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After Saif who is Rosa’s next?

Rosa was heart broken after been dumped by our hunky Saif. She started keeping a very low profile (obviously who won’t), but then again we saw Rosa attending fashion shows, events, premieres, and partying late at nights.

We thought she was quite strong to handle everything by herself. Lesser we knew someone else (who was very close to her) was also there to lighten her problems as well as give her the shoulder.

Yes, Rosa seems to have found solace in someone’s arms. Now who this someone is a mystery. The only thing known about him is the fact that he is not from Bollywood.

Through our sources we came to know that the lucky guy is someone named Chetan Gara. So when we asked about him from Rosa asking if she is in a relationship with him, Rosa’s voice deepened (as if she’s been caught). She said she is in a meeting (please note: she had told us that she is at home in the beginning of her conversation) and added that she can’t talk before hanging up.

Hmmm…We really wonder why is Rosa playing this game of hide and seek with us. She should learn something from Saif who openly told the world about his relationship with Kareena.

For the time been we would like to inform Rosa that playing hide and seek with us won’t matter much because sooner or later that person’s identity will be revealed (as it happens in the end of every game).

Salman surprises Katrina and Akshay

Whenever it seems that Bollywood’s bad boy Salman and gorgeous Katrina’s relationship is on the verge of a breakup there opens a new twist in their tale.

Everyone is aware of the kind of relationship Akshay Kumar and Sallu shares after Akki’s name was been linked with Kat baby.

But known to be an angry young man and possessive towards his girl friends, Salman has given a big surprise by inviting Akshay and Katrina together for his television show Dus Ka Dum.

It is not clear though whether he will have the time to take up Salman's magnanimous offer, as he is likely to return abroad for a shoot immediately after his co-production releases in cinemas worldwide.

Furthermore, as Akshay is under contract with another channel for an on-air reality show, he may not be able to attend 'Dus Ka Dum'.

Meanwhile, after the ugly incident at her b'day party, Katrina Kaif is still maintaining the silence and not ready to comment anything on war of Khans.

“I don’t want to comment anything about it. I don’t think it is in my capacity to say anything, ” was the only thing Kat baby had to say about that evening. The babe also dismissed the rumours about her getting married to Bollywood’s bad boy in the near future.

“I don’t have any plans of marriage as of now and want to just concentrate on my career, ” spoke Katrina.

Well, being Sallu’s girl friend we do understand that it takes a lot of guts to speak your heart out in open.

Tusshar disgusted by spoof on Ekta

Actress Rakhi Vijyan who played the airheaded Sweety in Ekta Kapoor's long-running sitcom Hum Paanch, didn't quite leave Balajee in a flurry of glory.

The bitterness of the parting shows up now in a savage spoof on the tv tycoon in this week's comedy Money Hai To Honey Hai.

Ekta's protective brother Tusshar is surprised to see the satire on his sis surface on celluloid.

"When I first heard about my sister being satirized in Money Hai To Honey Hai I asked the producers how they'd feel if we did something similar to one of them in of our Balajee films.

They assured us they'd remove the scenes featuring the spoof on my sister. Now I'm told those scenes are still there. This film is going to come and go without creating any impact. Why give it any importance?

People love to pull you down when you're an icon, like Ekta. What they've done is not right. But then this industry has all kinds of people. I don't want to degrade my sister by over-reacting to this.

But I wonder if this film's director (Ganesh Acharya) would dare do this with a Shah Rukh, Aamir or Akshay Kumar? Obviously not. Because as a director he wants to work with the big stars, not antagonize them."

Tusshar says there's a difference between a homage and a spoof. "In our production C Kcompany I'm named Akshay Kumar.

I'm an ordinary Mumbai middleclass guy a crime reporter who acquires a macho heroic image through his name. My name is so much in contrast to my character. We're actually paying a homage to Akshay."

According to a source very close to the Kapoors, when Ekta heard about the sppofing in Money Hai To Honey Hai she asked Rakhi about it. When the actress admitted she was indeed playing a character like Ekta, the volatile tv tycoon slammed the phone down on Rakhi.

"What can I say?" laughs Ekta. "I'm flattered to have moved from being a humanbeing to mythology. When we heard about this my brother was more upset than I was."

This isn't the first time that Ekta is being put on screen. In a recent film Gulshan Grover had played a tv tycoon inspired by Ekta….supersititious, arrogant, imperious, etc.

"Is that how I'm being perceived by these people? Well…let me tell these filmmakers I've already spoken to my lawyers. Let them put me on screen in a positive way I don't mind. But if I'm attacked for my religious beliefs or my work ethics I'll sue the hell out of these clever filmmakers."

Ask producer Kumar Mangat about the spoofing, and he brushes it off. "We didn't even have Ekta Kapoor in mind when we did the character…No, Tusshar didn't speak to me directly. But he did send me a message through someone. I told him to see the film and decide. I don't think the character is offensive."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Its Shahrukh vs Aamir now

While the two emotionally-charged Khans—Salman and Shah Rukh—are embroiled in a personal tiff, there is one more obvious war of sorts happening between SRK and Aamir Khan ..only this time it’s in the ad world!

An interesting trend is emerging in the advertising world. Whichever product Shah Rukh Khan endorses, a rival company immediately signs up Aamir Khan to endorse their product and vice versa. Don’t believe us? Here’s a lowdown.

Car race
Shah Rukh Khan endorses Hyundai Santro and I 10, Aamir endorses Toyota Innova.

As the cookie crumbles
SRK vouches for Sunfeast biscuits, Aamir gives Parle products his thumbs-up.

Dishing it out
While SRK has been endorsing Dish TV for a while now, Aamir has been recently signed up for Tata Sky

Watch it
SRK is the brand ambassador for Tag Heuer, Aamir is rooting for desi brand Titan.

Getting mobile
SRK features in ads promoting Nokia’s mobile handsets, while Aamir features in ads for Samsung.

And, of course, the two top traditional rivals Coca Cola and Pepsi have Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan as their brand ambassadors respectively.

Ad man Bharat Dabholkar says it’s natural that the advertisers will pit two of the biggest stars against each other. He says, “There are just three or four top film stars that the advertisers want. It all depends on what kind of crowd the star can pull in. Aamir and Shah Rukh are two of the biggest stars. So, it is obvious why, if brand X takes on Shah Rukh, brand Y would want to take on Aamir.”

Kareena Kapoor and R Madhavan Voted Cutest Vegetarian Celebrities

The votes are in and we're thrilled to report that the Cutest Vegetarian Celebrities for 2007 are … Kareena Kapoor and R Madhavan! Runners-up rounding out the top of this year's delectable vegetarian crop are Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat, hero Shahid Kapur, sizzling actor Mahima Chaudhary, and gorgeous hunk, ex-Mr India and hot model Rajneesh Duggal.

R Madhavan

Ultra-hot and super-talented, it's no wonder that Omkara star Kareena has been crowned the queen of your hearts! One of the most sought after actors in Bollywood, how does "Bebo" stay so beautiful? By eating her veggies, of course! Crediting a vegetarian diet with helping her keep her flawless physique in fantastic shape, the stunning starlet proved that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside when she said, "I feel good that I am not killing any animals these days".

R Madhavan couldn't agree more. "I cannot bear to see an animal in pain, and there is no way you can get meat on your plate without the animal feeling pain", says the lifelong vegetarian. As compassionate as he is cute, it's easy to see why everyone is mad about Maddy. After all, the actor – who has heated up the big screen in such movies as Alaipayuthey and Guru – is an ardent animal activist and long-time PETA pal who helped launch our edgy "Change Everything" e-card, which shows how animals in factory farms suffer horrific abuse.

Thinking about getting your cuteness on? Take a cue from some of the hottest folks around and keep flesh off your plate. It's much easier than you think and better for everyone involved – you, animals and the Earth too. And share our "Change Everything" e-card with everyone you know.

