rani, Preity, Aishwarya and Priyanka doing selective films, or no films at all, Kareena’s become the hot favourite amongst filmmakers. And the Czarina's on a roll, bagging films and collecting awards at the same time.

Apparently, the latest in her kitty is Ajay Devgan’s second directorial venture which he’s going to announce very soon. The actor-turned-director whose U, Me aur Hum with wife Kajol generated a mixed response from the audience, is reportedly all set to direct another film and this time, he has opted for Kareena instead of Kajol.
“Ajay and Kareena’s jodi was a hit in Omkara. Distributors want to cash in on their chemistry. Ajay, too, wants to recreate that magic with his second directorial venture,” says an insider.

The two are also starring in Golmaal Returns. And that’s not all. If the industry is abuzz with Bebo doing Ajay’s film, then there’s yet another story that’s creating ripples. It’s rumoured that Kareena has stepped into Kajol’s shoes yet again. “She is being considered for Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited film, My Name is Khan,” says the source. Industrywallahs say that it won’t be long before the Bollywood Badshah makes the announcement himself.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moral Police goes skirt-chasing with Mallika, Bollywood reacts

Shilpa Shetty: "I'm just happy that the obscenity case against my dress in Tamil Nadu is quashed. I won.”

Malaika Arora: "I think Mallika has become a favourite punching-bag in the press. Leave the girl alone. It's ridiculous. Maybe the moral police in the South should take a closer look at their own films for obscenity.”

Rahul Khanna: "I feel quite sad for the moral police. Perhaps they're jealous of Mallika's legs. They seem to have a lot of free time on hand? Why not use it for issues more important than length of skirts?”

Hema Malini: "I was there in Chennai. Mallika's dress was looking good. She too was looking very good. But perhaps the dress was a little too short for the occasion. Who knows!”

Sonu Sood : "Some people have all the time in the world to measure dress lengths. Good for them. At least moral policing keeps some people busy. At the same time, I feel some celebrities dress a certain way to attract attention and create controversies. Ignore them. It will avoid unnecessary publicity.

Rohit Roy: "What can one say…I'd love to know what the moral police was doing looking at Ms Sherawat's crossed legs? Maybe waiting for them to uncross???”

Amrita Arora: "It's ridiculous. What's wrong with wearing a short skirt? And why only target Mallika for it? Girls in colleges and work places across the country are wearing them. Go get all of them, you moral cops! By the way there're much more serious things to be done in our country than 'skirt-chasing'.”

Niharika Singh: "I think this is complete hypocrisy. Films down south have a lot more skin show. There's no need to make a mountain out of a molehill.”

Sophie Chodhry: "I think the reaction to Mallika's skirt is ridiculous. According to me the outfit is definitely not vulgar or offensive. Surely there're a hundred other issues in our country to get upset about. Leave Mallika and her clothes alone.”

Dia Mirza: "I think they've no right to comment on Mallika. I think they should instead give attention to the sleaze content in some of their films. Stop pointing fingers at someone just because you've nothing better to do.”

Lilette Dubey: "Who's this self-appointed brigade? And what are they afraid of? Influencing the youth of this country? A generation that's now exposed to cinema, fashion and images from around the world right there in their homes? It's up to the individual to decide what she wears and if she can handle the public gaze then it's her prerogative to dress the way she wants.”

Priyanka (Nisha) Kothari: "I think the moral police are more publicity crazy than any other section of our society.”

Samir Soni: "I believe what is moral or immoral is an extremely personal decision. No group of people has the right to force their value system on us unless an individual's action inconveniences others or obstructs someone's fundamental rights.”

Aryan Vaid: What can one say? This isn't really about protection of any morals but the narrow political interests of a group of people. The laws of the land seem to apply in different measures to different sections of people. There was nothing wrong with Mallika's outfit. But there's a long wrong with these moral terrorist outfits."