Salman upset about Shah Rukh spat, media reports

Bollywood star Salman Khan is not only upset about his spat with Shah Rukh Khan, but the way in which the media covered it and the general politics in the industry. He has urged his fans to ignore negative reports about him. “For the next few days you will hear and read a lot of s**t about me, a lot of it. Keep on reading it, but don’t react to it. I don’t,” Salman wrote on his blog

Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan at the music launch of Singh is King in Enigma on June 26th 2008(59).JPG“Read all the negatives and read till they get tired of writing. Everyone goes through this, but not for long. I say just look good, feel good and do good, that’s it.” Salman, who is currently hosting Sony TV’s reality game show “Dus Ka Dum”, added that one should behave as though a barking dog was chasing your car.

“You don’t stop the car and start reacting to the dog. You don’t! There’s no point. I don’t wish to react. I don’t have the time for it. Besides, I don’t understand the language of dogs, except for my two - Myson and Myjaan,” Salman wrote. He and Shah Rukh had a spat during the star-studded birthday party of Salman’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif July 16.

Salman Khan on Bol Baby Bol (3).jpgSalman reportedly instigated Shah Rukh by speaking about their reality shows - “Dus Ka Dum” and “Kya aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?” Salman claimed that his show “Dus Ka Dum” had garnered more TRPs than Shah Rukh’s, according to informed sources. Salman scoffed at Shah Rukh by saying that despite being a superstar he could not make his show a hit. The war of words later turned rather ugly and Aamir Khan had to intervene.

Quality cinema doesn’t mean intellectual films: Amol Gupte

Scriptwriter-filmmaker Amol Gupte says that quality cinema need not necessarily be limited to “intellectual” films and took the example of the critical acclaim “Taare Zameen Par” received to drive home his point. “Indian cinema is in a very confused state at present. Before we say that we don’t have quality films that are also intellectual in nature, in Bollywood, we need to sit and quantify the quality of cinema first,” Gupte told IANS in an interview.

Aamir Khan at Tare Zameen Par DVD Launch in Darsheel_s School on July 25th 2008(10).JPGGupte pointed out that “Taare Zameen Par” (TZP), of which he was creative director, was not intellectual, but managed to win many hearts with its human touch. “I would not say ‘TZP’ was an intellectual film. It was a human film that dealt with emotions. Yet people say it makes for quality cinema. I think any film that provides entertainment and has a purpose can fall under ‘quality cinema’,” he said.

Starring Darsheel Safary as the protagonist, the movie was about an eight-year-old dyslexic boy and how a teacher, played by Aamir, brings him out of this predicament. The movie was jointly produced by Aamir Khan Productions and PVR Pictures. Gupte also lauded Aamir Khan’s latest production “Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na”, which has become a super hit among the youth.

I think ‘Jaane Tu…’ has completely infected the youth. Even here I would say, it is not an intellectual film but still is a good and quality film. Besides, I don’t think a film needs serious actors at all to be called a good film.” He said: “Through investment of a wonderful story comes a wonderful experience.”

According to him, legendary filmmaker Bimal Roy’s “Do Bigha Zamin” makes for one of the most beautiful and well-crafted films. Gupte was in the capital to attend the ongoing World Kids International Film Fest (WKIFF). During the fest’s launch, the filmmaker was given an award for contributing to ‘entertainment with a purpose’ through “Taare Zameen Par”.

He is now ready with the script for his next project titled “India Item”, which also has children playing important roles. “The ‘item’ in my next is economic inequality and the film is about the situation from the eyes of children,” he explained.

Chandni chowk to China:Movie stills

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bipasha basu new hot look in Bachna ae haseeno

'I love Ranbir too much!' Deepika padukone

Deepika Padukone has been linked to a string of men in the past – from her ex, Nihar Pandya, to Yuvraj Singh.

It’s only now that the rumours have finally stopped at Ranbir Kapoor. So when Rakhi Sawant asks her to clear the air, she gets candid and retorts, “It’s only Ranbir I am in love with. I don’t understand why the media always points a finger at me. It really unnerves me. No one ever talks about what the boy has done to me. I feel men should be taken to task equally.”

Point noted.
A movie with her beau and two more sizzling beauties for company – this would prompt anyone to ask the lady if she ever felt jealous seeing her guy romancing two hot Bollywood babes. To which the actress replies, “I don’t have many scenes with Ranbir, Bipasha and Minissha. I would not say I was jealous but yes, I do hope Ranbir and I get a good film together.”

Chic and gorgeous Deepika also confesses that she is not comfortable with her body shape. When Rakhi probes further by asking whether she would sport a bikini for a Yash Raj movie, she surprises her with, “No. I don’t have the body to carry it off.” And what about her much talked about height? “The actors I have worked with so far are quite short, but that’s not a problem as I anyway don’t like wearing heels. And it should not be a problem any longer because the newer actors are all tall.”

Abhishek Bachchan promises Aishwarya a baby!

Abhishek Bachchan has fulfilled his 5-year old promise to take Ash on a world tour with his 'Unforgettable show' but also made a new one at a press conference after their show in Trinidad.

Well, the story goes that after a splendid audience response to their show at the Caribbean Islands the duo and pa Amitabh Bachchan held a press conference along with stars like Preity and Riteish.

And just like paparazzi across the globe, those at Trinidad looked too curious as well. But what stumped everyone was a candid and unusual question from a certain gentleman that made Ash blush. He asked her if Abhishek had promised her a baby.

Before Ash could reply or dodge the question, the protective pa Amitabh, who was sitting alongside, gave a prompt reply: “Every husband promises his wife a baby.”

But that was not it. Just then Abhishek Bachchan dropped the bomb by holding Ash’s hand and saying softly, “I Promise!”

No one in the hall could manage to suppress their laughter including the often reserved Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Saif angry with Kareena for 'Kissing' Sylvester Stallone

As we all know that Hollywood's legendary star Sylvester Stallone is doing a guest appearance in Movie Kambakht Isqh. The lead stars of the movie are Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. Movie is about Akshay Kumar being a stuntman in Hollywood while Kareena is his love in the movie. Everyone seems to be happy about Sylvester Stallone's appearance while seems that there is some disturbance between Celebrities going on these days in Bollywood.

The news are that Saif Ali Khan, boy friend of Kareena Kapoor now a days, was also present during the shooting. While during the shoot, Kareena Kissed Sylvester Stallone which seems was not a healthy act for Saif Ali Khan from his girl friend Kareena. He instantly pulled her in corner and then they both had arguments. Kareena even said that its my professional life and if you don't like than do come over sets during shootings.

We all remember that during shooting of Tashan Kareena and Saif came close and since then they both are in news. Also, Saif's expressions at IIFA awards 2008 was not very convincing about dress of Kareena, seems he did not like that at that time.

HQ pictures:Long legs Shilpa shetty at Yoga DVD launch

Salman kicked the gate of SRK's house?

There doesn't seem to be an end to the Salman-SRK spat. The latest twist in the kahaani is that Salman landed up at Mannat Monday night in a sozzled state at around 8 pm in a car. An eyewitness reveals that Salman was with two other friends. He got out of the car, kicked the gate and asked the security guy to open it. Shah Rukh wasn't at home, but Gauri and the kids were. The source says, "Salman was heard abusing and yelling 'bahar aa sale, main tujhko dikhata hoon kaun asli Khan hai!" The guards refused to let him in and called up King Khan." It is learnt that before SRK could have a word with Salman, the latter got into his car and drove to a nearby coffee shop at Bandstand. Better safe than sorry, wot?

Mallika turns clapper-girl on the sets of Ugly Aur Pagli

Trust Madame Mallika Sherawat to do the unthinkable! The incident we are referring to took place on the sets of Mallika's forthcoming film Ugly Aur Pagli.

It so happened that the team of Ugly Aur Pagli was shooting late in the night. However, the clapper-boy had to leave for the day. So to not let the shooting schedule get interrupted, Mallika came up with the idea of doing her own clap. And if you are thinking she was kidding or playing a prank, you are wrong. Madame Sherawat was dead serious about what she had just said.

It was a long and drooling schedule but for the entire shoot that night, Mallika gave her own clap for all the scenes. Everyone on the sets was amazed to see how promptly she used to give the clap and start with her shot simultaneously. It was a bit difficult but Mallika did it with out any hitches and managed it quite well.

Must say, this Bindaas babe sure knows how to multi-task.

First look:Rama the saviour or Tarzan returns :D

Sahil Khan as Raama and Tanushree as Samara in Raama-The Saviour

A few months back, the whole country was abuzz with the arrival of popular WWE wrestler, 'The Great Khali'. During his stay in India, Khali did shoot for a few films, gave countless interviews and even participated in many promotional activities. Needless to say, fans (especially children) went berserk on seeing their favorite wrestling champion.

Soon, cine-goers will also get to see 'The Great Khali' in a film titled Raama- The Saviour. The film, directed by Hadi Ali Abrar stars Sahil Khan and Tanushree Dutta along with 6 children in lead roles. The film is an adventure drama and revolves around six school kids who while playing a video game get transported to a magical island called 'Azra'. They have to survive in an environment where reality meets the gaming world. Its here that they befriend Raama (played by Sahil Khan) a resident of Azra, who can control animals and even speak to them telepathically. The rest of the film deals with how Raama helps the children get back home after an adventurous journey.

Sahil with his toned-up physique looks every part the character of Raama, while the glamorous Tanushree Dutta would be seen playing the character of Samara. Dalip Singh better known as 'The Great Khali' is the added attraction in the film and he plays the character of Vali.

With Khali-mania that is going on, one thing is for certain that kids will surely flock to watch this film when it opens across theatres on Oct 2, 2008.

Pagli Mallika sherawat in a Cow girl look

Mallika sherawat's different looks in her upcoming movie Ugly aur Pagli

Actress Nayanthara claims rivals circulating fake MMS clip

Chennai, July 24 (IANS) South India’s highest paid actress Nayanthara Thursday filed a police complaint alleging that her rivals are circulating a fake MMS clip reportedly showing her in a compromising pose with Tamil actor Simbu, sources said.

“This is the work of rivals jealous of my fame and bankability on the eve of the August release of ‘Kuselan’ and ‘Sathyam,’ both big budget ventures,” the actress was quoted as saying.

Nayanthara was rumoured to be romantically linked Shimbu but now maintains that she has a “friendly relationship” with him, sources close to the actress said.ccording to sources, the allegedly morphed clip originated in Tiruchirappalli Sunday and has been widely circulated since then.

Earlier, actresses Trisha, Jyothika and Namitha have been victims of such fake MMS clips, according to industry sources.

No arrests have been made so far, police sources added.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shilpa shetty prefers bollywood to hollywood

"I have left a lot of international projects to come back to Hindi films. Someone told me I was already out of sight and I did not want to be out of mind too. I want a good end product - a good Hindi film made in India," said Shilpa on the sidelines of an event.

Shilpa also said she has not completely dropped the idea of working in the West.

"If the prospects are lucrative enough in the West, I'll definitely go there. I have an international project, but it is still in the process of scripting," informed the actress.

Recollecting her win on Britain's reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother', she said: "I think 'Big Brother' has been a boon in disguise for not only me but many Asians living abroad. I'm happy with whatever happened on the show. At least, it has changed the perception for Indians living abroad."

Shilpa refrained from making any comments on the rumours of her hosting the second season of 'Big Boss', the Indian version of British 'Big Brother'.

"When any such thing happens, the media will be informed."

Shilpa's next project includes 'The Man' with Sunny Deol in which she would be seen playing the violin for the first time on-screen. Shilpa, who took violin lessons for her role, quipped: "Violin is the single most difficult instrument to play. I am still nursing a bad neck and I do 'bhujangasan' (yoga) everyday to get rid of the pain."

Apart from working in films, she will concentrate on her company S2 Global Productions. She has roped in Manish Jha of 'Matrubhoomi' fame to direct her first home production.

She will also be seen sharing the stage with the Bachchan's at their ongoing 'Unforgettable' tour in London Aug 23-24 at the prestigious 02 Arena, earlier known as the Millennium Dome.

Source: IANS

Vivek oberoi:I'm trying to be friends with Salman Khan

What is your role in Mission Istanbul?
I play the interesting role of Rizwan Khan, a dude with an attitude in Mission Istanbul. No mission is impossible for Rizwan who can reach anywhere. It is for the first time that I am playing a Muslim character in the film since the time I had made my debut with Company as Chandu.

How did you prepare yourself for the role?
I had to put on a lot of muscles to look tough. I should say it was a pretty easy role to enact once I got into the skin of the character

To what extent do you think you suit the role of Rizwan?
Even before the shooting of 'Shootout At Lokhandwala' was completed, Apoorva Lakhia had told me that he was writing the character of Rizwan keeping me in mind.

Did Apoorva give you a lot of scope to improvise as actor?
Mission Istanbul is such a solid action film that there is absolutely no scope for an actor to improvise even if he wanted to, because the pace of the film is so fast. It is a film which has duration of just two hours. The film has 9000 cuts.

What kind of relationship do you share with Apoorva?
I call Apoorva Appu. I have an interesting and intriguing relationship with Appu. You would not believe that I was actually reluctant to do Shootout At Lokhandwala when Appu had narrated the role to me but was inspired to take up the offer when Appu told me that I was his Maya Dolas.

How did you build a trust with Apoorva as an actor?
Mid-way through the shooting of Shootout At Lokhandwala, Appu and I were able to build tremendous trust in each other. Once we started gelling with one another as director-actor, both of us had 100% trust in each other so much so that I never sat behind the video assist till Appu called me to watch it.

How tough was it to shoot in Istanbul?
The weather was very cold. We shot in the docks when it was freezing cold and also raining. At times I had no other alternative but to do warm ups to make the blood rush again.

Can you share any memorable incident while shooting for Mission Istanbul?
I had tied the wrappling rope around my waist for a stunt sequence when I had to come down from the terrace to the ground. When I looked down from what I was told was the 44th floor, people looked literally like ants. Nothing can prepare you for moments like this in mission Istanbul.

Did you enjoy the stunts which you performed?
Zayed and I enjoyed the stunts that we did so much that we even asked for five retakes though Apoorva had Okayed the first take itself. It was only when the stunt expert who was supervising the scene said that the role had burnt out that we went on for the next shot.

Is dancing a new facet of yours?
Not many are aware of the fact that I had at one time actually assisted Farah Khan before I embarked upon a career as an actor; on her stage shows. Since people have not seen me in my 18 films released till date as a dancer feel that dancing is a new facet to my personality.

You floored every one at an awards function abroad recently with your dance!
To tell you the truth, I had pre conceived notions about performing at stage shows. Though strangely enough I have never done a dance number in a film with Akshay Kumar till date, it was he who advised me to do stage shows. Akki is a dear friend.

In what way has Akshay been a friend?
Akki was there when I was going through a very bad phase.

When I told him on the phone that I was depressed because I had four flops as an actor one after the other, he immediately offered to come home to be with me for some time to help me get over my depression.

He told me to keep my chin up since he has had not just four but seventeen flops consecutively before he hit big time. He is one actor who I really look up to, as an elder brother to guide me.

Which are your forthcoming films?
I have cut down on my work, because I want to do quality work, like I used to do when I had started my career with Company. Today I feel like I am a new comer. Nowadays I am being offered roles which I actually want to do.

Frankly there was a phase in my career when I did roles which were not good for production houses which were not so good.

What kind of roles do you seek as an actor now?
I want to be challenged a lot more as an actor. I think having established myself as a decent actor pretty early in my career, the passion within me got diluted somewhere on the way compared to what it was earlier since I was caught in the trappings of stardom

Can you explain?
I confess I did some bad and terrible work when I stopped being myself and tried to step into some one else's shoes since I felt people expected that out of me. I realized I was wrong. It was a process of self discovery. When I was not getting the kind of work that that I wanted, I realized that I was actually hungry for good work.