Gul Panag: "Why should it be anyone's business what someone wears or doesn't wear? The moral police should close down Khajuraho or dress up the sculpture in 'suitable' clothes before attacking anyone.”

Sandhya Mridul: "With due respect the actresses down South wear clothes that seem pretty suggestive and sexy. So what's their problem? The moral police all over the country should keep tabs on real moral issues rather than the clothes actress' wear. Incidentally, why are only actresses pulled up for extra-censoring? Why not the males who nowadays pose in less than women?"

Pooja Bedi: "I think the more importance the media gives such people the more such cases we'll see. The quickest route to fame is to sue celebrities. Morality is so subjective. Do these moralists want to take us back to the days of the purdah? And should their standards of morality be applicable to society? Was there a dress code at the music event? If not how could they expect a girl with a glamorous sexy image to land up in a salwar-kameez?

Nandana Sen: “It's absurd! Mallika is beautiful and has a style of her own .How can anyone have the right to say that style is wrong? Should we all start wearing uniforms now to make everyone happy? Clothes are one of the ways in which a person expresses her or his individuality. Dictating what another individual wears is as ridiculous as a third party forbidding you, a writer, from choosing certain topics. Or me, an actor, from taking on certain roles. And if I decide to do what I choose, should my nose and ear be cut as happened today? What's the issue with Mallika's clothes? If the concern is protecting women's dignity, why don't we create a safe and protective environment so that little girls aren't thrown into fires for stepping beyond boundaries that should never have been set up?

Exclusive first look: Mission istanbul

Karan Johar and Rani Mukherjee on a special episode of 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai'

People are calling me Aamir’s blue-eyed gal:

It is often said that slow and steady wins the race. No one knows this better than Genelia D’Souza. The actor has been around in Bollywood for nearly five years.

But with just two films — Masti and Tujhe Meri Kasam — to her credit, she had failed to make her presence felt in the glamour world. But not anymore! Now she has been chosen by Aamir Khan to play the lead in his forthcoming home production Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. This chrysalis, who gave a number of hits down South, is now ready to spread her wings and is hoping to create a flutter in tinseltown. The actor, who apart from her fresh looks is armed with loads of chutzpah, tells CT about her career moves, her fitness mantra and her friendship with Ritiesh Deshmukh.

All set to go
The actor is gung ho about bagging Aamir Khan’s film. But she chooses to remain tightlipped about it and merely says, “People are calling me Aamir’s blue-eyed gal. I’m enjoying all the attention. But at this stage, I wouldn’t like to talk much about it.” And how was it working with Akshaye Khanna and Paresh Rawal in Priyadarshan’s comic caper Mere Baap Pehle Aap, which is to be released shortly? “Akshaye is quite chivalrous while Paresh is a real sweetheart. Sometimes when I could not get my dialogues right, both of them would be patient and rehearse the lines along with me.”

Experimenting with genres
Not many know that this young lady has played football at national level. “I love sports. Watching a game on TV
rejuvenates me after a hectic day. Wh en I am not sh ooting, I am glued to a spo rts channel,” she says. So how did acting happen to this sportswoman? She laughs heartily before replying, “In college I got a photo shoot done and gave it to some advertising agencies and production houses. I started getting calls and that’s how I got my first advertising assignment with none other than Amitabh Bachchan.”

Of skimpy clothes
In all her previous films, Genelia was seen clad from head to toe in prim clothes. Ask her whether it was a deliberate move and she replies, “Yes. I want to do films that families can enjoy. It’s not that I will not wear short skirts or do kissing scenes, but the fine line between vulgarity and being glamorous must not be breached.”

Genetically blessed
Genelia is a diehard foodie and she doesn’t have to work out to maintain her svelte figure. Revealing her fitness mantra, she says, “I am genetically blessed. I do go for light jogs or walks occasionally. I am very lazy and hate to work out and I don’t like wearing makeup either. There have been times when I have attended weddings just wearing lipstick, kajal and some junk jewellery.”