What did you learn from that phase of yours?
I was fortunate enough to get a lot too soon which takes others many more years to get. May be I did not value and respect it.

I realized that art does not belong to you alone. It belongs to a higher power which controls you, whether you like it or not. If you do bad work, it leaves you. I am happy that phase of my life is over and I am thankful now for the new lease of life that I have managed to get post Shootout At Lokhandwala.

In what way have you changed tracks?
I have changed all my routes. Since I acted in Omkara, I have made it a point never to be late. If I am delayed, I make it a point to call up and say that there is a reason for my being late. I make it a point to recharge my soul like you recharge your cell phone.

Was trying to make amends with Salman Khan a part of your recharging process?
Yes. You can say that. At the end of the day, the entire film industry is like a large family.

Today I have no ill will for any one, though I was like a rebel earlier. May I did not even expect called me up and told me that I had done a good job in Shootout At Lokhandwala.

In retrospect I feel it was wrong on my part to have called for a press conference to lambast Salman Khan. When I went to the sets of Sujoy's Alladin, I made it a point to pay my respects to Amitji too.

Kareena kapoor gets clicked with Slyvester stallone

Here's something you don't see everyday -- legendary Hollywood star and Bollywood's hottest star -- together!

Yup, Sylvester Stallone and Kareena Kapoor are doing a film together titled Kambakkht Ishq.

It seems the Rambo star is so impressed with Bollywood's increasing international popularity that he decided to make an appearance in one.

The film, which stars Akshay Kumar in the lead, revolves around the tale of a stuntman struggling to make it big in Hollywood. Kareena plays Akshay's love interest.

Stallone is also is trying his best to convince his long time buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear alongside him in the movie.

The film, which is directed by Sabir Khan, will hit theatres in December.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Most sensational break ups

Behind the world of glitz and glamour, lies a gory world of linkups, tiffs and breakups. One you hear a hot celeb couple coming out into the open and making their rocking relationship public and the next moment you see that very lovey-dovey couple complaining of their relationship getting rocky.

Between all this halla gulla about relationships going sour, we had some of the most sizzling couples ending into a sensational breakup. Be it Rajesh Khanna - Anju Mahendru story, Firoze Khan - Zeenat Aman tiff or Vinod Khanna - Amrita Singh tale, celabs have been there done it and the story continues till today. Here’s looking at the spiciest of breakup sagas in tinselville.

Ram Gopal Varma – Urmila Matondkar

Celebs have finally started coming out in the open about their relationships. The trend in the last few years is witness to this. The breakup season started with RGV and Urmila Matondkar calling it off.

The twosome created magic while working together. One of the finest actress and the most talented directors jodi was a real sizzling one. They together gave us some huge hits like Jungle, Mast, Kaun, Satya, Daud, Rangeela and Bhoot.

But as soon as they broke up, Ramu’s magic disappeared somewhere and what followed was a series of flop shows from the RGV camp.

Abhishek Bachchan – Karisma Kapoor

The news of the Kapoor and Bachchan affair enjoyed the status of a sensation. Everyone was expecting to hear wedding bells ring for Abhishek and Karishma, when the news of their break up made waves again.

Abhishek was engaged to Karishma and they also did a few films together but the couple lacked to showcase any onscreen chemistry.

Interestingly, Abhishek’s career started picking up pace after his break up with Lolo while Lolo’s stardom started to bow down.

Saif Ali Khan - Roza

What goes around comes around, goes the saying. And this was just the case in Saif’s story.

He broke up with wife Amrita Singh and was happily enjoying himself in the company of his Italian girlfriend Rossa, and then the unexpected happened. The surprise factor was Saif’s heartbreak once again.

Saif and Roza had set the trend of going open about one’s affairs, live in relations, break ups. This break up news was a sure shock to all.

Salman Khan – Aishwarya Rai

Soon after Saif, yet another Khan joined the bandwagon. Salman Khan’s break up with Aishwarya Rai was the most sensational one. Right from their dating days to the ever growing tiffs, the Sallu-Ash relationship had become TRP generating news for all media.

Things got sour between the two to such an extent that even after years, the duo avoids coming face to face with each other.

The couple that romanced each other in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam will never be seen together on-screen or off it.

Vivek Oberoi - Aishwarya Rai

Looks like Ash loves to be the centre of all media attraction. Soon after her break up with Sallu, she indulged in a relationship with Viveik Oberoi. But the affair was short lived and soon Ash broke up with Viveik to marry Abhishek Bachchan.

After two break ups, her link up with Abhishek was not taken seriously by many and one definitely didn’t foresee a long term relationship.

The break up did not affect Ash’s career but it affected Viveik big time. He stayed away from signing any movie and avoiding being in the spot light.

Sushmita Sen – Randeep Hooda

Sushmita has been in the news more for the men in her life than her acting skills and movies. Her affair with hot hunk Randeep Hooda was the most sensational one. Both were seeing each other for a long time and were very much ‘in love’.

But soon after, the couple headed towards Splitsville. Randeep, whose career flopped before he could even start, is struggling to get himself noticed apart from being on the Sush’s ex-guys list.

Sushmita is all set to start her own production house and was recently in news, not for her films, but for her broken friendship with long time friend Salman Khan.

Vikram Bhatt – Amisha Patel

The relationship in itself was a surprise and so was the break up. Amisha Patel and Vikram Bhatt were involved in one of the longest and strongest relationships in B-town.

Vikram Bhatt was a great support to Amisha, be it her films, her family problem or moving her to a new house. He even cast her in few of his films.

But all this support and love suddenly vanished somewhere and Amisha moved out of Vikram’s house and life.

Lara Dutta – Kelly Dorji

One couple who looked so much into each other was undoubtedly Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorji. But as it is said, kisi ki buri nazar lag gayi.

They had a sad break up. Their association dates back to the time when Lara had just steeped into her modeling career.

Both are now single and hoping for the cupid to strike in again

Shahid Kapoor – Kareena Kapoor

The biggest break up of the season has to be that of Kareena and Shahid’s. The two did some movies together and they were seriously dating.

We could not see much of their onscreen chemistry but we witnessed their offscreen love and chemistry.

Kareena even left eating Non-veg for Shahid. Shahid was linked to Amrita Rao, Sania Mirza and Vidya Balan soon after his break up and Kareena too startled everyone by dating Saif post breakup.

Deepika Padukone – Yuvraj Singh

Model, actress and the hottest new chick in tinsel town, Deepika also had a heart break when she broke up with cricketer Yuvraj Singh. The two celebs were definitely a couple, else who gets a special invitation from Yuvraj Singh to watch the match.

After their fallout, Deepika went back to her old flame, Ranbir Kapoor. The two will be soon seen romancing each other onscreen and only then we will give our verdict on their onscreen chemistry.

But for now, they surely make a handsome pair.

Akshay's connection with the Prime Minister

July 22 was a big day for India. The voting in Parliament was to decide if the government would remain or fall. And a fall would've ensued in a lot of action – economic, social, legal... But Manmohan Singh won and many went berserk crooning the most recent chart-buster Singh Is Kinng .

This phenomenon has elated producer Vipul Shah. He tells us, "When we were brainstorming and briefing Pritam, the music director of what we exactly wanted, we told him, it should be like an anthem, especially for the Sikhs. We are paying a tribute to them – they are not only big-hearted but also one of the strongest communities.

"It's an honour that they are singing the song to celebrate the Prime Minister's victory. That just shows that what we set out to do, has been achieved. I'm delighted. This is the first time that a film has received such publicity before it's release, usually it's after the release that songs and the film gets popular."

Well, with Singh still occupying the PM's throne, he is king alright, and the film, too, seems to have secured its reign at the box office.

Mallika does a Sharon Stone!

No, Mallika Sherawat is not doing a desi Basic Instinct.