What’s brewing?
She was once linked with her co-star Ritiesh Deshmukh. The rumours eventually died. But recently Ritiesh paid her a surprise visit on the sets and both spent some happy moments together. This started the rumours afresh. Ask her to comment on this and she says sagely, “Ritiesh and I are great pals even today. I never reacted to such talk earlier and will not do so even now.”

Gulshan, the bad man & Urmila the bitch

In Bhushan Kumar’s Karzzz, Bad Man, Gulshan Grover plays Sir Juda (a role originally played by Prem Nath).

More than the film, it’s Gulshan’s specially created steel hand made at the cost of a whopping Rs 25 lakhs which has become the talk of the town.

And guess what? Sexy Urmila Matondkar plays a bitch in the film. Recently, when GG and Urmila were shooting together and after Urmila gave a very impressive shot GG complimented her and said “I must say, you play an arrogant woman very well.” Urmila was more than vocal.

“Stop being polite, I know what you mean is a bitch. No, this is the first time that I’m playing a bitch. Thanks GG for calling me a bitch.” Talk of bad and the bitch.

Aishwarya rai at 61st Cannes Films Festival

Deepika denies breakup news

Deepika Padukone has denied rumours of a break-up with actor Ranbir Kapoor. She said they were still very much an item, and were currently "happy" with the relationship.

"Yes I have a boyfriend and we are happy," she said during a visit to Dubai as the brand ambassador of a real estate company.

Asked about her love life, the 22-year-old actor who has earlier been linked to Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, said as a public figure you had to learn to deal with rumours.

"There is always a lot of speculation but that is something you have to deal with. We are together and I refer to him as my boyfriend," she was quoted as saying.

Padukone, who made a hugely successful Bollywood debut with director Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om opposite Shah Rukh Khan in 2007, is currently working on Nikhil Advani's Chandni Chowk to China, also starring Akshay Kumar.

No skin-show, not even for Hrithik!

Sonam Kapoor feels much relieved and happy that Aditya Chopra has finally found a girl opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Rab De Bana Di Jodi.

"Since the film was announced speculation started about me being in the project. Arrey baba, I was never offered the film! I don't know where this whole thing started, honestly. I did visit Adi a couple of times like any other actor.

But not for any particular role. Maybe people saw me entering Yashraj. Nowadays even if an actress passes by Yashraj she's rumoured to have signed a film with them."

But the girl Anushka Sharma who has been signed opposite SRK in Adi's film does resemble Sonam.

"Does she? Hmmmmm ….Is that a compliment to me or to her? I had never even approached Adi for this role and I had a reason for it.I know it required someone very Punjabi and young.

I've just played a full-on Punjabi kudi, salwar-kameez sharara-gharara and all, in Rakeysh Mehra's Dilli 6. Even in Saawariya I was in full elaborate Indian clothes. Now I need change of pace..and grace."

Maybe a hot sizzling chic-and-trendy babe? "Yeah maybe. I'm not signing anything in a hurry.I've all the time in the world and the best advisor any actress in Bollywood could have. My dad"

Wouldn't Anurag Basu's Kites with Hrithik Roshan with its sizzling international-looking heroine's character have been the right vehicle to change Sonam's demure desi image from her first two films?

Apparently Sonam was offered the role Barbara Mori is now doing. But she baulked at the amount of glamour (read: skin-show) it required.

Sonam is tight-zipped about the Rakesh Roshan project. "All I'll say is, I'd never do anything to compromise myself or my family, or any film where I've to cringe at the premiere."

Shahrukh Khan invites Rani and Karan Johar on Panchvi Pass

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sizzling Soha Ali Khan shows off her Sexy side

Show skin, create row & get famous!

Miss India 2004, Tanushree Dutta, surely made a rollicking start in Bollywood with films like Chocolate and Aasique Banaya Apne.