Instead, she's taking on Sharon Stone's look in the Hollywood film, The Quick And The Dead.

In the film, Stone played a cowgirl, complete with deadly shooting skills. Mallika hopes to replicate that in her upcoming film, Ugly Aur Pagli.

Mallika plays a dominant woman, who spars with Ranvir Shorey's character in Ugli Aur Pagli.

Now, we don't know about Mallika's shooting skills, but she sure looks hot.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bollywood News : Kismat Konnection rakes in moolah

The Shahid Kapur- Vidya Balan starrer Kismat Konnection seems to have connected with the audience as it had a encouraging opening collection all over.

The film budgeted at nearly Rs 200 million collected Rs 270 million worldwide till Sunday.

The movie collected a revenue of Rs 207.6 million at the domestic box-office, averaging Rs 375,000 per print. The movie was released across 720 screens in India.

The revenue collection from the overseas market is also encouraging. The movie has particularly done well in the Middle East, where it raked in Rs 11.2 million in the first three days of its release.

In Pakistan, where Kismat Konnection was simultaneously released, had a weekend collection of Rs 960,000. It also had a fair opening collection in the US, Britain and Australia.

While in the US, the collection till Saturday night stood at Rs 9.1 million in the UK and Australia, the movie had a collection of Rs 9.5 million and Rs 1.8 million respectively.

Aziz Mirza-directed Kismat Konnection was released worldwide by UTV Motion Pictures with 930 prints.

Bollywood News : Shilpa Shetty may host second season of Bigg Boss

Reports are that Bollywood hottie Shilpa Shetty has been roped in to host the second season of Bigg Boss.

The show is all set to go on air from August-end on the newly launched channel, Colors.

Shilpa, who became a hot favourite in Britain after her Big Brother win, has replaced Arshad Warsi .

Reports are that Shilpa has been signed on for a whopping Rs 8 crore by the production house and she is the first celebrity to be finalised on the show while the participants are yet to be finalised.

Reports add that it was not easy to get Shilpa to host the show after her brush with racial discrimination last year on Big Brother, and “she took her own time to decide if she wanted to be part of the show.”

The show is slated to go on air once Khatron Ke Khiladi, hosted by Akshay Kumar , ends in August.

Royal Treatment for Abhi-Ash

We aren't sure whether tennis player Roger Federer knew of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai until a few days ago. But he certainly became aware of them, and their star status, on July 18.

The story goes that Federer, who is in Toronto for the on-going Rogers Cup, arrived at Hilton Toronto on July 18, expecting to be given his favourite suite, unofficially known as the 'Federer Suite'. To date, he has always been given the suite.

But to his surprise, he discovered that his suite had been allotted to Bollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai who were also in Toronto for The Unforgettable tour.

Abhishek and Aishwarya had checked into Hilton Toronto on July 16. Says a source from Wizcraft International, organiser of The Unforgettable tour, "The local promoter, Moe Jiwan, insisted that Abhishek and Aishwarya be given Roger Federer's suite. Naturally, Hilton Toronto officials told him that it was reserved for Federer.But Jiwan insisted and finally the Hilton Toronto officials relented."

Meanwhile, Federer arrived at Hilton Toronto on July 18. He was disappointed to find his suite occupied and tried to argue with the hotel authorities about getting it, but his efforts went in vain. The hotel authorities politely refused to give him his favourite suite.

Aishwarya and Abhishek stayed in Hilton Toronto till July 19. Federer had to stay in another suite until then.

We called the Hilton Toronto, to check out the story. Sheren, assistant manager, Hilton Toronto, said "Yes, Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan were staying with us from July 16. They've checked out now. We cannot reveal which suite they were staying in. And we cannot say anything about Roger Federer either, since he's a big celebrity. These are private details and we don't wish to speak about them."

However, Sabbas Joseph, director, Wizcraft International, confirmed the news and said, "Yes. We are happy that Abhishek and Aishwarya were given the suite, which Federer usually stays in. They had a very comfortable stay in Hilton Toronto."

Kunal Kohli left in the lurch

It takes a hit to forge friendships and a flop to ruin it all. A classic example being the embittered relationship between Saif Ali Khan and director Kunal Kohli, post the debacle of Thoda Pyaar... Thoda Magic.

The buzz doing the rounds these days is that Saif is maintaining a studied distance from his 'friend'. Kunal apparently has been sending Saif SMSs and been trying to call him too, but in vain. The reason? Well, during the making of Thoda Pyaar... Kunal had requested Saif to support his next home production. The star had agreed to be a part of the project, even if it meant that Kohli would have to wait until 2009 for his dates.

But Saif's interest level in Kohli's next has vanished with the audiences at the theatres. All Kohli's attempts at reaching him are met with a terse "I am busy. Will Call you when free."

Poor Kohli, not only has he managed to rub Yash Raj the wrong way by citing 'creative differences' with Aditya Chopra, he has now got to look for a solid lead for his next, provided there are takers for it.

Mallika to sue RGV for 'misusing' her

Mallika Sherawat is angry with filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. The actress, at the music launch of her film Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam, announced that she will be taking RGV to court for misusing her photograph in his film Contract.

The film has a scene where a police inspector is shown talking to Mallika's photograph suggestively. The actress has taken offense to the scene. "They will be getting a legal notice pretty soon," Mallika said.

Of course, this will not be the first time that RGV has taken potshots at his fellow colleagues from the industry through his films.

RGV's film Company ridiculed film director Karan Johar in one of its scenes, while his thriller flick Road took a dig at filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Mallika has also acted in RGV's film Darna Zaroori Hain but that did not deter the actress from taking legal recourse against the director. Her action could also be attributed to the actress's fervent desire of being taken seriously as an actor.

"I want my work to speak for itself," says the actress.

Govinda, David Dhawan rock Salman's 10 Ka Dum

After giving hits like Deewana Mastana and last year's big hit Partner, Salman Khan, Govinda and David Dhawan get together once again -- but this time, on the small screen.

Govinda and Dhawan join Salman to add glamour and fun to his television game show, 10 Ka Dum. Salman and Govinda teamed up against the director, and ragged him about his films, his weight and his pot belly.

But Dhawan gave it right back. "I have to deal with one hero, who is known for his late-coming and another, who turns up at the studio but refuses to make an appearance on the set!" David exclaimed.

Govinda proved his support for Salman when he said, "Salman comes on time only on one occasion -- when one is in distress."

After all, it was Salman, who helped Govinda resurrect his career.
During the show, Govinda took long to answer questions, despite prodding from the others.

"Even Aamir Khan did not take so long," Salman quipped, to which Govinda immediately replied, "Toh main kaunsa Aamir se kum hoon!"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Stressed & worried Sajid Nadidawala leaves Stallone & LA

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala who's currently in Los Angeles supervising the shooting of his Akshay-Kareena starrer Kambakth Ishq is leaving the large and cash-driven unit all to themselves to fly back to Mumbai.

"This exit was totally unscheduled and unwarranted. But I can't help it," says Sajid. "My wife is expecting a baby. And much as I tried to be professional and matter-of-fact about this event in my life, the family-man in me finally took over from the producer. I'm sorry but I've to be with my wife at this important time in her life."

Sajid is flying back for six days until his wife's delivery which is on the 24th. "Until then the unit here (in LA) will have to take care of it." A brave decision considering Sylvester Stallone joins the shooting from the 18th. "Stallone doesn't have a walk-on part, as some people seemed to believe. He has a substantial 3-day role. And he plays himself," reveals Sajid. So Stallone as Stallone in Kambakth Ishq. Not bad, eh? "Not bad at all. This is the most expensive film I've ever made. And every cent is worth it," says Sajid proudly.

Though Sajid doesn't want to reveal any part of the story, Akshay Kumar plays a stunt man in Hollywood and Stallone is one of the Hollywood icons he plays body-double to in the film.

Before shooting together the two bonded off the sets. Apparently, Stallone got interested in Akshay's work and even showed interest in watching Kumar's work. Hope, Akshay doesn't show Stallone his 'Rambo' acts in the Khiladi films.

SRK versus Akki this Diwali

Get ready for fireworks this Diwali. With Salman's YUVRAAJ not arriving in the festive week and SRK's BILLO BARBER getting confirmed for Diwali, it seemed like a cakewalk for BILLO BARBER, since no other biggie was scheduled for release on October 24. But there's tough competition now.

Initially, the Akshay Kumar starrer CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA was supposed to arrive a week later, on a Wednesday to be precise [October 29], but Warner Bros., Rohan Sippy and Nikhil Advani have decided to bring the film in Diwali. Which means, BILLO BARBER and CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA will battle it out this Diwali.

It's a battle royale, what with the two superstars, SRK and Akki, coming face to face in the festive week. Expect fireworks, for sure.

Sunil and Apoorva are furious

On Saturday, Vivek Oberoi suddenly decided to stay away from the press conference of his upcoming film Mission Istaanbul. All the other actors of the film attended the event. Currently, Vivek is shooting for Kumar Taurani's film in South Africa but had promised Mission Istaanbul's producer Sunil Shetty and director Apoorva Lakhia that he will attend the media interaction on July 19.

Everybody at the event was saying that it was not fair on Vivek's part to back out of the conference. Sunil and Apoorva put up a brave front and did not express their displeasure at the event. However, the inside story is that both of them are furious with Vivek.

Vivek did not even personally call Sunil and Apoorva to inform them about his absence. Vivek's business manager Amit sent a message to Apoorva's publicist Gopa that the actor will not be able to attend the event. A source said, " Sunil and Apoorva are furious. They had organised the event only after talking to Vivek."

When contacted, Sunil confirmed that Vivek did not attend the conference even though he had promised to be there. He said, "Vivek has his issues and problems. We would have loved if he had attended the event. Mission Istaanbul is an expensive project put together by Balaji Films and me."

The story goes that since the past few months, Vivek has been feeling that his co-star Zayed Khan in Mission Istaanbul has being given more prominence in the trailers. Vivek believes that Apoorva's new friendship with Zayed is affecting his status in the project. Vivek has even been telling friends how he feels betrayed by Apoorva. Apparently, he feels that he must have been given a raw deal in the final edited version of the film. "Perhaps this was Vivek's way to get back at Sunil and Apoorva," said another source.

A friend of Sunil said, "If Vivek wanted publicity and footage, this was an occasion to get some attention since he is the biggest actor in the film. He should have attended the event."

Apoorva told Mumbai Mirror that he was very angry with Vivek. He said, "The less said about Vivek, the better. The date for the press conference was set as per his request. But he didn't even inform us personally. I think that he is a big star who does not need to publicise his films. That's the way Vivek operates, I guess."

Vivek's business manager Amit was unavailable for comment. We then spoke to Amit's colleague Kajal who said that Amit wasn't even attending her calls. "I have sent him a message but he hasn't replied,” she said.

We sent a text message to Vivek but he did not reply.

Bollywood News : When Katrina's voice met her

Katrina recently got surprised at an airport when Akriti Kakkar went up to her and introduced herself.

It was only then, Katrina came to know that it is Akriti who has given the voice for her hit songs from the films 'Namastey London', 'Apne' and 'Welcome'.

Normally only few film lovers bother to know the singers whose voices their favourite actors were lip synching in the hit songs.

The same is the case with most of the actresses too.

So Katrina was very happy to meet Akriti as she too had not taken the trouble to know the singers who gave their voices for her famous songs.

For Akriti too the meeting in Airport proved to be exiting as she feels that her voice suits Katrina's delicate personality perfectly.

Katrina Kaif gets 'Picky'

Her star power has spiralled in a short span. She’s also become picky. Katrina Kaif won’t answer personal questions, won’t give one-on-one interviews, won’t pose for exclusive pictures and gives only diplomatic replies. Her bodyguards arrive a good one hour ahead of Kat to clear a path for her.

No wonder then that Katrina reminds you of her boyfriend, Salman Khan. The actor, who was in the city last year for a brand promotion, did exactly the same thing. And neither ever acknowledge their relationship even though they’re often spotted together. We played safe and asked the actress what it feels like to be rated the sexiest woman in Asia. “It’s great to know you’re loved so much by your fans. I feel privileged,” gushes Kat.
When asked about appearing adorned with gold and diamonds on the cover of one of the world’s most highly priced magazines, she says, “It was an innovative idea, so I obliged. Besides, the price of the mag — $20,000 — goes for a good cause.”

Being one of the most wanted actors in B-Town, does she have any wishes? “The going’s been good so far. I sometimes fear it’ll all go one day and I’ll hit an all-time low. I wish to strike a balance between the highs and lows and stay happy,” she says.
Kat has had three back-to-back hits in 2007. And her next big release Singh is Kinng has generated a lot of buzz.

“Incidentally, my favourite song right now is the title track of the movie,” laughs Kat.
Considering she’s dating Salman Khan, we guess Kat never has a dull moment. What’s been her most exciting moment recently? “When my sister had a baby,” she says.

And then the autograph-seekers became too much for her to handle and Kat, her patience wearing thin, left, surrounded by her dozen bouncers.

'Why should we promote Pakistani talent'- Abhijeet

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya and organisers of the show Ek Se Badhkar Ek, on Zee TV, have parted ways. The singer allegedly refused to vote for Pakistani singer Mussarrat. While Mussarrat confirmed that Abhijeet refused to vote for him, the singer has no regrets about being thrown out of the show. He says, “I have given up Rs 50 lakh (his fee) only because I am fighting for a cause. Why should we promote Pakistani talent, when there is so much of good talent in our country? It is sad that the organisers threw out an Indian to accommodate a Pakistani who is a non-entity.”

Abhijeet also alleges that Pakistani singers get direct entry into the shows while Indians are forced to go through a rigorous procedure to get into the show. He says, “None of them are auditioned, but Indians are made to stand in long queues for days together and they are often thrown out of the audition within minutes.”

Abhijeet is also upset that Mussarrat was brought in as a wild card entry on a show and highly talented Indian singers like Emon and Harpeet were kept out. “This is injustice. They have no idea of the extent of trauma these kids have to go through. For me, it’s a matter of dignity, I will not allow Indian talent to die a slow death in their own motherland. I don’t want their money, I was certainly not there on the show for the money.”

We contacted Tarun Mehra, business head of Zee TV to find out the veracity of charges Abhijeet made against the channel. Refuting Abhijeet’s charges, Tarun said, “Yes, we have parted ways, but his allegation that Pakistani artistes get direct entry is false. Firstly, there is no audition for a show like Ek Se Badhkar Ek. We chose talent from among the established actors and singers and then paired them.”

But Abhijeet counters Mehra by saying, “We Indians don’t get the visa to go to Pakistan, so how can the auditions happen?” The singer’s parting shot was, “I want to ask Raj Thackeray, he is against north Indians, so why doesn’t he take up this issue of Pakistanis seeking employment in India?”

Mussarrat, who is caught in the crossfire, said, “There is nothing like Pakistan and India, art knows no border - so what if there is a border in between the two countries? We all are one.”

Bollywood News : Kareena and Shahid in cold war

Lover, friends and now foes. Shahid and Kareena have entered into a cold war. After dumping him almost a year a go Bebo is making sure that Shahid is never cast opposite her.

When Imtiaz Ali, director of Jab we Met, approched Bebo for another project with former beau Shahid she expressed her discomfort quite clearly and asked him to replace him with someone else. Finally Akki was offered the role and he happily accepted.

We also hear that Bebo was extremely upset with Imtiaz, because he did not cast her in his next flick and preferred Deepika to co-star with Saif.

Imtiaz, who is back from London after a long schedule of Saif's movie says, "I guess everyone assumed that Kareena would be part of it. Moreover as Saif is the producer, it was just taken for granted.