The dusky girl made it clear with her first film itself that she is going to give tough competitions to Bolly-gals like Mallaika Sherawat, Riya Sen, Mallaika Arora et al who are known for their bindaas exposure.

The model-turned actress has surely made a name for herself in the short career of hers.

But the charming girl doesn’t look satisfied with her career growth and hopes to act in better films in the future. “I want to work with big banners and settle down properly in Bollywood by doing some good films,” nags Tanushree.

Now, it’s really an insult that someone is a part of Bollywood and is not honoured with any controversy. Recently, the young actress was all over the news after she blamed senior actor Nana Patekar of getting too close to her comfort while shooting for an item number in Horn Ok Pleassss.

But as it always happens in Bollywood, the truth behind the incident never got clarified and was been dumped after few days.

Tanushree calls herself a lazy girl, especially when she isn’t shooting. When at home, she pampers herself with a prolonged bath, treats herself to a 7 course meal, enjoys a siesta and wakes up only to have dinner or to hit the multiplexes.

The glam-doll would next be seen in Warner bros. Saas Bahu Aur Sensex. Whatever be the future of the film, Tanushree’s fan would at least be happy seeing few more skin shows of this gorgeous babe.

Hope, she doesn’t move lazy in showing her skin also, as it may lead her to lose few fans!

Mimoh's launch turned into nightmare, Mithun goes into depression

The quality and outcome of Mimoh's purported dream launch, Jimmy, has sent shock waves across the industry. While the pre-release vibes from the film were indicative of a hard time ahead not even the shrewdest trade pundit could have predicted such a harsh and relentless attack on a film that clearly and tragically doesn't deliver the goods.

While the shell-shocked star-parent Mithun Chakraborty has gone into a shell, sources close to the family say Mithun wasn't quite unprepared for the severe backlash. "Mithunda kind of knew what was coming. When he had seen the rushes he was shocked by the tackiness of the product. Jimmy was certainly not the launch that the doting father had dreamt for his son. Given a choice Mithun-da would've liked to shelve the film. And if it was his own home production he'd have done exactly that regardless of financial losses. But this was someone else's money and simply refunding Rs 5 crores was not the solution."

It was late last year after seeing the rushes that the appalled and panicky Papa stepped in to perform Operation Rescue. "Mithun da saw how poorly the film had been put together. The production values were much below par. The producers had promised to shoot in foreign locations, especially Dubai. All Mithun-da saw were indoor shots done shabbily. He decided to take matters into hands. Two extra songs were shot. No expenses were spared to make them look lavish. But it was too late," the source ends regretfully.

A lot of Chakraborty's friends also feel that the choice of director was wrong. Continues the source, "Raj N Sippy had made a series of successful films in the 1970s. But he has been pretty much out of the loop in recent times. Mithunda's friends advised him against handing over the responsibility of launching Mimoh to a director whose best years came 25 years ago. But Mithunda was adamant. He argued that Raj Sippy had worked with the best of superstars in the past from Amitabh Bachchan to Dharmendra to Mithun. In fact, Raj had directed Mithun in Boxer which was a flop but which remains one of Mithuda's favourite films. Raj Sippy had also directed Akshay Kumar in his first film (Sugandh). So Raj was the chosen once…Once things started going wrong there was little Mithunda could do."

Post-release the velocity of the criticism against Jimmy has hit the emotional actor hard. Mithunda refuses to say anything about Mimoh's failed debut, beyond…. "I always maintained my son is a better dancer than me. Everyone agrees. I'm happy with that. Beyond that, Mimoh has his own destiny. He's named after Michael Jackson and Mohammad Ali. Like the two, he'll have to fight his way through life. I can only be there to support him. He'll have to fight the battle on his own

Aamir khan's new dog named Shahrukh

Taking a break from the shooting of Ghajini because of an injury, Aamir Khan [Images] is spending the days relaxing with his mother Zeenat, son Junaid and daughter Ira in the cool hill station of Panchgani, while 'Shahrukh licks his feet.'