As a director I have to see what the storyboard demands and accordingly do the casting. It's not that there was any tussle on that front; the fact that we are working together again proves it."

However after a much-publicised break-up Shahid has drwan into a shell.

A gentle query about his one-time friend Kareena Kapoor , and Shahid sounds diplomatic and cagey, “Kareena and I rarely talk. We are not in touch with each other. I guess this is something, which happens naturally. Beyond that I would not like to talk about it.”

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shilpa plans to make only masala movies

Actress-turned-producer Shilpa Shetty says her company S2 Productions will concentrate purely on making commercial movies.

"The Indian audience still does not accept socially relevant movies and prefers commercial cinema which provides light entertainment," said Shilpa, who has become an international celebrity after her historic win on Britain's reality show Big Brother in 2007.

"I am not here to incur losses by making socially relevant movies. Our company will concentrate purely on commercial cinema and I have no intention of making socially relevant movies," Shilpa told IANS in an interview.

Barring a few exceptions like Taare Zameen Par, the audience has rejected most socially relevant movies, she said.

"How many socially relevant movies were successful? You can count them. I admit Taare Zameen Par worked despite being a socially relevant movie, but it was an exception. I can tell you about many movies which people don't even know the name of," said Shilpa who was appreciated for her serious performance in Anuraag Basu's Life... in a Metro.

"My movie Phir Milenge, which was on a sensitive issue like AIDS, did not even get noticed. Neither was it commercially successful nor did it win any award. It is really disappointing."

The actress, along with Formula One Racing driver Lewis Hamilton, received the Global Diversity Award in Britain for their contribution to the "diversity agenda".

Shilpa is also the youngest celebrity to receive the honorary doctorate degree by Britain's Leeds Metropolitan University - with Amitabh Bachchan, Yash Chopra and Shabana Azmi being some of the other recipients.

"The head of the university watched the show (Big Brother) every day. He told everyone to watch it for educational purposes. He wanted them to see how a person deals with other people in adverse situations."

About her experience on the show, Shilpa said she never knew that she would have such a tough time. "The 14 weeks of complete isolation from the outside world was a rare experience that I would never forget in my life.

"But the moment I came out it was a different world all together. Everyone in Britain knew who Shilpa Shetty was. I had become an international celebrity. I was there in every television channel and in the headline of every newspaper. It was a new beginning for me."

However, the actress was hurt by the Indian media's attitude towards her during that period.

"What hurt me most is the fact when I was appreciated by the people there, my own Indian press was putting me down."

What peps her up is the fact that her win in the reality show was a great step towards mitigating racial discrimination.

"It bridged the gap between black and white. After my win, many blacks who have not been able to express themselves got the courage to fight for their rights. It was not just a show, it was a mass awakening against racism."

After spat, Salman, Shah Rukh not in mood for compromise

No one could anticipate that a star-studded birthday party of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif would turn into a battle of the two Indian superstars - Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan - dividing the industry into two camps.

The two superstars were caught in a war of words on the July 16 party that Salman threw for current girlfriend Katrina, which later turned ugly.

Salman was reportedly instigating Shah Rukh from the beginning of the party by speaking about their reality shows - Dus Ka Dum and Kya aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? respectively. Salman claimed that his show Dus Ka Dum had garnered more TRPs than Shah Rukh's, said sources.

Salman scoffed at Shah Rukh by saying that in spite of being a superstar he could not make his show a hit.

Shah Rukh initially did not pay any heed to Salman's comments. The final blow came when Shah Rukh made a comment on Salman's ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai, inviting a furious retaliation from Salman.

The incident occurred late in the night, when many of the guests had left.

Though Aamir Khan tried his best to resolve the dispute that arose between Salman and Shah Rukh, the two are not in a mood for compromise as both have got the support from their well-wishers in the industry.

Salman, who is known for his loyalty towards friends, got supportive calls from old time friends like Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Khanna, said sources.Fardeen Khan and Zayed Khan also showed their concern for the actor by calling him.

Ranbir Kapoor, who worked with Salman in Saawariya, was the only newcomer to jump into the camp fight by calling him to express his sympathy, sources added.

If Salman had his supporters, so did King Khan. Veterans like Yash Chopra and Javed Akhtar called Shah Rukh to enquire about the incident. Besides, Karan Johar, Sajid Khan and Farhan Akhtar once again proved their loyalty towards the actor by offering their support.

Kunal Kohli also called the actor to know about his well being.

"While Salman has the support of actors, Shah Rukh has the support of the directors. It's an advantage for Shah Rukh," remarked an industry watcher.

The star-studded birthday party of Katrina Kaif was attended by Bollywood bigwigs like Aamir, Kareena, Saif Ali Khan, Karan Johar, Rajkumar Santoshi, Kunal Kohli, Salim Khan, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Nikhil Advani, Prakash Jha, David Dhawan, Anees Bazmee, and Manmohan Shetty, among others.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A tragic end to Raima's love story!

Raima Sen changes boyfriends faster than she changes her facial expressions.

Raima was quite fida over one Kalikesh Singh Deo, son of a politician from Orissa. They were dating and life was cooler than a thousand cucumbers.

Then what? The parents of Kalikesh didn't approve. And so the romance has cooled off. Sigh..

Sameera Reddy throws a tantrum!

A source informs that Sameera Reddy didn't like the outfits given to her by the designer of Kabhi Kabhi Yaar Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar or something such, which she's judging on television these days.

The source tells us that after trying to sort out her differences with the designer a few times, Sam finally lost her patience and threw a major fit. Then she got her own personal designer to make her outfits. Such nakhras of a flop actress!

Kutta, Kameena and Haramzaada in LA

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, has planned to take down his two close friends, Arbaaz Khan and Sajid Khan to Los Angeles next month.

The gang will stay at Hilton Los Angeles/ Universal City hotel; a 26-story glistening hotel high on the hilltop located at the main entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Sajid Khan reveals, "It will be a trip down memory lane for the three of us. SN (he calls Nadiadwala that), Arbaaz and I had taken a bachelor holiday to USA just before Arbaaz's marriage in 1998.

It was a 21-day trip where we travelled like roadies to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and stayed at the cheapest of motels eating inexpensive food like tacos, hot dogs and hamburgers. We had the greatest time at Universal Studios in LA.

We were the first to reach at 8 am, stood in queue for over two hours, paid up 35 dollars and lined up for the rides and the shows. It was then SN had sworn that we would take another trip again whenever we became rich and famous. That time all of us were just beginning our careers."

Sajid recounts that the motel they stayed at in Orlando while visiting Universal Studios was so seedy that the TV in their room was "Chained to the wall so that the guests wouldn't steal it!" Sajid laughs and adds, "The greatest show in Universal Studios was Back To The Future where we had to go into a time machine which moves 360 degrees.

The Jurassic Park floats and ET rides were awesome too. After the end of the ET ride if you had given your name they would announce it in a ghostly voice. We gave our name and at the end of the trip the animated voice said, 'Kutta kameena haramzaada because that's what we had given as our name!"

Living his dream

Living It Up: The Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City hotel where Sajid Nadiadwala, Arbaaz Khan and Sajid Khan will be staying now
Sajid says the trio would hang out at places where they shot Baywatch and recognise big actors.

"We would meet up at this sports bar called Q table which had these billiards tables with 20 questions on Hollywood. I would score 19 out of 20."

This trip will be a far cry from the last seedy motel trip. The trio will live it up in style at the Hilton in Universal Studios.

Sajid agrees, "That's the beauty of being a producer like Sajid Nadiadwala.

Like Karan Johar he knows how treat his actors and crew with the utmost class, style and respect.

Today when SN is living his dream. He had wondered then what it would be like to shoot a film in Universal Studios and today he is fulfilling that dream by shooting Kambakht Ishq there.

Salman khan Shahrukh khan fought at Katrina's birthday bash

Katrina Kaif's birthday at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra on Wednesday brought out hidden hostilities between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan out in the open.

An eyewitness at the party reveals, "Salman was already high when SRK and Gauri walked in. After downing a few more drinks, Sallu started picking on SRK." Apparently the host was upset with SRK because he turned down Sallu's request to do a guest appearance in Main Aur Mrs Khanna, which is being produced by Salman and Sohail.

Salman felt snubbed as he has always gone out of his way for SRK, whether it was appearing on KBC with girlfriend Katrina, or dancing for SRK's home production Om Shanti Om. The resentment was bubbling under the surface, and under the influence, Salman dropped the façade and began lashing out at SRK.


The Khans were sitting across each other, surrounded by a few close friends, who quickly moved away when things started getting heated. Shah Rukh, who is famous for his hot temper, didn't react to Salman's outburst initially but when the abuse continued, he began trading insult for insult. The source continues, "Sallu told SRK, 'Your show Paanchvi Paas is a big flop and now you are trying to sabotage my show. You are a matlabi insaan. You only call people when you need them, and then don't keep in touch.'

SRK not one to take name-calling lightly, told Salman, 'No one wants to watch your show, or be friends with you'. At this point, Salman told SRK to keep quiet or he would beat him up."

Shah Rukh, who often describes himself as 'Delhi Ka Goonda' laughed and told Salman, 'Tu kya marega? Tu haath toh utha, main maroonga tujhe. Woh bhi teri party main, aur tere doston ke saamne.' The two men stared at each other and would've come to blows within minutes had Gauri not intervened and told SRK that she wanted to leave. SRK allowed his wife to take his arm and the duo left the party. Salman didn't try to stop them.

Pehla jhagda

Salman and Shah Rukh's first panga goes back a long way when they fought during the shooting of Chalte Chalte (2003) which was being produced by SRK. At that time, Salman was dating Aishwarya Rai who was acting in the film. A high Salman had barged on to Shah Rukh's sets to meet his girl and disrupted the shooting. An upset Shah Rukh replaced Aishwarya with Rani Mukerji. The two Khans stopped speaking to each other.

They patched up at Farah Khan's sangeet on Dec 8, 2004. Salman went up to SRK and hugged him emotionally and a truce was called.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Neha tells Kareena beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Up and coming sexy starlet Neha Oberoi has sensationally taken a dig out against top name actress Kareena Kapoor for starving herself in the name of beauty.

Talking to an Indian newspaper, Neha said, “Being fit is good but starving yourself to death is bad. I have always been fit, but I have not been finicky about being ultra-slim. I do work-out and eat in moderation, but more than that I think it’s not necessary as beauty lies in eyes of the beholder and you have to feel fit and beautiful from within first.”

Kareena Kapoor has been making the headlines because of her anorexic look, which she took out for her role in the flop flick Tashan.

Nothing sells like Flop Aishwarya and Kareena

Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are perfect examples of being famous for their flops. Kareena Kapoor has had it easy, literally. It hasn’t exactly been a rough ride for the Kapoor babe from Day One itself.

Even though she left the blockbuster role of female lead in Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai against macho Hrithik Roshan to Ameesha Patel, she managed to garner much more publicity for her flop debut, Refugee, than what Ameesha did for her superhit starter.

And that was the beginning of a new mantra to market a diva — hit or no hit, the Brand has to hit the headlines.

And it was this very marketing mantra which saw the rise, rise and only rise for Kareena Kapoor.

Even after a spate of flops like Asoka, Yaadein, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Jeena Sirf Tere Liya, Tashan etc the youngest Kapoor kid saw all the big names from Karan Johar to Yash Chopra to Mani Ratnam and Boney Kapoor vying for her attention.

Film after film flopped, but nothing changed much for Bebo. She continued to demand very high rates, which paradoxically kept rising with each flop!

And following in her footsteps closely was none other than our very own grey-green eyed goddess, Aishwarya Rai who, in spite of not having given a single hit in the start of her career for very long hit the jackpot with Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and is the most ‘sought-after’ Bollywood actress today.

So, this is the Bebo-Ash blockbuster story. What is it that makes the two divas eligible for the big league which otherwise has names like Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra who, by now, must have lost count of their hit films?

“Both Ash and Bebo have class. I know them closely. They have talent as well as beauty, and I guess this combination is more than enough to please the audience.

At the same time, one must not forget that Ash is a big international star,” asserts Showman Subhash Ghai who has earlier directed Ash in Taal and has done as many as three films with Kareena.

Film critic Indu Mirani punches in a more logical explanation to this unique phenomenon.

“I think Aishwarya and Kareena are totally different girls as far as personality and presentation go. But their careers are similar in the sense that they have got all the good stuff in spite of not having hit films.

I think it’s because there are very few actually hot leading ladies in the industry today. Rani, Preity and Priyanka cannot take up all the roles, right?

There are very few A-grade heroines. And these two girls know how to present themselves. They are also very media-savvy and hence it has been easy for them,” she says.

But why isn’t it easy for other talented good-looking girls, too, as, say, Lara Dutta? Why hasn’t she matched up to this grade?

“Kareena, of course, is a pedigreed girl. She has been lucky as she belongs to the Kapoor Khaandaan. She also had her sister Karishma, a superstar in her own right.

For Ash, I think it’s more of media hype with her scintillating beauty helping in a big way,” explains Mirani.

And no one can forget the hypes she got throughout her career by attaching her name with Bolly-boys like Salman and Vivek and then by entering the Bachchan house by marrying junior B.

And if we throw back a look, this trend doesn’t seem to be very new. There are examples in the past also where artistes, even though they hadn’t given a single hit, had dozens of movies in their kitty.

For example, in the 80s, the pinup girl of that time, Sonam, had close to 40 films in her kitty even before her first film was out for review!

Similar was the case with Chunky Panday who, apart from Aankhen with Govinda, has no film to be remembered him by. But he was one of the hottest dial-a-quote stars of late 80s.

Production designer Bindiya Dutta, wife of filmmaker J P Dutta, and herself hyped as a Hema Malini clone in her heyday, has had the experience of working with Ash and Bebo; and sums it up, “For us, hits and flops are inconsequential.

We are only here to do good work and definitely we choose our leading ladies according to what they suit best. Like Refugee wouldn’t have been the same without Kareena and Umrao Jaan without Ash was unimaginable.” What a hit explanation! One can easily understand the need of branding whether it’s in business world or the world of show-business.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Amrita and Usman split up, Kareena plays agony aunt

Distance has finally taken its toll on Amrita Arora and her London-based English cricketer Usman Afzal. The couple mutually decided to go their separate ways after their strained realationship for the past few months.

Says a source close to the actress, "It was a difficult break-up as both had been very committed for the last four years, but it was inevitable."

Amrita, though, tried hard to work out this relationship as she loved Afzal a lot but it wasn't meant to be. There were no huge fights and melodrama but a quiet acceptance that both were now headed in two different directions.

In an interview, the actress also confirmed the break up reports saying that the reports were true but she didn’t feel like talking about it.

However, unlike the other glamorous break ups where a change of hearts often takes place, distance between these ex-lovebirds seems to have ruined this love affair. Besides the distance, Amrita’s alleged link up with upcoming model Sahil Shroff had reportedly not gone so well with Usman.

Things turned further ugly when Amrita took off to shoot for a flick on Usman’s birthday.

A close friends says, her only comfort is that her best friend Bebo is also there with her. As someone who's had a long relationship break-up, the girls have something in common. Bebo is helping her cope as she understands what Amu is going through

Amrita has now immersed herself into her work. She has got good releases like Golmaal Returns and Kambakht Ishq and now wants to concentrate on her work. It seems it's a career decision as much as a personal one.

Riya - Shreya Same Dress

Complain Boy n Girl --- Then & Now...!!!

Then . . .

Now . . .

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mallika sherawat hot Ugly or Pagli promo

God Tussi Great Ho-Movie stills

Rakhi Sawant at the launch of The Rakhi Sawant Showz



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