Yes, it may come as a start for those reading this story, or the latest entry on Aamir's blog.

'Now, before you jump to any conclusions let me add that Shahrukh [Images] is the name of our dog," Aamir clarifies on his blog. 'And before you jump to any further conclusions let me add that I had nothing to do with naming him. In fact, Shahrukh is the dog of the caretakers of our house. When I bought this house it came with the caretakers and their dog! Apparently, Shah Rukh [Images] (the actor) was shooting for a commercial in this house a few years ago, and that very day the caretakers bought a pup..., and named him Shahrukh. What are the chances of me buying a house which comes with a dog called Shahrukh!!!'

He goes on to write, 'Well Shahrukh is once again begging for my attention, so let me get back to him. He is smelling too much, I think he needs a bath. "Heel boy, heel."'

After Amitabh Bachchan took on SRK in his blog, one wonders if blogging is the new ground for star wars!

Vikram Bhatt's Tamil film!

Bollywood producer-director recently launched a Tamil film, with production house ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt Ltd, involving producers Surendra Sharma, Amita Bishnoi and Bhagwanti Gabrani. The film, titled Muthirhai, will also have a Hindi version. Muthirhai releases end 2008.

Bikini shoot highlights my real self- Shveta Salve

Television actress Shveta Salve says her bikini photo shoot for lifestyle magazine Maxim's cover page highlights her real self.
'If you have followed me, I have not been one of those typical sari clad 'bahus' (daughters-in-law). The shoot done for Maxim is nothing new. Wearing a bikini is not new for me. I am like that in real life also.
The actress was touted as the Madhuri Dixit of Indian television as she serenaded a million hearts with her perfect moves in Sony TV's reality dance show 'Jhalak Dikhla Jaa'.
Now Shveta is all set to play the lead in Dharmesh Darshan's 'Bhanvraa' and says her career has just started.
'It is a romantic film about the youth of today who are rebellious in nature. Though I cannot divulge any details about the kind of role I am doing, I would just say that it is a typical Dharmesh Darshan movie.'

In the film, she is starring opposite television actors Ejaz Khan, Manav Gohil and Sangeeta Ghosh.
At the moment, Shveta is not looking forward to doing any specific roles.
'Being an actor, I will do all kinds of roles. There is no specific genre I am looking at, but the role should be challenging and should interest my creative talent,' she said.
The actress hasn't worked in any TV soaps for the past two years, but was off and on seen in dance shows like 'Ustaadon Ke Ustaad' and 'Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan'.
She says: 'Reality shows give you a chance to portray your actual self on television, unlike in a serial where you are fixed to a particular role, and are a lot more fun besides lasting only a short while.'
Apart from reality shows, she has exhibited her acting prowess in serials like 'Hip Hip Hurray', 'Kitty Party', 'Left Right Left' and 'Lipstick'.

Amitabh takes on Shah Rukh Khan

The war between Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan seems to have gained new steam after a recent post on the former's blog. According to his blog, Bachchan said he is puzzled over the falling TRP ratings for SRK's [Images] television show, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai, and asked bloggers to find out why.

'Why is there a depleted performance despite the presence of the biggest name in the business?' he wrote.

Making subtle hints, Bachchan claimed that his television show, Kaun Banega Crorepati was a huge success, while the TRPs kept plummeting when SRK hosted the show later.

'KBC 1 ran non-stop for almost two years and then with an adequate break the 2 and the 3. I am unable to understand its falling interest as the graphs show despite the fact that they were presented by bigger and more popular stars, namely Shah Rukh,' he said.

He went on to write about Paanchvi Pass, saying, 'And now to see Paanchvi Pass, or as one rival channel executive sniggered, Paanchvi Fail, after its not too encouraging numbers, facing relative lower ratings is what I wish to debate... Despite the presence of the biggest name in the business, why its depleted performance?'

Seems like the war is in the public domain now.

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